Monday, June 29, 2009


We took Cadence to her first feature length film yesterday ... given the weather it was a good option for us all! She was just adorable sitting up with her little tray of popcorn and juice on her lap ... so grown up! I could see a little of her dad in her too ... right at the point where she nodded off! Sean, actually managed to remain awake and alert for the show. Have to say, it was a sweet little movie that tugged at the heart strings and made you 'think'. Two thumbs up from this mom and dad team!

First Full Day

Saturday marked the first full day off for summer holidays and it couldn't have been more perfect ... the house was clean, the laundry done and the sun shone brilliantly (wish I could say the same of the days that followed!). Regardless, it is GREAT to be done with work and have nothing else to worry about except keeping Cadence busy and entertained ... a pleasure ... for the most part! Now ... bring on the weather ... PLEASE!!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tough Day ...

Today was a difficult one on many levels ... emotions were running high ... but of utmost difficulty was saying goodbye.  We said goodbye today to Sandy and Kylie who have taken such good care of Cadence over the last year and a half.  I can't thank them enough for ALL they have done for and with Cadence ... and secretly (or not so secretly) I know they let her get away with the same kinds of stuff mom and dad do ... she's just THAT cute and they love her that much too.   I realized today I didn't do a very good job of preparing Cadence for this ... she kept questioning why we were all crying and I know she doesn't get 'going to her new school' means not going to Sandy's anymore ... I'll work on that a bit over the summer.  Who knows, there will likely be a day or two this summer that I NEED a little break and I definitely know who to call!  Sadly, I brought the camera and took a couple of jumping castle photos, but too many emotions got in the way after that and well ... I just couldn't focus ... what can I say?!
I couldn't even use the photos I took ... thanks to Kylee for sending me some ... here's a few of them:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Hint about Sleep (or lack thereof!)

I have been holding back with respect to sleep issues since graduating to the big bed.  As a summation of what is to come;  there are good nights and not so good nights ... there are even BAD nights!  I will fill you in on the saga eventually, but I couldn't help sharing last night's 'statement'.  
Cadence went to her bed at about 9ish.  She chose a video over a story, which we let her do once or twice a week.  Sean was going to be late due to graduation and I had a million things to do to get ready for a staff party tomorrow so ... I was happy to let her choose a video ... assuming she'd be asleep in 30 minutes or so .... WRONG!!!!!!  At 10:00 she was still finding 'reasons' to be up and out of bed.  Sean got home shortly thereafter and laid with her for a bit and then left her to drift off.  That did not happen.  Best line thus far (at about 10:30 pm) ... "Mommy, Daddy's not spending time with me!" 
She is just toooooo much!  If she wasn't so darn cute and funny .... I'd throttle her (whatever that means ... but I know it's not good!).  More info to come on Cadence and sleep soon ... 'cause I know you are just dying to hear ALL about it!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Final Father's Day Post ...

There ... that's it ... enough with Father's Day already!
How long til Mother's Day?

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love Shirley's Even More!

Rather than try to fight the crowds for a Father's Day brunch or dinner out, Sean decided he'd rather go to one of our favourite restaurants on the 'eve' of Father's Day. Although we have taken Cadence here once already, we chose a weeknight, knowing it wouldn't be very busy ... I was a little nervous embarking on a Saturday evening adventure ... keep in mind, this is a place without highchairs or booster seats! As luck would have it, Cadence fell completely asleep within minutes of being in the car and showed no signs of waking when I took her out of the car seat ... but after a few prompts to "look at the water" and "can you see the fountain?", we were good to go!
Our girl surpassed our expectations ... for the most part!
Here she is colouring QUIETLY at the table:

Little Miss Independence INSISTED on buttering her own bun. I wasn't about to take on that fight here!

A rare shot of me and my girl:

Daddy and daughter on his night out:

Things went well until the dinner arrived. We ordered her favourite, coconut shrimp, but she wasn't happy when mommy got a plate of pasta, especially when the lady loaded it with shredded parmesan. A quick transference of pasta onto a salad plate, with the decorative rosemary branch, set the night back into peaceful harmony! Total time ... 1 minute, 30 seconds ... and no one got hurt!
Shirley's daughter was exceptionally great with Cadence. She stopped by to interact with her a couple of times and when Cadencee asked if she could dance (to the one man band), she gave the go ahead. AND then she took Cadence on a 'secret mission'! Talk about special treatment. Cadence came back with a plate HEAPED with 2 amazing desserts, which she claims she made for daddy. Actually, I guess she did get to decorate the plate! It was absolutely the sweetest thing and I love my favourite restaurant even more!
Here's Cadence enjoying the last bites of the dessert ... yum!

Father's Day Photos

Daddy wrote the post, but only mommy knows how to add pictures!
Today Cadence embarked on going it 'alone' with her new princess water wings. I am happy to say they held her up well!

Father and daughter hot tubbin' it:

Drying off in the sunshine:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

On Father's Day: A Post by Daddy!

My second Father's Day began with Cadence greeting me with a card featuring herself on the front!! Mother and daughter baked
cinnamon buns and we began our day with some chores in the yard. We ran a few errands around town and enjoyed the afternoon in the backyard. Cadence has become very comfortable in the pool and her new water wings have given her a little independence as well. We had a great salmon dinner and ended the day with a walk around the neighbourhood. I know Cadence will crash early and peacefully with all of the activity. Thanks Deb for a great day!!

