Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meeting Families in China

This could be us in about 4 months ....
Don't know if this will work as a link, but if it does ... you might need some kleenex! Okay, it
doesn't work as a link BUT ... you can put the address in and get there ........... DO IT!!!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The name ...

Oddly enough, for the first time since I decided on the name, I came across the name Cadence twice yesterday ... on another blog and while watching Supernanny.
I even managed to navigate the World Wide Web and find the name Cadence in chinese characters ... am I becoming a technical genius or what!? Hmmm ... let's reserve judgement on that until we see if it actually shows up on the post!

For the many years Sean and I were on the 'quest' to parenthood, I had the name MacKendra in mind for a girl (a name I believed I created myself ... anyone know any different?) and Kristian for a boy. Then I saw some 'show' where I heard the name Cadence and was immediately drawn to it. I consider it unique, strong, not too 'girly' and simply perfect for us! One of the definitions has to do with 'rhythm', which a child will certainly add to our lives AND unknown to me, apparently a cadence is the series of numbers football players call before the 'down hup' ... anyone who knows Sean ... well, end of story! So, that will be the name ... unless of course, she turns out to be an Ethan Edward!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Porketta Bingo

Porketta Bingo - a game which resembles bingo in which players win ............. PORK!

I took my friend up north for a 'girls weekend' (perhaps the last one in a while!) where we enjoyed a variety of foods and drinks.
And yes ... even an afternoon of Porketta Bingo!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is NOT Brokeback!

Thought you might enjoy some shots of our Ladies Ski Day ... yes ... SKI day (Check out the background in the mechanical bull shots). Gonna have to get a sitter this time next year ... yeeeeeehaaaaaw!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Too Quiet

Usually by this time each month, rumours are running rampant ... when will the referrals be mailed/arrive, what will the cut off be ... but this month ... NOTHING!!! While the people of China celebrate and ring in the new year, us waiting parents are left hanging, wondering anxiously ... WHEN WILL WE GET OUR BABY???? I have tried to keep myself occupied ... physically and mentally ... in an attempt to keep from dwelling on the unknowns but it is getting a little harder each day to tell you the honest truth. I think I have been more than patient and frankly, the closer we get the more anxious and unsettled I become. As each month passes, I'm reminded ... you'll have a better idea by next month ... well THIS IS the next month. I can only hope, like many others, that the CCAA is going to send out a large batch EARLY in March. If so ... we could have our referral by end of March or early April ....... guess I'll have a better idea by NEXT month!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Was there ever any doubt?

Back in December, many were lamenting over the lack of snow and mild temperatures. People ... we live in Canada ... was there ever any doubt?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Returns Cost More!

I seem to have a little problem ... okay, y'all know I have a BIG problem ... I just can't resist sales! Not that I actually FOUND a sale mind you ....... on my To Do list today was a return to Home Sense ... some candle holders that just weren't going to work in our bedroom. Unfortunately, making returns often means spending more ... I return something ... have a 'look around' and voila ... before you know it, I've spent double what I returned! Why would today be ANY different? It wasn't!!!! The second I walked in they had all kinds of 'girly' bedroom stuff set up right at the front. I went straight for the blue table and chair set only
to be accosted by a fellow shopper who was quick to tell me it was already sold. I saw a white set, with a few marks on it (yes ... markdown!), made a beeline to the cash to ask ... 'how much will the discount be?' and pulled out the AMEX!!! Well...... actually I told her I would take it BUT ... I still had to shop around for some other things .... The other things I managed to find were some great baskets ... and now that I've got them home, I'm thinking ... I NEED more! Come on people ... all the baskets HAVE to match! So, tomorrow I will zip over and get whatever they have left (I can always return later ... right?!). The good news is I don't necessarily have to paint the table and/or chairs ... it just depends on whether I feel there needs to be more colour. So .... what do y'all think? Can you tell I'm getting a little excited (I mean 3 posts in one day!)? I get scared when that starts to happen ... must keep a reality check going! By the way, in my excitement ... I forgot to use the credit from my return ... all the more reason to go back for the rest of the baskets!

Xin Nian kuai Le

In my own excitement I almost forgot to mention that today is the start of the Chinese New Year! This is the year of the golden pig ... best wishes to everyone ... it should prove to be a GREAT year!


I have finally finished painting this bloody piece!
Well, basically ... I realized as I removed the protective sheets that I still have to paint the 'feet' ... not a big deal! I'll get that done when I have some spare time. To keep to my projected completion date for the room the plan is as follows:
March 2 weekend - prep the room (remove all 'stuff', wash the walls, tape)
March break week (9-16) - paint, paint, paint
If I can get that done by the end of the holidays I will be in good shape! It will even leave some time in case I need to paint over any of the pink!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

This Month's Purchase

Sean and I decided once we hit the one year mark that we would start to prepare and purchase things we needed. The plan was to make one big purchase each month and smaller ones each week so that we weren't overwhelmed once the referral came. So far, so good! We have been fortunate to have been given a crib and high chair and have over the past months bought some books, toys and outfits. Last month we purchased the armoire to furnish the room. We will pick up a dresser and kid's table and chair set in the spring (hopefully at a yard sale ... since I'm going to be painting them!!!). So today we made the big purchase for the month ... a camcorder ... to capture all of our special moments! The guy tried to give me the one on display, without a further price reduction and almost wouldn't give in until I pointed out the dirt on it ... a brand new one in a box will arrive in 2 weeks! I found it interesting that the 2 purchases I was making, on sale, were both the last ones ... the display models ... hmmm! Interesting that I was also the only customer in a small store with 5 salespeople 'hanging' around. I would say the only remaining large items needed would be the car seat and stroller. With 4-6 months to go ... we are right on target!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yes ... Sean does have a romantic side! Hope everyone had a LOVEly day ........

