Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Give Up!

I deal with THIS on an almost daily basis:

My little sweetheart does 'tidy up' when I ask her too:

But she can NEVER get it back to looking like this:


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching up ...

Busy Bees/Sneaker Snappers

Last week Cadence did her first finger painting of a frog ...

This week she completed a similar wine cork painting of a dinosaur in blue (and NO I did not supply the corks!).
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have Cadence in these classes. The growth and development in her social skills has been phenomenal! Along with that I am able to measure Cadence's cognitive and developmental skills against other children her age ... I know, it sounds like I'm comparing, but really I am only interested in ensuring she is 'on track' ... and I can quite confidently see that. That is ALL I really ask for ... we are very lucky for that!

New Favourite Book

Cadence received a couple of beautiful gifts this weekend from friends ... one being a 'Classic Book with Holes'. Guess I am WAY behind on things ... although it is classic, I've NEVER heard of them, but let me say ... it is FANTASTIC!!! I have had to read/sing it about 20 times a day! Cadence caught on right from the first go and was singing her own version of 'Ee, I, Ee, I, O". She really is a sharp little cookie!


This morning she got into her toiletry bag ... the one I keep her 'manicure' tools in. As I attempted to take the clippers and little nail scissors she turned away from me and said, "Mine!". Okay, I'm going to have to blame this one on the 'other' children in her daycare ... right???? LOL!

Canadian Citizenship

I checked into the status of Cadence's citizenship on line this morning and according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Cadence is now a Canadian citizen!!! The document should arrive in a couple of weeks ... at least that's what they say! This is a big relief ... now we can apply for her Canadian passport ... not that we're planning to go anywhere soon ... have y'all seen the price of gas????

Favourite Photo of the Week

I hadn't pulled the camera out much last week, but I did manage to get a picture of Cadence BEFORE she pulled the barrette out of her hair. The fact that the bows match her pyjamas ... it's no accident!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Words of wisdom I've shared with my daughter ... If you can't afford the big TOYS, make sure you make friends who have 'em!!! LOL!!!! Cadence spent some glorious time enjoying Owen's toys and let me just say ... she was ecstatic:

So much for the rule about car dates at EIGHTEEN:

And a cell phone to boot ... honestly, what are we teaching our children?:

The excitement was more than Cadence could handle ... this was her within 2 minutes of the drive home:

Much thanks to Nancy for the great picnic and to Owen for chauffering Cadence around and sharing his toys!
Stay tuned for the video versions tomorrow!

A Little of This and That ...

It has been a fairly 'normal' week ... daycare, activities, outdoor play, naps, etc. Cadence is continuing to amaze and terrify me with things she is learning to do ... climb up on the bed, climb up onto the breakfast bar stools, adding words to her vocabulary and exploring her environment. Now that she can reach into my make up drawer, I am glossless! I end up finding lipgloss and other beauty products in the most unusual places ... and don't even get me started with the hunt for one of the FOUR sippy cups I can't seem to locate on an almost daily basis! She has had a really great week ... no crying at drop off, or at nap and night, night times, she is letting other kids take her around the playground ... it is awesome to watch! I really wish I could muster up the time and energy to update on a daily basis because there IS so much she does each and every day and I want to record it all ... even the drawing she did on the patio screen with the feta cheese! Unfortunately I have not pulled the camera out much this week ... but there is a little clip you can view after this post ...

