Sunday, April 13, 2014


We have been growing AND cutting grass...

Playing cards in the dark...

And getting rid of the last of the snow!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A QUICK Catch Up...

Okay ... it's been awhile ... a LONG while!  I've had good intentions to catch up, but I'm facing reality ... not.gonna.happen!  The following are a few snapshots of the highlights from the past MONTHS!  It's the best I can do ...

My favourites from the Birthday/Christmas photo shoot.

Dressed up for Hero Day (Dr. K of Doctors without Borders) receiving a special recognition award for academics.  Way to go Cadence ... we are so very proud!

Despite the fact that we carried a puke bucket around for much of the holidays, we still managed to find the joy and spirit of the season.

For the winter that NEVER ended there was hockey and skating and sledding and LOTS and LOTS of the white stuff.

Sochi 2014
Go Team Canada!

Ya mon ... that's Jamaica

Cadence competed in her first of three gymnastics competitions.
A silver and two bronze ... Fantastic!

And now that spring has arrived, maybe, just maybe there will be more action here ... not making any promises ...