Friday, January 30, 2009

A Little of this ....

Sick Again ... Sort of!

So it was Wednesday night, Cadence had been asleep for about an hour and a half. I hear a little coughing and then ... "BLAH" ... IT happened. I grabbed her out of the crib and called Sean who went to work stripping the bedding. Two minutes later as I'm comforting my girl ... IT happens again ... all down her and all down me and all over the carpet. We race to the bathroom in time for IT to happen again ... once in the toilet and once on the floor. Yuck!!! Poor kid. I think she would have gone back to her bed in time, had it not been for blankie ... Cadence NEEDS her blankie for night night. Unfortunately, blankie was indisposed ... in the washing machine! Not sure what to make of this .... is it something to be concerned about???? It's just really weird is all ... she's the picture of health otherwise ... no fever, barely a cough .... I just don't know!

"I Don't!/I Do!"

These seem to be the princess's new phrases! She uses them in place of no and yes, even though they are not grammatically correct. Goodness she means business! A 'conversation' may sound something like this: "Cadence, drink your milk" ... "I don't!" Strong emphasis on the exclamation I might add! (For both of us!)

Where Did My Baby Go?

There have been times I've lamented about not having Cadence as a baby. This past week, I've been going through ALL the photos on my iPhoto (again) and realized I had a baby!!! Cadence was a baby ... an adorable, sweet, lovable, gorgeous baby! I can't believe how much she has grown and changed ... in such a short time! Big SIGH!!!!


The other day, Sean came home before Cadence and I ... he was anxious for us to come in ... he had a 'treat'! There was a hot cup of Tim's for mom and a donut for daughter (and the dog of course!). Sean and Cadence were having their snack at the bar
and she was just so excited to 'be havin treat mom!' . Sean suggested a 'coco bonk' but my sweet girl said "No dadda, you get a hug!" Still brings tears to my eyes! It really is all about the simple things in life ...

There is sooooo much more! I apologize. I am trying to get my computer ready for some new programs and I'm not doing so well ... longish, highly boring story, so I'll save you some time and not bother sharing it. What I do hope is that things are up and running, smoothly by the week's end.

A few photos from the archives:

Monday, January 26, 2009


Just got home and read over the past two days' comments ... ladies we are soooo in sync!!! First off, just ordered an external hard drive this morning. You have to know, my computer knowledge is ridiculously limited, but I managed to have a great conversation with the Mac salesperson who knew my needs and sold me what I hope are the right products. We'll see ....
As for the sleep saga ... Cadence is basically getting less sleep than most children her age ... varies from 10-12 hours total. If she naps, her night sleep yields 8-10 hours and if she doesn't she'll sleep about 12 or more! Penny ... I get what you're saying ... which is why I'm reluctant to ask the daycare provider to forego the naps. Hey ... everyone needs breaks ....
Current time ... 9:00pm ... current activity ... in the crib singing at the top of her lungs!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Sleep Factor

I think we have finally solved the mystery ... not the PROBLEM, mind you!
So ... Cadence has been taking FOREVER to fall asleep every night. It has driven me right out of my mind. I can't stand to waste time! Sitting outside of my daughter's room repeating, "Night, night Cadence" and "Close your eyes" is utterly mindless, not to mention useless. AND this has taken anywhere from 1 to 2 hours ... nightly! This weekend we tested out one of our theories and eliminated the nap. Wouldn't you know ... Saturday, Cadence went to bed at 7:40 and was asleep by 7:50 and tonight was out by 8:00. Coincidence? Doubt it!!! She was never much of a napper to begin with so I'm not surprised that she is ready to forego them ... and quite franklly, if it means she'll go to bed well at night ... I'm all over that! So ... what does one do when the daycare person makes her nap???? Anyone???? SIGH!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Apologies My Friends ...

I am having slight technical difficulties ... I can do very little right now with my computer due to a lack of space on my 'start up disc' ... ???? I may sound like I know what I'm talking about but ... I really haven't a dang clue! What I do surmise is that I need to make some room ... aka ... get rid of the 4900 photos/videos currently in my library. I know it sounds easy but really ... I can't do that! I've got everything organized into folders ... ready ... but, I need some help. What kind of CDs/DVDs do I need? How much can I put on each one? That kind of stuff. I have a friend ... I think he can help ... but it won't be for a few days. In the mean time, I'll still share any anecdotes worthy of your time ... oh, and maybe this if finally a chance for me to get DIANE to do her magic with my template! Don't give up on us ....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Of Things to Come ...

Our recent 'conversation' with Cadence:

Cadence: Where you born momma?
Me: Canada
Cadence: Not China?
Me: No baby.
Cadence: Where you born dadda?
Sean: Canada
Cadence: Not China?
Sean: No sweetheart.
Cadence: Where Baba born?

And so on ... you get the picture.
She's two ... only two ... it hurts to have this conversation already.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday ....

to OLIVIA ... aka Libby!

Video of Cadence singing to her appearing tomorrow ... this is mommy's tv night!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The name Cadence ranks number 71 on the list of most popular names for 2008.
YEARS ago, when we chose the name, we thought it was unique, but not OUT THERE.
Maybe if she had come into our lives as scheduled ...

Oh, well ... we still love it!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Weekend at a Glance

Well I would probably have to say, McD's was the highlight of our weekend ... sad but true!
The temperatures here are frigid and it's going to get worse as the week unfolds ... yay!!
Anyway, I did manage to snap a few shots ...

Here is Cadence with diapers and a pair of very blunt scissors ... by the way, these diapers now belong to her 'baby sister'!

After grocery shopping and gymnastics our two 'kids' conked out! If it had been possible, I would have been right there between them ...

Our shy (or uncooperative) model, trying on a new dress for an upcoming wedding.

