Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Last Few Weeks ...

The last few weeks have been extremely busy. I don't really think I'll have time to share our 'stories' so I'm giving you the abridged, bullet style version with a few pics. I may come back to share any 'noteworthy' information. In the meantime, I'm sure this will give you an idea of what we've been up to since the last post so very long ago.

  • Baba came to visit
  • She enjoyed pool time with all her girls
  • Mommy took Baba to 'Paris' in Las Vegas
  • Mommy and Cadence took Baba back to her home and spent some time at the beach

  • A hint of a 'Linda Blair' episode (which are almost a daily occurrence)
  • The Kowalyk 'boys' came for a visit

  • Soccer skills continue ... maybe!

I will say, it was a great July ... far too short for my liking! I CANNOT believe August is here .... :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

FOUR Nights!

I am about to leave my baby for FOUR nights! Mostly I've gone on overnighters, maybe a couple of two nighters, but NEVER F.O.U.R!
Luckily she will be in the very capable hands of her daddy!

You have no idea how very much I will miss you both ... already counting down the days until I'm back! Be good while momma's gone and pray she hits the jackpot!
Love you two with all my heart!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dog Whisperer

A couple of weeks back we were dog sitting for family. Cadence pitched in to help out and did a FINE job, I might add!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer is in Full Swing!

It has undoubtedly been an AMAZING start to the summer! The weather has been 100% cooperative. We have been playing at the park, in the yard, in the pool and even at times indoors (including the very cool malls!). With all this great weather we have been living in our bathing suits which means WAY less laundry for mom!
Of course, sunscreen and hats are a must this time of year:

Someone thinks she's too hot for this blog:

My two rock stars gettin' down and splashin' around:

We can barely keep Cadence's head ABOVE water these days ... way to go BABY!!!

We were reminded yesterday though, that summer is so very, very short! Cadence received a letter in the mail ... from SCHOOL!

She has her first visit with the teacher scheduled and has an official start date! I was surprised and have to admit, I got quite choked up reading that letter out loud to Cadence. It's not the starting school that has me a bit emotional ... we are all ready for it ... I think it is the reality of how quickly time passes and how fast my baby is growing up! It probably didn't help that I had been going through tonnes of photos that morning either ...

With Baba's visit on the horizon and the fact that stores begin back to school sales in mid July, we had planned to go backpack and lunch bag shopping with Baba next week. Cadence has made it VERY clear that she wants Hannah Montana EVERYTHING!
Well ... sorry Baba ... found the perfect lunch bin today:

You can still come to pick out the backpack, but I must warn you, this girl knows what she wants! Sound familiar????

Sunday, July 11, 2010

COTM - Dad Life

This made me laugh ...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We did take Cadence downtown to the centre of the fireworks this year ... we were much braver with respect to the crowds!
Since we still have her stroller, we pulled it out (first time in over a year!) thinking it would be beneficial in aiding her to fall asleep on the walk back to the car. We couldn't have been more wrong though!
She enjoyed the band prior to the 'show'.

All dressed for bed ... but not ready ... not even close!

Despite the noise, she enjoyed watching the sky light up!

Her dad and I enjoyed watching her light up ... we NEVER tire of that!

Because She Said To ...

Cadence has been spending some reprieve time from the sun indoors doing her puzzles.
She finished these three and then told me:
"Mom, take a picture and put it on my blog."


Referralversary ...

We spent the day as a family, reflecting on the call we received 3 years ago. Wow, how life has changed!
Here is our girl today ... compare it to the referral pics on the right:

Cadence has truly become a wonderful little girl ... a long way from the baby we received. She is so full of spirit, knowledge and love. I couldn't ask for anything more!
Today, while playing in the pool, I mentioned that we needed to call some friends over sometime for her to play with. Without missing a beat she simply said, "No you don't mom ... I just need you and dad!". Just when you thought your heart couldn't get any fuller ...

To celebrate the referral we ordered in some food:

'Cheers to you' my beauty:

I didn't need this ... I have all the 'fortune' in the world:

Thank you China for the most wonderful, amazing child a parent could ever hope for ....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 Years Ago

Three years ago today we posted THIS .

It still brings me to tears ... happy tears!!!

The Power of Television

Cadence has been into watching 'people' shows, like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101.
These programs become part of our 'play' later.
Last week she watched some movie with Sean about a girl who is a swimmer.
Here is Cadence acting the part of 'Carissa', the swimmer:
She sure has improved her technique!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

From the 'Archives'

Okay ... they are really some of the pics that were on my other camera before the battery died. It's taken me this long (about a week) to finally put the battery back in and upload them ... hey ... I'm on holidays!

A Canada Day 'breakfast' ... compliments of daddy:

A Canada Day craft that went awry on account of someone not liking how she cut one side:

Our little soccer star modelling her new footwear ... she completely picked them out on her own:

An attempt at looking like Snow White (the current favourite princess), but not impressed with having to wear a headband:

Our big girl helping out with the pool cover ... "I CAN do it!":

Yeah ... she still likes 'make-up':

The finishing touches on Daddy's cake ... yes it is done:

Aren't you glad I don't post ALL of the pictures .... just imagine!

Happy Belated Canada Day!

We set out for the downtown, annual Promenade Days:

The place was CRAZY!!! Everyone was off work and it was the place to be:

We headed for a quieter spot, got some popcorn and chilled with the ducks:

Our plan to 'escape' and go to a park was foiled by an unanticipated nap:

After a quick one in the car, followed by the trip to the park (she wasn't letting go of that one!), we made a special dinner, complete with Canadian Key Lime pie:

Happy Birthday to Canada, Winston, Denise and Jody!!!!!!