Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On the Go!

Sorry I haven't updated all week ... we have company and have been on the go and busy, busy, busy!!!! Guess that's what life is like with THREE children! No photos to share on that front just yet as my camera battery is charging for the upload. I do have some past shots I'd like to share in the mean time.

Having a little drink (can't believe I was able to catch this one!):

Getting Winston prepared for his 'hospital visit':

Monkeying around:

Eating yogurt?:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Should I Be Concerned?

So ... my 20 month old was sitting at the breakfast bar with a magazine. She made a big deal of giving whatever was on the cover a BIG kiss:

This is what was on the cover:


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally ...

we meet! And can you believe, I don't even capture a photo of the Wolfe parents!
Penny and I have been communicating for YEARS ... we were supposed to travel with her and Dave as part of our Group to China, but, unfortunately things did not work out. Well, almost a year later we finally got to have a face to face as they were not only right here in Ontario, but right here in our city!!! We had a lovely brunch and enjoyed meeting their family. Here are a few shots from our brief visit.

Lucy and Cadence having tea:

Lisa enjoying brunch:

All three girls playing house:

We were so happy you could fit us in and look forward to seeing you again! You have an absolutely lovely family ... but you don't need us to tell you that!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cadence's Big 'Brother'

Please keep our 'firstborn', Winston, in your thoughts today ... he's having surgery this morning to remove some stones. My poor little guy has to spend the night away from home. We hope he recovers quickly! We sure do love our boy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Sean and I decided to head north for a little surprize visit. I could go on and on ... but frankly I don't have time so, here are a few pics, captions AND posts to keep y'all caught up!

Baba ... looks who's here!

Heading to the parade:

Waving to the crowd:

Jody ... this one's for you! We were feeling 'HOT, HOT, HOT!':

Heading home from the parade:

Surprize Weekend Continued

Fishing in the duck pond:

Bubble making with Baba:

Water play:

More bubbles:

Bath time?:

The First Pony Ride

Suiting up:

Ready for action:

Hitting the trail:

Back from the range:

Other Firsts

Getting ready to paint a masterpiece on my t-shirt:

Okay, just whose t-shirt is this anyway?:

This is MY corner!:

Let's get this motor running:

That's what I'm talkin 'bout:

Family Time

Cheers everyone:

Yuck ... I'm not ordering that!

The girls side of the table:

Enjoying some good conversation:

No worries dad ... I'll get those balls for you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yeah ... I Know ...

It's been a while ... but give me a break, I'm on holidays ... still!!! For the most part, since returning from China, I've felt like I've been on a sort of vacation ... no snickering from anyone who MAY have been at the end of a few random tough times! In any case, I've been consulting the calendar quite a bit to see what and whom we can fit in during this summer and have been reminded of the dreaded fact that I will be going back to work in like, 6 weeks ... SIX! I just can't even get my head around that at the moment. I've been preparing Cadence for this for a l o n g time, but myself ... I'm just not there yet, not even close! Seriously, how am I going to handle it when the time comes? She has been my little buddy, my side kick for almost an entire year! Sean and I were doing the math ... she'll be without us for at least 8 hours and then the 4 remaining hours will be jam packed with dinner, baths, bedtime routines ... I just can't even imagine it! I know we are not the first parents to go through this, but ... it makes me sad and I just need to share that!
Okay ... moving on ... for now ... cause ya know I'll have more to say on the subject as September draws ever so nearer!
Last week, we took Cadence for her final, let me correct that, what SHOULD have been her final shots for a while!! Cadence was this child I didn't even recognize. EVERY time we have gone to a clinic or the doctor's office, she has cried right from the get go (well, wouldn't you, if you knew you were going to be poked and prodded every time?). This particular visit however, she was a model patient. Not a tear, or a peep, not even when the needle went in. She said, "Hi boy" to the doctor and, upon coaching, "Hi doctor". She got on the scale all by herself, was curious about each tool he used and was just plain awesome ... what can I say ... I was one proud momma!!! Now if only they hadn't run out of the chicken pox vaccine ... yeah ... we gotta go back for that one ... sheesh!!!!
Other than that, we have been busy going to the parks, swimming and just hanging out! Cadence is becoming such a little girl ... making us tea and 'nacks', feeding her baby, tidying up ... she is just a treasure to be with and a delight to watch. Gotta admit, I've not pulled out the camera ALL week ... luckily I have some photos you haven't yet seen, that I can pull off the hard drive (I've actually got over 2800 pics there right now ... talk about a To Do list! ... a topic for another day!).
Anyway, here are a couple to share for now:

A little 'light' reading:

Nourishing 'baby:

"Yo-Yo ... I'm outta here dudes!":

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cadence See, Cadence Do!

Despite her rough and tumble 'style', she's still a girly girl at heart! But mommy beware ... NEVER leave the purse in reach!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tot Gymnastics BOOTCAMP!!!

