Sunday, April 13, 2014


We have been growing AND cutting grass...

Playing cards in the dark...

And getting rid of the last of the snow!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A QUICK Catch Up...

Okay ... it's been awhile ... a LONG while!  I've had good intentions to catch up, but I'm facing reality ... not.gonna.happen!  The following are a few snapshots of the highlights from the past MONTHS!  It's the best I can do ...

My favourites from the Birthday/Christmas photo shoot.

Dressed up for Hero Day (Dr. K of Doctors without Borders) receiving a special recognition award for academics.  Way to go Cadence ... we are so very proud!

Despite the fact that we carried a puke bucket around for much of the holidays, we still managed to find the joy and spirit of the season.

For the winter that NEVER ended there was hockey and skating and sledding and LOTS and LOTS of the white stuff.

Sochi 2014
Go Team Canada!

Ya mon ... that's Jamaica

Cadence competed in her first of three gymnastics competitions.
A silver and two bronze ... Fantastic!

And now that spring has arrived, maybe, just maybe there will be more action here ... not making any promises ...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lucky #7 !!!!

Cadence's 7th birthday was lucky indeed!  For starters, it's been going on for well over a week now!

The birthday kicked off with a girls' party at an indoor SMART playground.

A week later, we 'celebrated' with Santa and the Goodbrands.

And then the cousins came for playtime, pasta and the last of the cake!

This is how Cadence spent her last hour as a 6 year old.

And finally ... the REAL birthday arrived!
Aside from a birthday croissant, the prequel to her present, a birthday pencil, sharing the b day with her teacher, a girls' lunch and being tossed into the pit ... it was a regular Monday!

Today, the three of us celebrated 7 as a family.  We are in awe at how quickly time is passing by.  Our baby girl is growing into quite the little lady!

Cadence we are beyond proud of you!  You have brought more light and sunshine into our lives than we ever dreamed possible.  You are a dream come true for us.  We hope that all of YOUR hopes and dreams come true one day!  We love you peanut ... to the moon and back a million times and more!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

School Photos

One of the many great things about being at the same school as your child is that you get to capture moments!  Being the unofficial school photographer also helps!
Here are some of these years 'moments' so far ...

School yard friends

Reading Buds

Preparing to run for someone special

And she's off ...

Go girls!


Fun Fair fun

Here it comes ...

the wrecking ball!

Yoga ... namaste

Orange and Black Day

Writing a prayer with 'Prayer Bear'

The first snow

Take 2

A VIP Breakfast Club guest

Pancakes for breakfast

Math time

I am beyond lucky!!!!!