Monday, October 29, 2007

Last Week's Review (Could be long ... depends on nap!)

Because I am falling way behind in this blogging venture you may find my posts quite short after this ... I'm having difficulty keeping EVERYTHING up and well, something's gotta give! I think I will break the week down into things I remember (this should be interesting!).


Cadence enjoyed her swimming lesson ... as always ... and as always, she was BRUTAL when it came time to get dressed! She wants to be held and well, that's a bit difficult when at any given time one of us is soaking wet! This time I even brought the stroller in so she could sit, play, eat ... whatever ... while I threw my clothes on ... didn't work, and it set her off to be whiny and grumpy for the rest of the day! I was worried as it was Daddy's night, but luckily she cheered right up for him!


Another 'Celebrate Cadence' night! My friend Lisa invited many of my friends and colleagues and went to a lot of trouble organizing this event (cleaning, preparing snacks and drinks) ... thank you so much!!! Believe me, with TWO children I can only imagine how difficult that all was! Cadence will be decked out in many new trendy threads and has some new toys to enjoy AND we now have a scrapbook ... a COMPLETED scapbook of our trip to China!!!. Colleen, I am still blown away! Mommy even gets to treat herself to a little 'something'! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it ... I continue to be overwhelmed by ALL of your support!

The Weekend

Not so rosy! Sleep became an issue again this weekend! Friday Cadence was very restless ... up about every hour of so! On Saturday, Cadence woke from her nap with flushed cheeks and a fever. After some Tylenol her temperature came down so we continued to give it to her as indicated. By evening things fell apart! She slept for about 2 hours and then was up every 10 or 20 minutes AND the fever would not reduce. As I was laying stroking her head (at 3:00am) I noticed this spongy area on the front of her head and freaked! Sean and I hadn't noticed it before and were concerned of course so ... I called Telehealth (need to know whether to head to the clinic in the morning or the emerg now). Well after a bunch of questions they use the words meningitis and encephalitis ... yeah ... we're going NOW!!!
Poor little soul ended up with more Tylenol, blood work and a chest xray ... all for naught! No one really addressed the head thing at all, they were more concerned about the source of the fever ... which they never found! Sunday was brutal ... both Cadence and I were exhausted, she still had the fever and was cranky! I ended up having a breakdown which I think was bound to happen at some point. Luckily she slept well last night ... which meant I did too!

Miss Independence

So Miss Cadence decided yesterday, she does not want to be fed! She wants to do it herself. This didn't go too well as one can imagine. There was more food all over the place than in her mouth. And today, not only did she insist on using the spoon, she wanted to use the silver one I use ... needless to say, I had to switch to using one of her pink ones so she would eat! She is stressing me out I tell you! We are going to be one of those mother/daughter duos who fight ... I can feel it!


Cadence has been giving kisses for a few weeks now ... when you ask her AND she is not more interested in something else (the phone, converter, food!). Tonight, while she was resting her head on my shoulder while I was walking her before bed, she lifter her head, looked me right in the eye and made the kiss face ... THREE times! It was by far the sweetest moment we have shared thus far ... and after the few days we've had, I sure needed it!

Question of the Day

If you ask Cadence what the doggy says, does 'Woof, woof' count as a word?

Photos ...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great Day ... Gruesome Night!!!

Sunday, Sean and I took Cadence to a local farm that we heard is kind of a kid's 'hot spot'. Considering the gorgeous weather, it
was a hot spot for sure! The first challenge was to find parking and the next was to exert patience whilst we waited in a HUGE line, just to get in ... it was 'Pumking Festival' time you know! Anyway, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed walking around, taking some cute pictures ... next year, and the years after will be much more enjoyable for Cadence as she will be able to participate in all the activities ... Daddy promised we'd do the wagon ride next year (no matter how long the line ... of course we are already planning to go much earlier to avoid such things!).
As for the Sunday night ... ARGH! Cadence went down quite easily, although what used to be about a 20 minute routine has now stretched to 40 or even 60 minutes! And wouldn't you know it ... with only 10 minutes left in Desparate Housewives, my little munchkin was wailing!!! AND she would NOT go back down for anything! I walked her around the room, as usual, only for about an HOUR this time, until my neck and back were done! Then I tried putting her in the crib and staying in the rocking chair ... nope! Then I tried some tough love, laying her down everytime she got to her feet and 'calmly' explaining in was bed time. After about 10 tries I gave up on that one. AND THEN, I succumbed to a strategy we have been trying really hard to avoid ... the 'family' bed! I was desparate man! Well, as luck would have it ... that didn't work either ... she thought it was morning play time! From there we headed to the car ... at about 1:00 am people! All she did was chatter all the way ... around several blocks!
Yep, it was a rough night! Finally, in the end, we headed back to her room and I put all the blankets I had on the floor, sat her down beside me and laid down. At 2:30 I transferred her to her crib ... have to admit, I'm not sure who fell asleep first!
Today, we head back to the doctor ... I'm really hoping there is a medical explanation for this turn of events ... we'll see! In the mean time, we all had a great sleep last night and here it is 7:40 and she is still down ... yippee!!!