Okay, so with all our fall, winter and spring activities over with, I decided to enroll Cadence (and myself) in a Mom and Tots Gymnastics class for the summer. I thought we were good to go ... we had sporty type outfits and a little ponytail to boot! I couldn't have been more WRONG!!! First off there were two, TWO teeny, tiney, little mites with body suits and tights and sparkly pigtail holders ... AACK!!! Come on moms ... it's 4 weeks and they're still BABIES for goodness sake!!!! Alright ... IF Cadence had been in full on gear well .....
So, then, the class began ... these two teeny tinies were PROS man ... they could jump like a pencil like nobody I'd seen ... Cadence ... she hopped ... kinda! And then we started these 'circuits': down the slide, through the tube, over the ramp, tumbling down the wedge, headstands, tucks, jumps, rolls, swinging from bars, walking on balance beams ... you name it! And how DOES one get their 19 and a half month old to do this ... well, they RUN beside them and lift them and roll them and hold them up and ... you get the picture! I was sweating like a bloody pig! Oh and the coach ... she is TOUGH!!! The rules are the rules, no matter who you are or how old you are so ... I made sure Cadence behaved ... that took EFFORT man! Best thing about the class ... Angelo ... thank goodness for Angelo! He ran around everywhere, running from his mother and the coach and screaming bloody murder when he was actually caught by one of them. Unfortunately, mom was soooo devastated she's pulling him ... rats ... he made Cadence look good at least. Do I see a gymnastic future for Cadence? Maybe not so much!
Here she is anyway in her 'outfit' and even doing a dismount pose (kind of!):

The Recap ...

As promised ... a more detailed post about our special day of remembrance!

Early morning ...

I par-boiled the mini potatoes and prepared the apricot chicken recipe ... chicken stuffed with green apples and brie cheese, breaded, later to be served with an apricot sauce ... DEEE-LISH! B U T ... this idiot didn't want to get her new funky apron dirty (or clothes for that matter) so I 'browned' the chicken in my bra ... I now have some lovely grease burns on my chest ... NICE!!!!
Afterwards, I took Cadence to the park so Sean could 'prep' the yard. Then, Cadence and I cooled off in the pool and just as I was preparing to extract our girl from the water, Winston fell in! I threw Cadence on the stairs and quickly rescued the fur kid! Quite a start to the day!

Afternoon ...

Lunch followed by a nap...also known as my power hour! Cadence went down great giving me the opportunity to 'primp' and get the dishes and such out and ready for our guests. I also spent some time on the computer; going back to my email box and rereading our 'Stork Arrival' message as well as the blog to read my posts of this day last year. The raw emotions of that day are just a real a year later ... I still get all choked up reading and thinking about it! Okay, enough touchy feely stuff! Anyway, I was all set, had my book and bottle of water ... ready for a bit of down time before company would arrive. Unfortunately, when I opened the patio doors, there was air suction created, slamming my bedroom door ... HARD ... and ... you guessed it ... waking Cadence! So we had a little play time instead!

Late Afternoon ...

The G family arrived first and we immediately put Buck to work (Thanks Buckie ... but, the T IS a wee bit crooked!). The kids and I took to the pool. Cadence has become quite the little fish and is loving her new swim thing! It has worked well in giving her some 'arms length' independence ... she is just having a ball in the 'pool pool'! We enjoyed the summer sun and a few beverages until the Ls arrived ... Mary had been at our house a year ago for 'The Call'. We gals cracked open the champagne and toasted to our girl Cadence! Shortly thereafter, the A family arrived and there was more pool time!

Evening ...

We enjoyed a great dinner ... a recipe from the restaurant we celebrated at last year (Thanks again Mary and Dave!) and then the kids ... what else ... they wanted to swim some more. This made a fourth 'pool pool' time for Cadence in just one day ... she was having so much fun! It was just a treat to watch her and Gwen interact and play together. They truly are 2 Tough Chicks!
Unfortunately, we received a call just as things were winding down???? Yeah, things didn't really wind down at all! Poor Mark and Donna and the boys were stranded on the highway with major car trouble. We had been discussing getting together this summer, but THIS certainly wasn't what we had in mind. I picked up Don and the boys but it was HOURS before Mark graced our doorway! I'm hoping they got home okay!


It was a glorious day ... friends, family, sunshine, good food and drink and best of all Cadence was there to enjoy almost EVERY minute of it (10:30 bedtime!). What more could a girl ask for!

Just a few more pics to keep you coming back ....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One Heck of a Day!

Okay ... so today was a very IMPORTANT day in our history:

I have a LOT to say about the day, but you will have to wait a bit longer for my reflection (and more photos) ... I am just plain tuckered out! Let's just say the day involved:
One dog's maiden voyage into the pool:

A few things chillin'"

A couple of 'Tough Chicks':

And some not so tough chicks:

Plus a whole lotta other nonsense!
It was a great day spent with some good friends .... and some unexpected family .... hope you are home by now!
As I said, more on the days events .... later!