Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kicking Off Christmas ...

This weekend, Sean and I took Cadence to the annual Santa Claus parade. We bundled her up in snow pants, a parka, boots, mitts and a festive hat ... none of which made her too happy I might add! That is until we arrived at our destination! She hung out in her stroller for about 30 minutes ... as rookies, we arrived a little too early considering our location ... and could hear her giggling her head off. She was having a blast watching a little boy kick snow onto the street ... simple pleasures!
She absolutely loved the snow and was very attentive to the parade ... waving and clapping ... it was pure joy to watch her!

On another note, she has broken out all over her chin with something ... doesn't seem to bother her, but it looks terrible and it is definitely bothering me! Although we have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Tuesday, I couldn't wait and attempted to take her to a clinic today ... only to be too late ... they shut down early due to the volume of waiting patients ... great! So, tomorrow I will try to get her in and see what we're dealing with ... hopefully nothing too serious.

Here are some photos of the festivities ...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday Party #2!

Cadence awoke in a very cheerful mood on her official birthday and sported her Kate Spade official Chinise birthday hat to catch as many good wishes as possible. She had visitors and enjoyed some new toys! Thank you Grant, Gwen and Colleen.
Sean and I planned to take her to a great kid friendly and active spot for dinner ... and we did but ... things did not go as planned ... imagine that! After sitting there with a 1 year old for 15 minutes with not a glance our way, we got up and left ... couldn't even find anyone to take our menus and complain too! We then went to East Side where we had drinks and crayons within 5 minutes! I'll be on the phone today ... that's quite unlike me, but I feel compelled to let the establishment know of our disappointment! Cadence enjoyed her crustless grilled cheese and french fries immensely and enjoyed hamming it up with the staff and patrons ... she's a charmer for sure!
AND on this very momentus occasion, I took a moment to reflect on Cadence's birth day and the mother who gave her and us life ... THANK YOU!
Do enjoy some more photos ... 2 days in a row ... impressive huh????

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cadence Turns ONE!!!!!!

It is just surreal to accept that my 'baby' turns ONE today! We had a little family celebration for her yesterday and mommy and daddy are taking her out for dinner tonight. Outside of persistent sleep 'issues', she continues to amaze and amuse us on a daily basis! She is really beginning to walk ... taking up to 8 steps! Now, she won't do this amazing feat if asked to perform on command ... she waits patiently until she thinks we aren't watching! She is one smart cookie! Due to her 'electronic' addictions, Sean and I decided to buy her a little laptop for her birthday. The one that mostly resembled the real thing was designed for 4+ years, but better she bang on those keys than ours! The little monkey has mastered the on button and even entered a 'name' ... at least KKK was kind of close to her initials! She absolutely LOVES cake ... wish I had time to upload the video .. it is hilarious!
You will have to settle for the still photos ...
Photos and details of our dinner out will be posted at a later date!

A little 'cheerleading' for daddy's favourite team ...

"I know there is cake somewhere underneath all this stuff!"


"Oooh ... I have mail!"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Night on the Town ...

Cadence was invited out for some fine dining to celebrate Auntie Karen's birthday. She discovered she enjoys yummy crab cakes, drinking water from a goblet and that she draws a chuckle from the crowd when she sticks arrowroots in her mouth lengthwise. All this activity makes for a tired young lady ...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Shots

Although we did dress Cadence up, we didn't have the nerve to head out into the neighbourhood ... it was quite windy and cool, Winston was driving us NUTS and we didn't want to be mistaken as a ridiculous couple who dress their kid up so THEY can score some candy ... 'cause it's obvious SHE"S not going to be eating any!
Anyway, next year we may have to dress her up as Dracula to showcase her tooth ... the one she chipped last night ... yep ... that's a whole other story for a whole other day! SIGH!!!