In other news ... about me ... I have 'ISSUES'! I know it and many of you know it ... now what am I to do about it?????? Three confessions: I am a shoeaholic, shopaholic and live in denial somewhat! I have oodles of shoes and have said ALL season that I WILL NOT buy anymore this summer. So ... what was I doing with FOUR pair (one for Cadence!) in my WalMart cart yesterday? I am happy to report I put 3 of the four, including Cadence's, back! I can't help myself ... it really is a disease and the
only cure for me is to stay away from all shopping establishments! AND as far as shopping and denial go .... I pulled out my
spring clothes bins ... went through my closet and the bins and really discovered some 'problems'. First, I have a tonne of clothes ... tonnes ... and I don't wear a tenth of them most likely! I like to refer to some of what I currently wear as my 'uniforms'! You know, the outfit(s) you actually feel good in! For example, I had a friend stop by and comment on how I've lost weight ... uh, NO ... it's the pants ... guess what, they will be part of the new uniform!!!! Secondly, I have clothes that I have yet to part with. For example, I have finally tossed out a "Western University" turtle neck that I bought in first year university ... I can't even tell you how LONG I've had that! And what was I thinking wearing overalls, much less keeping them all this time? And then there are the piles of clothes that I HOPE to get back into some day? Am I for real???? It is time to face reality and learn to accept my new body!!!! So ... I'm giving some away and have to admit keeping some that are tight, but COULD fit nicely by mid summer ... if not ... they go ... I promise! Oh, and there are the clothes that still have tags on them ... I can't resist a good bargain! Not such a good bargain if I end up giving them away are they???? So, I've got some work to do ...
By fall I need to get rid of anything I have not worn in the past year and I need to stick to a few good items that make me feel good about myself ... most likely anything BLACK! So there you have it ... my true confessions and my intent to transform! Any thoughts?

Don't forget to check out the following clip of Cadence:


Poor Cadence ... life with a teacher ... luckily, I believe in RECESS!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The First of a Few Posts:

With weather as the week's highlight, getting time to actually transfer photos and update this blog has been difficult to say the least. Let's face it, who wants to sit in front of a computer when the sun is finally shining?! Well, at this particular moment ... sitting is ALL I want to do! Cadence has kept me on my toes ... and then some. She has always been 'high energy', but I really thought all the outdoor play and fresh air might slow her down ... well you veterans know better! She is unstoppable and I am just plain DONE! So, I will share some photos and give you a little synopsis of our 'activities'.
Fashion of course comes first in this photo:

Sidewalk chalk ... without a sidewalk:

Even daddy gets into the action:

Heading to the mailbox (note the hand holding ... it is the rule when crossing streets, but not always as you will see in a little video clip later ... we try!):

Taking Winston for a walk:

Disclaimer: The winter boots were a fashion decision by her majesty ... the princess. I take no responsibility!

The Next:

Doing her share of 'what's left of the yard' work:

Taking a much needed break:

Dressed and ready for dinner in our semi-matching coats:

Visiting Daddy's school:

Humouring mom for all of 5 minutes by actually wearing her hat:

And for more, check out the following video clips ....

Mmmm ... Ice Cream!

Cadence was speechless when it came to dessert!

Rockin' with Junkyard Johnny

Cadence and I spent part of Friday morning at Daddy's school enjoying the 'music' by Junkyard Johnny. She was an enthusiastic

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lunch Date(s)

Yesterday, Cadence and I had the pleasure of joining Maureen and Cameron for playtime, lunch and a brisk walk. I was astounded at how much change there was in Cam from our last play date ... he is walking and babbling and smiling up a storm.  Just a real little man!  And Maureen ... what can I say ... a beautiful and gracious hostess ... thanks M!!!

Cameron and Cadence together for a photo ... finally!  It is sooo hard to get two little ones to stay still, let alone stand still TOGETHER for a picture.  This was my best effort:
Cadence trying to tickle Cameron's cute little feet:
A teacher's job is never done:
Had to add this little photo of Cadence who now LOVES the camera:

And today we had lunch at Auntie Marnie's with Alyssa and Olivia ... although, NOT planned.  In fact nothing was planned ... the car trouble,  being stranded on the highway with 2 small children or the tow.  Oh well, we enjoyed a bite to eat nonetheless ... AND if naptime wasn't so
vital to mommy's sanity ... there would have been some play time to enjoy!  She's such a killjoy!
Here's hoping the repairs are quick and cheap!