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's a Record!

Although some may think I'm talking about referrals ... I'm not ... I'm excited 'cause there were 3 visitors who commented on my blog today!!!! Thank you! It is nice to know someone's listening to me ... pathetic, aren't I?! Actually I was very excited about an old friend ... from highschool ... who tuned it! I am very fortunate to be blessed with some great friends, but I am doubly
blessed to still be able to connect with friends from the past and catch up like old times ... even after 20 years! I truly believe the all girl school we attended was highly instrumental in fostering lifelong friendships. I am hoping for 1 more IIBC reunion before Cadence arrives ... one good thing about this long wait!
Oh, and I managed to get a coat of white on the armoire today as scheduled ...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Making Progress

The crib is officially completed, except for a few touch ups and a little sanding to expose the pink! I think I will hold off on that last task, until I know the sex of the child (might have to add some blue!). I have put the first pink layer on the armoire ... 2 coats of white next and ... that'll be done! I should easily be able to start the walls at the end of February and be done by the end of March break ... that is my goal ... at least for now.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catching up ...

Since the last post, I have played my final game of ball hockey, enjoyed another 'snow day' (kind of), had my brother and his friends visit, AND .... finished painting the crib!
First of all, the 'Chicks with Sticks' lost their second play off game in a sudden death over time period, putting them out of the running. As much as I was worried in the beginning of attempting to take on this new sport at my age ... I totally enjoyed it! In fact, I think I have committed myself to play in the spring session ... yikes! Perhaps if I get back into running/walking, I'll be in better shape and able to be more of an asset to my team!
We ended up having what I'd like to term, a 1/2 snow day ... some of the rural buses were cancelled. This call accounted for 4 out of the 6 school buses that travel to our school. Although, we had more students than on the previous snow days, there was still a significant amount of students absent which made it difficult to follow standard lessons and routines. As much as I hoped I'd be completely caught up with another snow day, that didn't happen. A number of other tasks fell on my plate so I didn't get to the pile I had hoped .... maybe next week!
On Friday, Steven and his buddies arrived earlier than expected. With the weather and roads being so crazy through the week, the boss let the guys go at noon and as luck would have it, the forecast was wrong ... they ended up travelling in fairly good weather. I fed them some pizza and snacks along with some beer and sent them off for a night on the town. After a good breakfast the next morning, they set off for the city to catch the big game. I watched the game myself to catch a glimpse of their sign, but didn't have any luck!
And this morning and early afternoon, I put a third coat on the crib and the inside of the armoire. I'm thinking I might need to do a few touch ups but basically that's it ... for now! This week I'll be tackling the outside of the armoire ... there is an end in sight!
Basically that is a quick update of my week. I'm going to spend a few minutes cleaning up this blog a bit and then settle in for some laundry and my favourite ... Desperate Housewives!!! Here's hoping for a surprize batch of referrals before the Chinese New Year!!!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Snow Day !!!!!!!

Wooohoooo! This is the second snow day this week. For those in the warmer climates, a snow day means school buses are unable to run and that means few kids come to school! For teachers this is an opportunity to get some of those 'other' jobs done ... filing, cleaning the classroom, decluttering, marking ... stuff we often run out of time to get to. The way I figure it ...
just one more snow day will mean I am caught up on everything!
Now for the down side ... there is a tonne 'o snow!!! Really ... I'm trying to get a picture but ... batteries are dead again (I'm not a big fan of the rechargeables!) There is a lot of work to do: driveway, back deck, hot tub, roof ... we (well, Sean) will be busy shovelling! AND, worse of all .... the dish is out ... no Y&R for me! HELP!!!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

RQ's Latest Predictions.....

Well, looks like end of April/beginning of May is where we are at! I was soooo hoping for end of March/ early April ... the sooner the better of course ... but I can look at the positives:
1) More time to get the room done.
2) Travel in summer ... won't have to start my leave until September.
3) Sean won't miss the grade 8 trip or graduation (like I care about that!).

I am sure there are more but those are the top reasons so far. What I really hope for now ... is a referral before Mother's Day!!! Wouldn't that be the ultimate??? Come to think of it, it will be 2 years this Mom's Day that Sean and I had our first home visit by
our Social Worker! Okay, but I'm still secrectly hoping it WILL be sooner. RQ has to be off some time!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

I love HomeSense!

Due to severe cramping from 2 days of painting ... I had to take today off! However, I was certainly well enough for my favourite past time ... shopping! I stopped and picked up a few items needed to add some extra touches to the house.
When I got home with my wares (which were not very exciting, I might add), I remembered this little picture I had picked up about a month before Christmas ... it was absolutely irresistable and will be, from all accounts, an understatement!!! Isn't it just PERFECT!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Step One Photos

Batteries charged ... going for step two this afternoon ... I actually think I will prefer that to dusting, vacuuming and toilet cleaning!!! I sure as hell hope no one 'drops by' though!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Well, I finally got down to business and put the first coat of paint on the crib ... the pink coat! You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see a photo ... the batteries need charging! I also slapped on some pink to the inside doors of the armoire. Of course, right after doing that I sat down to check out the Forum on the Rumour Queen site where I learned a few 'surprize' boys were referred! Honestly ... just because I will feel like I am ready by the time our referral comes ... I'll get that kind of surprize ... have to repaint, find new bedding and a new name! Don't get me wrong ... I'll be thrilled with whatever child has been chosen for us BUT ... it will take some getting used to!
Time will tell ........

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Referrals are in ....

Well, referrals have been announced to cover families in waiting logged in up to October 13th. That puts us another step
closer ... in a way! Although we seem to get closer, it is a definite that we won't get a referral in March and most likely not
in April ... looks like May will be the month. So the wait continues .............