Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 AM

She is like clockwork!

We are finally at a place where Cadence goes to sleep well!

If only she would stay asleep! Every night/morning ... we hear the pitter patter of little feet and feel the snuggle of our girl crawl in between us. Can't say I mind ...

Monday, October 26, 2009


Sean and I, plus Cadence, plus Olivia, plus Alyssa ... OVER NIGHT ... Now that's a Survivor episode!
I'm happy to report that we ALL survived ... I think we even had fun!

We're not idiots ... the name of the game was 'action' and LOTS of it!

Two happy girls ready for the 'playground':

And the fun didn't stop here ...

Survivor: Part 2

Baking cookies:

The morning after:

The clean up crew:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Field Trip!

Cadence went on our yearly fall excursion today ... without us!
Here's our little pumpkin ready for the pumpkin patch:

Sitting in her cubby waiting for the bus:

She's already a typical kid and it's only her first bus ride!

Proud as a pumpkin!

A place of honor ... for now!

Poor little thing ... it poured like crazy! From what I hear, though, the kids had a ball playing in the rain and MUD ... yay ... I have one dirty little load of laundry to do I can tell you ... tomorrow (or the next day!)>

Been Busy ...

Full time work, motherhood, night classes and just LIFE has me spinning! Although I have been lax about posting here, I have managed to keep up with photos ...
ARRRR! I picked up a pirate from school one day:

Mornings are ... well, a little stressful at times. Running after Cadence with a brush and elastics in hand gets my goat ...
running late, getting the shoes on and then discovering someone has to go ... deep breaths!!! Good thing someone, who is obsessed with washing her hands is so independent!

Some mornings, when things are moving along as scheduled we get to have a little fun!

She really thinks she's hilarious!

Her mother tends to agree!!!

Despite the craziness and stress we somehow manage to get where we need to, almost when we need to!

AND, my dear Cadence, I can't even begin to tell you how, after a hard day, how very happy I am to see you! Picking you up from school is by far the highlight of my day! Sometimes it's the first smile I crack after a long day! I can only hope you get to feel the joy I feel one day! I couldn't imagine life without you ...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Phots

Not a whole lot to share I'm afraid! It was an extremely busy week for me ... my new course started and much to my surprise and chagrin, a weekend component was added. So, I spent much of the week prepping and the weekend leading ... daddy got to do dance and gymnastics and spend some quality time with his daughter. His words, "It was a treat!". I'm glad for that!

The weather was quite favourable so we did spend as much time as possible outside ... we need to take full advantage of what little time is left!

(Best couple of bucks I've spent: crown, tutu and wings.)

Today in the car without thinking/realizing it, I happened to mention something about "all the sh!t in my car". Cadence asked, "What sh!t?" Time to turn up the filter on my brain!

(Best kiss blower ... ever!)

GREAT!!! It's ten to eleven and Winston is puking! I haven't had a break ALL weekend!

Thank goodness I have this face and these hands to make me smile ...

All dressed and ready to paint!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sleep Talk

Over the last 6 months, we've come to realize that Cadence talks in her sleep. Given that her room is across the hall, I hadn't been able to make out any of what she says ... until the other night!
She cried out and then said, "It's MY ponytail and I like it!"
Yep, we've been reading Robert Munsch's Stephanie's Ponytail ... she's knows every word of it ... even in her sleep!
What a pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giving Thanks!

For family and friends:

We 'girls' headed out for a night on the town ... dinner, drinks and even DANCING!!! Go Orangemen! There were definitely a LOT of laughs to be had ... including one at my expense. Let it be known, cover sticks do NOT make great lipstick!

For food and fun and fantasy:

"Cheers" to a great dinner! Everyone contributed to a fabulous meal that we were all able to enjoy together. Cadence and Olivia had their own special seats ... they are such big girls now!

The crowns and tutus were the best $2 spent on the girls yet! They danced and spun and played 'princess' ... it kept them entertained long enough to get the dishes done!

For health and longevity:

One of our visitors is having a BIG birthday tomorrow...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA!!! We are so glad we got to celebrate with you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Little Ladybug ...

When I picked Cadence up from daycare yesterday, she wasn't quite herself! She had been transformed into a lovely ladybug.
By the time we got home from the grocery store in the rain (yes I took her out like that!) she looked ... proudly I might add ... like this:

I didn't mention to the girls that we were heading to the 'theatre' later, to hear storytelling by Robert Munsch! After much bargaining ... she let me wash her face. Here's 'crabby joe' ready to go:

She really wasn't crabby at all ... it's just a little face game we play.
Cadence enjoyed the show and was a great participant. She chimed in and did all of the actions ... personally, I was just glad she stayed awake! She was a little disappointed though ... "I didn't get a turn!" ... to go on stage ... hmmmmm!

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bumble Bee Song and Stage Show

Cadence is becoming quite the performer ... of course this is shortly before bedtime ... I'm onto her!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Round up

Fall has arrived with a vengeance ... cold, dreary, rainy ... did I mention COLD!!!! It feels like we went from shutting off the pool heater to turning on the furnance, and from shedding the swimsuits to donning the toques! Actually I think that's exactly how fall has arrived! Luckily, I had hats and tights and gloves ready for my girl, who definitely needed them! I even took my 'motherly advice' to the school yard, sending dozens of children inside for long sleeve shirts at the very least ... me ... I had been wearing my coat INSIDE!!! Yeah ... it's been that cold!
On Friday, Sean and Cadence and I went to meet 'Baby Jacob' and shower him with good wishes. It was a nice opportunity to enjoy some socializing with Sean's staff, to meet the little man and for Cadence to have some play time with Emily and Sarah.
Cadence was quite taken with the baby and was given the opportunity to hold the little guy ... guess who forgot to bring a camera!!!! Crap! I know someone got a shot ....
Saturday we were on the move: groceries, gymnastics, Costco ... our usual routine. Then it was home for a short nap before the theatre. We purchased season's tickets to all the children's live productions ... front row nonetheless! Yesterday was the first play: Pidgeon Party.
This is Cadence trying to avoid getting her photo taken in her dress:

And this is her 'modeling' in her new dress:

Hamming it up before we head out:

All dressed up with somewhere to go:

We enjoyed the play ... well we enjoyed watching Cadence enjoy the show! Wednesday we head to hear Robert Munsch ... hope he can sustain her attention!

Today, we enjoyed a Ukrainian mass at our church ... although it was VERY lengthy, it was a really nice mass ... beautiful music! The remainder of the day was spent getting outside each time the rain stopped to clean up the yard and get stuff put away ... oh and to bike ride!

Looking forward to next weekend ... a three day one ... woohoo!!!