Monday, April 14, 2008

In Need of Assertive Discipline ... someday!

Yes ... we are going to be in trouble ... Cadence has us both 'wrapped'! I realized, or perhaps have been in denial, until Sean stated, "She melts my heart. I'm going to be in trouble because I just want to give her everything!". Yep ... that's pretty much true ... we already do! Instead of saying 'no' when she helps herself to cookies from the cupboard, we say, 'okay, just one!' and then put the box out of reach. When she asks very politely for the potato chips, 'pees!!!!', we give her one (or more), but we draw the line at BBQ!!! And trying not to giggle at her naughtiness ... tres dificile!!!! Cadence hoisted herself up onto the coffee table, as she often does, but this weekend, she proceeded to stand up! Now, I draw the line at that!!! So ... I wag my index finger and tell her, 'no, no, no ... sit down please'. What does she do??? You veterans know EXACTLY what comes next ... she gives me the most gorgeous little grin and wags her finger back at ME!!! We actually did very well at not laughing out loud ... or grabbing the video camera (although, I'm secretly hoping she'll do it again so you can check her out ... I'm a glutton for punishment!).
On a positive note, she is beginning to announce her BMs ... we are just about ready for the potty parties ... yahoo!  I also noticed Cadence pick up a piece of paper off the floor (something she undoubtedly tore in the first place), go to the cupboard and actually put it in the garbage can!  She amazes the heck out of me.  And our 'little girl' took 'her brother', Winston for her first walk today!  She only lost grip of the leash once ... it's tricky for little hands with mittens!
Growing up ... so fast!!!  (BIG sigh here!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rain, Rain ... GO AWAY!!!!

The weather has not improved in the least ... it has been dark, gloomy and raining!  Of course, that leaves only one thing to do .... SHOP!!!  We took Cadence on our weekly grocery shopping adventure (aren't we exciting????) followed by a trip to ... Toys 'R Us.  They had a great DEAL on this little adirondack table and chair set that we just couldn't resist.

We also picked up a bicycle helmet so dadda could take Cadence for nice LONG bike rides ... when spring possibly, finally, hopefully arrives!
And then I threw an umbrella stroller for 'baby' and a wee shopping cart into the big shopping cart.

 Baby needs a little walking and I was hoping the shopping cart could work as a storage unit for all the 'kitchen' stuff that doesn't fit into Cadence's set.
As for Cadence, she had her own idea of what she wanted ....

As much as I'd love to get it for her ... it just doesn't make sense ... we are considering this however as an alternative!

All seemed to be positively received upon our return home ... for a short while!  Cadence naturally used the chairs for climbing, which led to a tumble, which led to her being very angry with the chairs and 'tossing' them ... a few times!  As for the shopping cart ... she wasn't too happy that she couldn't sit in it, like she usually does in the stores ... argh!   
Shortly after these episodes, Cadence enjoyed a much needed NAP!!!!  (So did mommy!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Week in Review

The early part of the week continued to be balmy so we were able to get out for walks and outdoor play ... this continued to make for some great sleeping! Tuesday we went back to daycare (and a few tears) as well as Busy Bees ... okay, actually this time around the class is called, 'Tots at Play', but since it's essentially the same (same room, same leader, same 'stuff'), Cadence and I still call it Busy Bees ... plus, I just love how she says that one!  Five minutes into play time, my little stinker hoisted herself up onto the teacher chair in the circle and started doing actions for the songs we sing ... move over Miss Eileen!  What really made my day was Miss Eileen's comment ...
"Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!".  She made that connection, even with the knowledge of how our family was formed ... it felt awesome!  Cadence also created her first 'masterpiece' with potato prints and paint:

On Wednesday, Cadence and I went out shopping for some greatly needed pants ... I am amazed at how she has grown!  I have been trying to make her winter pants get us through to the real spring weather (capri season!), but I'm afraid we aren't going to make it so we did purchase a new pair of jeans and a couple of sweat pants (as suggested by her daycare provider!).  This girl is definitely a shopper.  It took all of my strength not to burst into laughter when she grabbed a little skirt off the rack, held it up to herself and exclaimed, "Awww!" ... yep ... we got the skirt too!  

