Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Turn!

Unlike Cadence, I wasn't sitting on it!
Sleep has been my other friend today and the ginger ale is helping. Off to wash the bedding and pjs, hoping to rid this house of
the flu. Daddy MUST not get this bug ... Mommy needs her night away! Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Home Day ...

Cadence was not quite herself yesterday and had some "D" ... which led to some great conversations I might add! So, it was no surprise this morning when I got the call to pick her up from daycare. She pretty much slept most of the time from drop off to 11:40 and has been asleep again from about 12 ish to now (2:00). She still has some "D" but no fever. She's been drinking some water and eating a few crackers so we'll just wait and see .... The sleeping thing though ... that's worrying me ...

Check out her cup and her hand in the little bowl. God I love this kid!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Good!

Oh yeah!!!! We scored this weekend ...

I am sooooo in love with ALL our shoes ...

Bring on the sunshine!

The BAD!!!

Today was Cadence's first official full blown tantrum! She wanted gum and I was NOT giving in! This is a clip of what we endured for anywhere from 20 - 30 minutes. As for who 'won' ... that is yet to be decided ... perhaps you can help. She didn't get the gum, but she did get out of the naughty spot ... she puked! Yep ... we're doomed!

The Ugly ...

Our new neighbours are ... collectors! Now they have somewhere to put their junk ... unfortunately, we end up with a crappy view!

The Good, The Bad AND the UGLY!!!

We saw them ALL this weekend! There will be a separate post for each ... ENJOY!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day in the Park!

Although the weather was not as stellar as forecasted, there was enough sunshine and warmth to get in some park time!
This is the first full afternoon we've spent at the park since last fall and I was amazed at Cadence's growth: her agility, body strength and absolute lack of fear ... which is okay ... I had enough for the both of us!
I couldn't push her high enough and there was absolutely no keeping her in the toddler area ... she wanted to be a big girl. And she certainly proved herself!

Friday Night Dance

We had a little family dance party ... getting jiggy with it ... gettin' ready for the weddin'! Get down!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reading to Baby

I tried to sneak a video of this moment ... as always ... I got caught.
Outside of the runny nose, I think it's pretty sweet!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She Cracks Us Up!

Last night I tried changing things up a bit ... providing Cadence with some 'mood' music at bed time. I put in a beautiful Mozart CD but within ten minutes she was crying. I went in to ask her what the matter was and she told me 'that was baby music'! Who is this kid?
Today, she went into the washroom and told daddy to stay put ... "I need privacy."
Wise beyond her years (or months)! She kills me!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Last week if you asked Cadence how old she was, she would tell you, "I almost 3!"
I don't think so!!! Our peanut won't even be 2 and a half til mid May.
This week she tells me she IS 3! Time for math review!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Weekend Without White

Fairly balmy temperatures and cabin fever got us out of the house for the entire weekend ... well, almost the entire weekend!
We tackled a little yard work:

And then Cadence called for her dad to play hockey:

She chose her stick:

And then met her opponent:



We also hung out with the neighbours ... everyone was into yard work:

Besides 'mowing' with Trent, the girls rode bikes and trikes and skateboards while the moms followed behind ready to catch any falls (explains the lack of photos!). Macy, 6, was allowed to ride on the sidewalk across the road ... guess who thinks she's a big girl ... one of our bigger fights yet! I'm happy to report a victory!!! Should I confess, Macy was called back to the safety of her own yard ....
Speaking of being a big girl, I made the mistake of pulling the meat off of Cadence's ribs ... she'd have none of that!

And what weekend wouldn't be complete without a shoe shopping trip ... a successful one I might add!

Ahhhh .... how many weeks til summer?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet the New Puppy!

Cadence spent about a week 'being a puppy' ... to the point that putting out a dish for her was the only way to get her to drink water!

Just for the record ... these are NOT Winston's dishes ... hopefully you can see his set in the background AND those are Shreddies in her 'food bowl'. What a silly girl!

No Church Shots!

Aside from family fun and easter eggstravaganzas ... there was also church! Cadence was ALMOST perfect ... kind of! Considering she was the ONLY 'person' under the age of 40, I'd say she did great! One thing I know for sure ... she paid attention! Soon after we arrived home, I was checking emails ... Cadence was checking out the contents of one of daddy's desk drawers. She found a small red New Testament. Daddy was made to sit on the couch and play church! "You gotta be quiet and sing", she whispered. Then she opened up the book and began singing 'hymns'. It was the cutest darn thing!!!

No shots from either church, but I do have these:
Playtime with Baba

Feeding the Bratz (just which one is the brat I ask you?)

Father, daughter ... AND son!

Adding a touch of colour:

Another 'light' lunch:

Quote of the Day

Miss Cadence: My head is freezing!
She was chowing down on a sundae!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

The three of us headed north for the long weekend ... it's a heck of a drive, but well worth it!
We enjoyed many fine meals and great company ... even the weather was good! Cadence had a ball hanging with her Baba and aunties and uncles ... she even had a bit of play time with cousin Payton (next time mommy will call ... sorry!).
And then there was the big visit from the Easter Bunny ... try saying 'no' to chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday!

(Helping) Baba make the tarts:

Checking out the Easter goodies:

Another note from the Easter Bunny. Read it Baba!:

Hot on the bunny trail:

We really had a great visit and are already looking forward to heading back in less than 4 weeks ... see y'all soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miss Manners!

From one extreme to the other ...
If Cadence hears, what she 'perceives' to be a little toot, she'll tell you, "Say snooze you!". She's fairly diligent with her pleases and thank yous too! But man, can she be rude! Today, we were sitting having an after work snack and conversation. She was telling me who was at 'work' today: Nicole, Lucy, but not Owen. I began to talk about Owen going to a new school and she cut me right off, with such attitude: I am talking ... you're not! MY GOODNESS!!!
Good thing she's dang cute:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Where Did Spring Go?

Friday and Saturday were BEAUTIFUL days ... we were finally able to pull out some spring clothes:

Today, buses were cancelled due to the snow storm. What's THAT all about?

Guess Whose Having Twins???

Apparently, Cadence is! Today she informed me that she "has two babies in her belly" and "they are going to come out soon." Hmmm ... a little early for the birds and bees talk me thinks! Seriously though, it keeps me in check ... I have to be ready, likely sooner than I think, to handle the real hard questions that will come .....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Stinker!

Warning ... this post deals with BMs!
So, Cadence is sitting upon the white throne doing her 'thing'. She tells me, "You better put the fan on, my poo stinks."
I think she gets that one from her dad! Heh!

Trying It Out ...

Our Skater Girl ...

Here she is ... our 2 year old ... with her new skateboard:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

He Bought Her a Present!

The title is a take on the recent favourite phrase of our Cadence ... she likes to play 'birthday' and aside from singing the Birthday song (10x a day), she'll announce, "I got you a present!" in the most adorable, sweet voice I've heard ... EVER! Anyway, that is not even remotely the point of this post ... I just wanted to share that daddy came home with something for his daughter today! One can't say he doesn't pay attention ... he came home with ... a SKATEBOARD!!! Yep ... she's two ... two freakin years old! So ... we made her wear a helmet (heading out for the rest of the gear ... soon!). Pictures and videos to be posted soon ...... of Cadence, not the ones of my newly acquired grey hairs! What is next I ask you ??????


How'd ya like to see this face next week????
Get ready ... I think I'm coming but shhhh, don't tell my mom ... it's a surprise!

A Cadence Concert