Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Ones I Missed ...

Although I did my best to keep up to date this summer, there were a few 'events' that got missed ...

Our 'Merida'

A little target practise against the patio door.

Notice the pursed lips above and the tongue in this one ...
these are family traits!

Eating Out of Her Hands

This was the only way we could get our little house guest to eat.
Trust me, she has everyone in this house eating out of her hands!

Cool in the Pool

This picture tells it all!

The 2089th handstand this summer.

Just because this shot just makes me smile...

Calm and Collecting

Spending quiet evening time on the porch.

Notice the little pink bucket!
That's where we had to put in our $ for each dance she did.

Gettin' 'Skinny'

Some semi skinny dipping in the pool.

More of the same in the tub.
What are you wearing uncle D?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Mini Getaway

This summer we were fortunate to have some unbelievable weather which we were able to enjoy from our own oasis.  We welcomed many visitors as well, and before you knew it, the end was near!
Our plans for a getaway quickly turned into a quick getaway close to home ... it was the perfect end to our summer.

Enjoying a picnic lunch before our destination.

We have arrived!

Checking out the frog pond.

Enjoying an ooey, gooey beaver tail.

A spectacular view.

A gorgeous girl.

Dinner on the patio listening to live music.

Two beautiful smiles.

Someone scored at the vintage candy store.

The VERY big chair.

What hotel beds are really for.

All set for the mountain coaster.

An ice-cream sandwich for breakfast ... from another mother!.
Gotta love holiday food!

Navigating the pond.

Three minutes into the ride home.

What a great couple of days in a lovely, vibrant village, less than an hour away ... how sweet is that!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Grade ONE!

Time sure flies!  I can't believe my 'baby', my BABY, is going to school each and everyday.  She has a pencil case, a desk and even HOMEWORK!  She has been ready for this for awhile ...
You make us so proud angel!
You're kinda cute too!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Today is ....


Five years ago today, our family was born in a conference room in a hotel in Chonquing, China.
Our dreams had finally come true!

2008 - First Family Birthday
We had no idea how much joy this little darling would have brought into our lives!

2009 - Our family turns 2
She was growing up before our eyes.

2010 - Happy 3rd Family Birthday
Our gift was getting ready to start school. 

2011 - Fours years as a family
Each year has brought wonderful new discoveries for us all.

Come on back later for a Happy 5th Birthday photo!
2012 Photo will go here!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back To School Shopping!

This year's back to school shopping spree was a super success ...
Daddy came along ... with HIS credit card.  CHARGE!!!

Cadence actually picked out most items herself.
She insisted on 'modelling' her purchases in a 'fashion show'.

What a fun day!

Appointments and Activities

In the last weeks leading up to summer's end (sniff) we got some important things done!

A thorough physical, complete with vaccinations.Cadence was amazing ... she didn't flinch or cry ... even for the second shot.
She did say it hurt!
So proud of you big girl!

An eye exam that produced 20/20 results!  YAY!

A back to school pedicure ... the works! 
We've decided to wait on the hair cut until 'Picture Day'.

We are also signed up for our fall activities:  ballet, gymnastics and piano.
This should keep us busy for a while!