Dadda took over the evening routine while mommy went out for a nice leisurely dinner with the girls.  As usual, he did a great job!
We headed out for our first trip to the park on Thursday even though it was a bit chilly and I must say, it is a bit difficult doing this venture on my own.  Cadence likes the big slide.  Try to
picture me walking her up the structure (where I noticed lots of openings to the ground far, far below), setting her up for the slide down, and telling this almost 17 month old to 'wait' while I run down and around to catch her at the bottom ... STRESSFUL!!!  We only did that once ... next time, mommy slid down the slide first ... yikes!  And Cadence and dadda spent some more quality time together for the evening while mommy enjoyed another night out!
On Friday, we went to Sneaker Snappers and practised our balance on the benches.  My girl was able to do it all by herself ... she is so ready for the Kempettes!  We also went to visit our cousins in their new house.  New toys, someone to run and play with ... what could be better?!
I have to laugh at the 'girl' that is emerging ... along with the love of shopping, Cadence is becoming a bit pristine.  She was VERY upset by the black marks she got on her hands from drawing.  Funny, the black marks on the cupboards didn't seem to phase her at all!

This was another great week for us ... we are so, so very lucky!  Cadence has really blossomed over the past month.  There isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't make me laugh out loud or cause me to hold my breath.  She is saying please and thank you, without being asked, she is going to sleep on her own, she puts things in the garbage, helps herself to snacks, gives hugs and kisses that melt my heart ... I could go on and on ... and ... I have, haven't I???  I can't help it ... she is one amazing little girl!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All About Me!

Well ... I've gone and done it ... another of those 'things' I vowed I would never do! NO, I would never 'let myself go' and enter the public realm without a reasonable amount of primping ... but low and behold today I went out into the world in a hair clip, and without one stitch of makeup ... not even mascara or lypsol! Did it feel liberating? No! I felt like a haggered housewife if you want to know the truth! Now, I must admit I didn't plan on going anywhere really ... just the dentist, but then this mom next door to the daycare came home with huge bags from HomeSense ... well, that had to be a sign ... it's been weeks since I've graced those doors so off I went! Luckily, as I set out, Sandy noticed the long strip down the back of my leg that announced to the whole world what size pants I wear ... too bad she hadn't seen it before I made returns at WalMart, Old Navy and had my teeth cleaned! Yep, I'm officially a mom!

Getting Jiggy With It ...

Move over Elaine Benis!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phone Girl

Cadence spent 20 minutes 'on the phone' ... she would give Nicole a run for her money. FYI: she didn't learn it from me!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Daddy had a PA day on Friday so Cadence and I donned our rubber boots and brought him lunch.

The weather has finally turned and spring is definitely in the air! Cadence and our neighbours enjoyed EVERY SINGLE moment they could playing in the water! Miss Cadence will undoubtedly spend some time in Ms. Shave's office for disobeying the puddle rule at school. All the fresh air did wonders for us all ... especially when it came to our girl's bedtime ... she was down and out!!!

As hard as I tried this is the best I could do at getting all three of the kids together in one shot ... these youngsters don't stop for ANYTHING!

Off to school!!!! Seriously, doesn't she look like she is ready to go ... welllll ... she's NOT!@!! But she is ready to carry her own diapers and wipes! She packed her own diaper bag for our dinner out that night ... works for me!

And here it is ... the last of the snow ... at least we hope so!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Trying to catch Cadence doing her exercises ... failed miserably ... again!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Horrible Blogger ...