Question of the day ... Is it wrong to take your child for a long walk on a beautiful day ... and stop along the way at the liquor store for some Pomtinis??? On second thought, don't answer that ... but man, did it take the edge off!

Here are some autumn shots of our girl ...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good Shepherd The GREAT!!!!

Sean, Cadence and I enjoyed an exceptional evening Friday night with his staff ... they are truly exceptional people ... professionally and personally!!! They organized an amazing shower for us complete with meals, beverages and a generous amount of gifts ... THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO VERY MUCH! Cadence also enjoyed meeting a few new buddies, just about her age ... yay ... play dates!!!! Here are a few photos ...
Party girl, all dressed up AND somewhere to go ...

Enjoying the mini kitchen ... little did she know ... there was one in a BIG box with her name on it to go!

Here's most of what was on 'the list' ...

Enjoying the dancing tower ...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my school bus!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Wacky Wednesday! (UPDATED with PHOTOS!)

I don't know what it is about Wednesdays ... maybe it's the fact that I NEED things to go fairly smoothly that day ... but things just seem to fall apart! Cadence and I were due to go swimming at 9:30 ... a service call came at 8:30 regarding our new dryer ... their window was between 9 and 10:30 ... so much for the swim lessons! Actually I had been toying with not going anyway on account of Cadence's little rash and was happy the decision was made for me. I was also able to make a appointment for Cadence in the same regard for 11:30. Now, I need to share that I did not take a morning shower (cause I thought I would be swimming) and was banking on a nap ... one long enough to allow me some quick primping ... recall I teach Wednesday nights! As luck would have it Miss Cadence fell fast asleep on the way to the Dr. appoint ... it was a short ride so I revived her with a cookie! We arrived at about 11:20 and didn't get into see the physician until 12:10!!! Considering I'm able to get an appointment the morning I call, I guess I can't really complain. Well, our little fire pot needed some ointment from the pharmacy ... AND ... had a bit of fluid in her ear ... totally explains the 'issues' we had last week ... god, I am just way too green at this parenting thing! Anyway, we go to the pharmacy where we have to wait another 15 minutes ... hallelujah for shopping carts! As we prepared to leave I couldn't locate my keys ... PANIC ... the doctor's office was now closed for the day! As my hands jammed back into the diaper bag I discovered I'd obviously knocked the lid off the Penetan cream and now there was white rash cream over EVERYTHING!!! And by this time, Miss Cadence had finished her cookie, had lost her patience and was bellowing pretty loudly ... it was quite a sight I can assure! The story does have a happy ending though ... found the keys in the bottom pouch, Cadence fell back asleep on the way home and into the crib, I managed a shower, blow dry, straightener and make-up and managed to clean out the diaper bag!
Sean had a good night with his daughter too, who was sound asleep ... for the entire night ... when I got home! I do have some photos ... I'll add them tomorrow ... the camera's downstairs, Grey's in on and frankly I'm beat!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Week Gone By ...

Yes ... my days are busy and I am finding it increasingly difficult to update, but stick with me ... I'm trying my best! Things continue to progress and regress, where family life around here is concerned. Cadence has definitely bonded and attached to us both ... I can't leave the room for a second and when Sean walks through the door, Cadence squeals with joy ... these are good things! Of course, I am finding it hard to accept the new chaotic state of my home ... it drives me crazy but I am
learning to cope ... just don't drop by okay??? CALL FIRST!!!!
Here are a few highlights of the week ...

Miss Cadence is already paying close attention to hygiene and dilegently (well, not really!) brushing her teeth.

She enjoyed her first tea party with her buddy Gwen, who spent the afternoon. Both are still learning to share and figure each other out!

Cadence now cheers when she scores a basket ... it is the cutest thing. She throws both arms up and yells, "YEAH". Unfortunately the delay of the digital camera missed the shot ... but I did get it on video and it is priceless I tell ya!

Here is Cadence in a spectacular outfit she received from a 'blog' friend she has never met, but who has been a great help to her mom! Thanks again Kristen!

And finally ... the sleep thing ... we were back on track for a bit, but things over the past few days have been pretty dismall. She was waking every hour looking for one of us for a couple of days, then last night ... every 5 minutes for about 3 hours and would only settle for me. Not sure what is up with that and how this week will play out. If this continues for a few more days I may need to give up my weekly teaching job ... first things first! Oh and naps ... well, I hate to admit it, but I've found a new strategy that has worked quite a few times ... I wait until she is really tired, then put her in the highchair with a bread stick or cookie and voila ......