During lunch, Cadence was making this face:

I started imitating her. Response: "Mommy, you stop doing that!". Cheeky monkey!

Just 'cause I LOVE her gorgeous eyes!

In other news ... we have gone a full week without diapers during the day. We have even managed 4 successful outings and used public restrooms. I'm going to give it another full week before I deem her officially potty trained.
On the sleep front ... we are getting some these days! We went back to spending lots of play time in her room and that seems to have had an impact. Cadence is happily going to her bed now and over the last few nights we have been saying, "Night, night! Close your eyes ... see you in the morning!" and walking away. She's been falling asleep on her own for the past 3 nights ... that's major progress! Side note: On Friday, she woke about 3 am yelling, "Open the door!". Once I did, she went right back to sleep. Things are looking up!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Atypical TGIF!!!!

No matter what the weekend holds in store for us ... Friday is to be celebrated! If this were a typical Friday, I would have been heading off to enjoy a cocktail or two with friends ... maybe even dinner! I was ready to tell you this was not the case tonight, but as I reflect upon it ... I did enjoy a cocktail with a friend and yes ... there was even dinner involved ... it just wasn't typical! You see, tonight Sean had plans ... he was heading to the city to see a concert ... a band I enjoy I might add (yeah ... I'm bitter, but that's a whole other story!). So, as luck would have it, picking up Cadence and Winston and being in charge of their sole care became my responsibility for the evening. Well, we couldn't let that ruin the party now could we?! So, we improvised ... we had the girls and Grant come here to enjoy healthy snacks, 'juice' and a little play. Then we piled into our cars and met up with Annie, Emma and Austin for dinner ... we went to this classy joint known for their 'burgers' and fries ... Austin calls it 'Good Donalds'!
Cute! However you look at it ... it was truly a hoot! We had a lot of good laughs ... oh, the kids enjoyed themselves too!
I did worry when we arrived ... I hadn't thought to bring Cadence a change of clothes, specifically pants and underwear. This was our first 'outing' in underwear, she'd never used a public toilet before and she was going to be too 'engaged' to think about going peepee ... yeah, it had disaster written all over it! I am happy and proud to report that she managed to stay dry the whole evening and asked to 'go' three times ... once in the middle of hanging in Playland even. I've no experience with any of this training stuff, but I think she's doing pretty good for a fairly fresh two year old ... yes?
I am disappointed however about not having my camera for the 'event' ... who would have thought there would have been so many moments to capture in two hours at McDs? Next time friends ...... I actually look forward to it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Sister

Don't anyone get excited ... nothing happening here ... as usual!
Just wanted to share a little 'conversation' I had with Cadence ... twice ... where she mentioned 'her baby sister'! Whaaaa???
Sweetie ... if we could ...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who's Training Who?

Cadence had been using the potty and/or toilet off and on since the summer and so I decided I would try to use the time off at Christmas to get the training DONE and out of the way ... I'm tired of diapers! Well, that was easier said than done as the holidays were so busy and we were on the go so much. Once we got home though we really tackled it head on for three full days. This meant day four and on would be happening, hopefully, at daycare. Sandy was great at supporting this and although there were a couple of accidents on Monday, Tuesday and today went VERY well! I wouldn't consider Cadence fully potty trained yet, but I think we're well on our way. PROBLEM ... this child is clever! She has always made attempts, usually successfully, to avoid sleep. She can hang out singing, playing, whatever in her crib for over an hour ... it drives me nuts!!!! Well, for the past two days she has a new 'routine'. Guess what? She has to 'pee pee' momma ... every 10-15 minutes! And when I refuse, she has a 'wet diaper' and 'needs a change'. Hard to refuse that when she's waving it around in the air! Honestly!!! I am exhausted ..... Please tell me this too shall pass! Somebody????

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Miscellaneous Stuff

My computer is s l o w these days ... could be the over 4000 photos/videos on my hard drive! So ... I am cutting myself off of loading ANY more until I get some onto CDs. In the mean time, I will post anecdotes and old photos that never made it.
This one is of Cadence and cousin Payton on Boxing Day. Payton is 3 ... Cadence, 30 pounds (pre-Christmas anyway). That Payton is a strong girl!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's the Boss?

Well ... quite obviously, it is neither Sean nor I! Cadence is getting to be quite cheeky these days let me tell you ... and I have to admit, we are doing NOTHING to discourage it ... at all! To be brutally honest, it makes us laugh ... for now anyway. Here's what she's been saying:
"You leab (leave) it here."
"You move."
"You stop singing."
And my personal favourite ... "You stop talking momma."

We are in BIG trouble ... aren't we?!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Mommy, I have little mouth ... you have big mouth."
Smart kid!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve!

We decided that this was probably a good year to stick it out and stay north for New Year's ... Cadence was managing exceptionally well ... she is a true party girl at heart! We all headed out for fun, games, a feast and of course ... beer. There were aunts, uncles and cousins galore! Cadence was in her element ... I would have to say she takes after me when it comes to most things social. We had a great time together as you can see in some of the photos ...
Sharing a 'pint' with dad.

Target practise with Olivia.

Shootin' hoops.

Worth the waiver?

Our whole family together.

More to come in the next segment ...........

NYE Continued ...

After the wing joint, we headed back to Auntie Jen's and Uncle Ed's for more fun and games. We donned our hats and noise makers shortly before the midnight count down and sipped on champagne and other fine cocktails ... what else is new?! My absolutely amazing daughter figured out the magic of the night very quickly ... she came to me and said, "Happy New Year Mamma!" and planted a delicious kiss on me ... what a way to ring in a new year!
At about 12:30 someone called, " Who wants to go to bed?" ... my little party girl was the first to answer ... "NOT ME!!!" She is too much!