Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Wee Getaway

Outside of our trip north for 'the wedding', we mostly 'staycationed' so ... we took off for a wee getaway to our nation's beautiful capital.  We had an amazing time and definitely plan to return soon!

The lunch spot that took forever to find!
(FYI ... there was a covered picnic table area, but it was a bit chilly on this particular day!)

Patio time in the market!

One way to bring out a big smile!

Hotel bed jumping !!!

There was no need for Daddy Daycare, but the sign made us chuckle.

The FABULOUS Mosaika sound/light show ... NOT to be missed!

Love the IMAX!

All things beautiful ...

Museum of Civilization

Changing of the guards

Museum of Nature

Fear ... not!

Navigating the icy waters!

My mounted police gal!

The Musical Ride Training Centre

The ride home ....

We also enjoyed Beavertails, many meals on Market patios and meeting up with our resort friends ... looking forward to returning and checking out some of the other sights!  Oh Canada ... our home and native land.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Continued

Once we got into the routine of summer ... sleeping in, chillin', staying up late ... we got down to some action!
A trip north, the wedding, a great visit with Baba, hanging around, fishing, bug catching, beautifying, beaching it, a 'lion safari', dinners out and under the tent, fair rides and movies, were some of the activities that kept us busy for the second part of the summer.  How we hate to see it end .....