Then I gently carry her to bed and reclaim my sanity for a bit!
Oh, and I managed to fight and get her SIN in her Canadian name last week ... it was a struggle, but I won!
That's about all I can think of right now ... she's sure to wake ANY moment and I've a load of laundry to do ... ain't life grand!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We Survived the Weekend !

It was a whirlwind, but we survived the weekend ... quite nicely, I might add! We strapped Cadence in the car seat, loaded up the car with food, toys and videos and arrived at our first overnight destination 3 hours later. Cadence was attentive to Baby Einstein and her goldfish snacks and even took a brief nap. We bathed her upon arrival and put her down ... for the night ... not a peep! This allowed the adults a little time to chat over some vino and enjoy some pizza and wings. Next morning we repeated the above and arrived at Baba's house by lunch time. Cadence spent an hour with Baba while Sean and I went to run a few errands. We enjoyed a GREAT thanksgiving dinner at Auntie Jen's and Uncle Eddie's and after putting her highness down for the night, I managed to sneak in ... a movie ... thought I was going to mention vino didn't you?
Sunday morning was busy ... everyone needed showers, Jay needed to be picked up and Cadence needed to be dressed ... at the last possible moment! As luck would have it, Di and I dressed her, took a couple of pics and ... had to undress her, do a diaper change and then redress! Cadence managed to hold it together for much of the baptism ceremony, but not completely ... there were tears and sobs for sure! She was a trooper, considering all she's been through in the last 6 weeks! She had a great nap afterward and was in fine form for her dinner party where she 'performed' for us and a few surrounding tables! It was a great day and I cannot thank everyone enough!!!! Jay ... for making the flight all in one day, Jody and Rui for the long drive up, mom for her hospitality and help, Auntie Jen and Uncle Ed, Auntie Judi and Uncle Mike and Diane for their continued support and my brother Steve who came to the church ... it ALL meant a great deal! And thanks to those who were there in spirit ... I know it was a quick turn around and a long destination and there were those of you who would have liked to have been there that couldn't.
The drive home ... well, the 6 hour drive turned into 7 ... a couple of stops were needed for 'changing' and then we hit some high traffic that really slowed us down. Fortunately, Cadence was great ... looks like we'll be able to get home for the holidays!!!
Well, here's what you came for ... a few of my favourite photos from the weekend ...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!!!

Yesterday started out fine ... during nap time I tried to update here ... with pictures first and that is where it ALL began ,or, I should say, fell apart! I'll give you the basics ...
First, Blogger would not update my photos. Then I heard a vehicle pull up, realized it was the Spa guy (hot tubs on the fritz) and TRIED to beat him to the doorbell ... failed miserably and well, you know where that led ... nap time was OVER!!! Then I went to take the laundry out of the machine and discovered it was still FULL of water ... I tried everything to fix it. This was a
major problem given the fact that we are heading out of town Friday and I have a LOT of laundry to do in order to pack! So, I dragged Cadence Back to Future shop ... the only place that could deliver by tomorrow and dropped a load of money I don't have on a new set. Then it was back home by 2ish to try to find someone to take away my existing set ... NOW ... as delivery was expected between 8 and 1 today (I'm still waiting ... but it's only noon!). Oh and I pulled a major muscle in my hip ... nearly falling down a flight of steps with Cadence before departing so I basically hobbled around all night. Quick break ... appliances have arrived!
Okay, so I got all that settled, dressed and headed for my course ... within ah hour I had a major migraine ... well, in all the events I totally forgot to eat or drink anything. By the time I arrived home, the washer and dryer were on their way out and Cadence had been well taken care of. So now, I am getting ready to read my manuals and get the loads done! I'm sure the girl will be up at any moment so I'll share my favourite photos of the week first and give you some updates below ...

Cadence is doing great!!!! She still at times wakes at night for a few moments but we are learning that sometimes she settles before we get to her ... I think that's a good thing! We have been having greater success at getting her dressed after the bath ... we allow for some play time before the 'night' routine, so she isn't associating diaper and pjs with immediate bed time ... which caused some battles last week! She is one clever little soul ... we have a step down to the powder room and laundry. Her first attempt was a face plant ... but now she gets there, goes right down on her belly and then successfully crawls down.
Nap times have been interesting ... they are still not consistent but at least she has them ... most days! Of course on Monday, she would have no part in it (cause I REALLY needed an hour to do a few things). Well, I thought I would just try putting her in her crib and close my eyes in the rocking chair ... the little stinker realized this was a good time to discover how much fun it is throwing her pillows and blanket out of the crib and then bounce up and down and laugh ... yes, mommy laughed too ... how can you not! She has also eaten dirt and dog bone crumbs ... the dirt she didn't enjoy ... the crumbs, well let's just say she has gone back for seconds!~ She has learned to give Winston his bones and is doing amazing things every day!
We are heading to my hometown this weekend to baptize Cadence and introduce her to the rest of the family ... we can't wait to see everyone, but really aren't too crazy about the drive ... wish us luck ... I WILL post upon return!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!