I admit it ... I am not following through with my intention of journalling with this blog ... 
I do promise to try a bit harder.  With that, I will attempt to recall some details of the week and record them in one LONG and for some (boring) post.
We had a family dinner at SIL Karen's on Saturday and I must say Cadence was exceptional (for the most part!)  Right now I am focusing on the positive things especially with respect to her social skills.  She did not make strange or cling to us in anyway, in fact, she was quite the butterfly!  She went to everyone for cheers, high fives and even hugs and kisses!  And she warmed up enough to put on a little show for everyone, where she led us in song and applause ... she is mightly proud of herself!  She also was very comfortable at helping herself to whatever was being offered on the snack table ... we'll work on that!  And my girl is now playing up to the camera and saying 'cheese'!
Dadda also brought Cadence to her first hockey game ... she is the GREATEST FAN EVER!!!!  I can't begin to tell you how amazing it was to hear 'MOMMA' over and over and over and over again ... warmed my heart everytime.  Need to add ... 3rd win in a row people!!!
This .is . going ..... GREAT!!!  Tuesday was the first day back after over a week so I anticipated the crying ... which happened like clockwork ... but when I 'checked in' after an hour Sandy reported that Cadence only cried for a few minutes and was doing great ... wow!  Wednesday she barely uttered a whimper when I dropped her off and was happy when I picked her up ... until we got home ... hmmm?!  AND today ... she was actually happy when we got there ... took her coat right off and joined the kids before I even left ... makes me a little sad, but it's all good!  This slow transition was the right thing ... for sure!  In a few weeks ... by May ... we'll go to a couple of half days and maybe in the summer a couple of full ones so she will be prepared for September.  As for myself ... not sure how I'll manage to be prepared  ...
Well, it has finally happened ... my sweet, happy, humming, smiling baby ... has become a toddler!  At least that's what I hope explains some her new behaviours (there is always a little part of me that panics and worries that perhaps they are due to bonding and attachment issues).  In any event, she has been growling and screeching when she wants something ... we tell her to use her words (more) and not to get frustrated, if she wants help, say help.  Can you believe it, she will actually follow through?!  And she frequently chants, 'me, me, me...' as well, which usually means she wants something too ... ugh!  But what really freaks me is the moments when she grits her teeth and clenches her fists and shakes ... I know she is downright mad about something!!!  Sooner or later I will figure it out!  Sometimes, I am fighting a losing battle ... she gets upset when she can't do something by herself and then gets upset when you try to help her ... honestly ... what is a mother to do with that?!
Play and Such
There are moments when she plays like a little girl.  The other day we were on the floor with her house and she had all the little people laying down.  She was saying 'night, night' and telling me, 'shhh' ... she is just amazing!  
Cadence is also, unfortunately, in the climbing stage ... again!  Only this time, she can climb up on the rocking chair and our kitchen chairs ... there is no containing her!
She continues to help herself in the snack cupboard.  Odd ... she won't touch the banana cookies when I give them to her, but if she gets them herself ... num, num!!!  She is such a stinker!
I know that is really what you come here for ... hate to tell you, the batteries in my camera died! The good news is we're off to Costco tomorrow ...  
In the meantime, I think I have a little video clip I can add ... in the morning!
Night, night!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Love You BUT...

Winston has been and IS a great companion and good natured dog but ... man, there are some 'issues' with being a pet owner!  This post is not for the weak ...
As spring approaches the 'mess' in the backyard, or rather, what's left of the backyard is UNBEARABLE!!!!!  And today I had to head out there to deal with some of it ...
As the snow piled higher and higher, memory of the cement pond obviously became a distant memory for Winston and so there were messes that were now visible and soon in danger of 
seeping into the water ... the thought of that disgusts me so ... out I went with rake and spade in hand!  I don't need to tell you what rain and mild temperatures do to 'messes' ... it was gruesome! And I am no where near finished the job!  The pool area is clear, as far as I can tell, but the rest of the yard ... deep breath inserted here!  There will be a new plan for next season ... get while it's frozen!!!!  Don't worry ... no photos here today!