Sean Kearney
Quest for Cadence Contribution #1

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Gymnastics Lesson

Today was Cadence's last gymnastics lesson. I had everything packed and ready to go ... the camera, a change of clothes for shopping, a water bottle ... I was ready! Just before we were called in Cadence and Lucy posed enthusiastically in their matching outfits, with a smile and all (very rare to capture) and ... guess what I forgot? ... the battery for the camera! So ... no photos for now! Luckily, Lori was there to save the day (once again!) with her camera ... photos to come soon! Next lessons: ball and dance ... should be interesting. I'm really branching out and tapping into my inner child these days!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Entertainer

As I was preparing dinner, I heard 'music' coming from the 'libingroom' ...

Where does she come up with this stuff?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Help Wanted!

Okay ladies ... those of you who read this and live outside of the Barrie area and have a Winners or HomeSense in your vicinity I am in need of your help! I am looking for the following bedding ...
The line is Hillcrest, I believe, and the name of the pattern is 'Chloe'. I am looking for the sheet set in a full size. If you find it, buy it and let me know ... I will send the cash and either pick up or pay for the shipping. Off to google it, just in case ...
Thanks ... maybe there will be a 'prize' for the winner!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today was Sean's birthday ... unfortunately with the first real nice day arriving ... there was MUCH work to be done! Poor guy didn't get much of a break ... neither did I for that matter!
I had great intentions ... baking a cake with Cadence and decorating it together but, once we got to the grocery store she had other ideas! There was a colourful cake with sprinklers and little ice cream cones on it in the bake area where we stop for cookies. She didn't even hesitate, "Mom, we gotta get that cake for dad!" and in the cart it went. In the end, it saved me some time better spent sprucing up the yard!
Here is Sean and Cadence from last night's birthday celebration at Uncle Jay's:

Cadence and her dad and 'the cake', which was suprisingly better than I expected!

I wonder if daddy liked the cake as much as Cadence did?

We hope you had a nice day daddy!!! We love you lots ...

Mom and Cadence

The Birthday Song

It's a little tricky to video tape and light candles and sing and help the 2 and a half year old carry the cake (who doesn't want your help!) Ah well, I managed to capture a little of it ...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

C in the City

We spent a lovely afternoon at Chris and Jay's enjoying some family time and a tasty BBQ ... thanks guys!!! Although the day started out a little grey and gloomy, the sun managed to show itself ... could summer really be on its way?
Cadence, who appears shy for about the first 10-20 minutes, decided she wanted her picture taken with everyone...
Cadence and Daisy:

Jay and Chris ... and Cadence:

Cadence and Rick:

Karen and Cadence:

Even the Frog got in the action:

We missed out on photos with Jeff and Martha and their new wee westie, Paisley ... next time!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

All Girl!

Cadence is turning out to be ALL GIRL (except for the caterpillar collection she is keeping!). I pulled the camera out to capture her statement, "Mom, I'm getting my nails done." ... of course there was no repeating it!
Today there was no camera, but I ask you to visualize: Cadence ready for 'work', grabs her big multicoloured floppy hat, a pair of large black 'shades' and .... her purse! I darn near fell on the floor ... what a sight to behold! She sure makes me smile ....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"This My Cousin"

It has been difficult to update over the last week+ ... daddy's been monopolizing the computer (it's report card writing time around here!). Thankfully things are getting back to normal ... and ... what's even better ... summer holidays are just around the corner!!!! I will finally be able to keep up with my blog friends ... I do tune in ( I just don't always have time to comment!).
Anyway, here are a few pics of Cadence with one of her cousins that she met for the first time ...
Off to the Park

Playing in the Sand

Learning to Ride

Tiptoeing Through Nonno's Garden

A Friendly Game of Bocci

It's so heartwarming to see Cadence interact with family ... I only wish there were more opportunities to do so! My heart just melts when she says, "I gotta play with my cousin!" ... she's too cute!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Strike a Pose ....

When I asked Cadence to 'pose' ... this is what she gave me:

Guess America's Next Top Model is out!
Regardless of her skills, or lack thereof ... I still think she's dang cute! Thanks Gratz for the great outfit ... it took a year but she's into it and just look at the headband! This was a first for Cadence ... she hasn't been big on wearing anything on her head ... thank goodness for the pigtails which held them in place!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This weekend Cadence and I were having a conversation about happy, sad and angry. I asked Cadence if she was happy or sad ... my smart little cookie replied, "I'm happy!' and truly, she is! I asked her why ... her response ... wait for it ....
''Cause you're my mommy!". It doesn't get ANY better than that!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our New 'Baby'

I've always wanted a Baby Grand (no, I don't play, but if I had one ... I'd learn ... quick!). This wasn't quite what I had in mind but ... it'll do ... for now!

She actually really seems into it ... I know ... it's a new toy!
She did say, "Mom, I love my new piano!" today after we got home ... who knows?

Check out the following video to see our musician hard at work ...

Our Wee Prodigy