Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess Gets a Pedicure

Cadence experienced her first real 'spa' pedicure. I can't believe I waited this long to include her!
She was very patient, entrigued and full of endless questions as mom got done. She even got to sit
in the little rolly chair like the 'girl'. We tried her out in the spa 'throne' but her wee little legs wouldn't reach!
She was one happy little princess I can tell ya ...

Unfortunately, there was a little melt down once we got home ... Miss Cadence insisted on trying out her new princess shoes (#5) which fudged her pedicure ... pour little 'sole'!
It was money well spent!


Okay, Baba ... start making your packing list and pulling things out of Auntie Jen's suitcase ... we are booked! Small change: for a few dollars more I took an upgrade and went with the Paris instead of MGM (supposedly nicer, more central, across from Bellagio). I think I'm excited!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vegas Baba?????

Gotta book by tomorrow so ... if you are seeing this, you better contemplate over the next 4 hours, 'cause I'll be calling tonight to get your answer and passport information!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dance 'Recital'

Here's my little dancer doing her routine. I think she did pretty well for a wee one. She did miss the last class, which may explain her participation (or lack thereof) in the ending ... I'm just sayin'...

Sean and I now have to ask Cadence permission to use her washroom. She always asks us the nature of our 'business'. Depending on our answer, her response is either, "Yes" or "Turn the fan on when you're done". She cracks me up!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Daddy enjoys the simple, ordinary things in life ...
Cadence wanted to make a cake for his Father's Day. She had it completely planned out. Not my choice, or daddy's, but that's part of letting go of some of the control I guess! Seems like I have less and less control these days ...

Measure and pour:

Cherries ... in the middle:

Cream ... everywhere:

Cadence gave daddy his much needed sandals last night so he'd have something decent to wear. Today, she prepared the card and gave him a little book and homemade present:

We made, well ... daddy actually grilled the dinner himself. As I shared, he likes the simple things. We simply had a great family dinner ... in the dining room ... cause it WAS a special day, for a special dad!


Father's Day Eve

In an effort to avoid 'crowds' we chose to celebrate our Father's Day a bit early.
We got dressed up:

Showed off our pedicures:

And headed to our favourite place:

Soooo many yummy choices:

Another possible career choice for Miss C - photography:

Or modelling:

Thank you daddy for a lovely evening ....

Tiny Dancer

Last weekend was Cadence's final dance class for the spring session. She shows a lot of promise! And she's pretty dang cute too:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Under the Big Top

On Saturday, mommy had a surprise for Cadence:

We were heading to the circus!

We saw:
* lovely ladies with lots of talent:

*death defying acts:

*enormous elephants:

*clever canines:

*steadfast stallions:

But what did we really go to the circus for??????
The COTTON CANDY apparently!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Can't Imagine ...

what the the teen or tween years are going to be like! I have had MANY glimpses already and it is NOT pretty. At this point it is actually a little comical ... just a little mind you!
Yesterday, for example, Cadence got upset and threw a little fit (literally now that I think of it!). Her colouring was not perfect so she threw the crayon which led to the immediate end of colouring time ... there are consequences in this home!
She followed me up the stairs and told me, "I just want to be all alone, by myself!".
She proceeded to go into her room and close the door. She came out 2 minutes later to tell us, "I don't even want anyone to walk by my bedroom 'cause I just want privacy!". Knock yourself out!
A minute later she followed up with, "I don't even want Winston to walk by my bedroom because I want to be by myself ... okay?!". Okay, girl who NEVER wants to be alone! I know your game!
In the next minute she was back looking for another location for 'privacy'. She ended up the closet, beside the chair I was sitting in ... funny girl!

This morning she responded to something I said with 'Okay mother' with the appropriate or should I say, not so appropriate tone. Where did that come from?

Oh she keeps me on my toes this one ... this spunky, adorable, funny, cheeky, absolutely lovable girl of mine!

PS: Please tell me this is normal 3 year old behaviour ....

Happy Birthday ...

To the BEST Daddy in the world!

Cadence addressed and signed the card herself! She is totally into printing and 'math' right now!

At this age, you don't necessarily get what you want ... but it is necessary to get what you need!

The birthday boy and his best girl ... I'm okay with that ... it is how it should be!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Sorting 101

Bath time often leads to crazy behaviour:

The bucket on the head is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The bath acts as a complete stimulus for Cadence, leading to dancing, singing, karate, stage shows, gymnastics, streaking ... you name it, if it involves being silly ... she's up for it! As a rule, we try for as early a bath time as possible, followed by some 'calming' activities.

Today's choice ... sorting!
We had 500 hair elastics to sort by colour:

We got the job done, calmed down the kid and knocked one more item off the list!

All is right with the world ... for now ... at least in our house!

Monday, June 7, 2010

BUSY Weekend !!!

We thought our calendar was pretty full this weekend: dance, a 40th, swimming, a first communion and then before the weekend arrived a visit from old friends was added. We weren't quite sure we could manage it all ... who were we kidding!? It was awesome ...
Here are our girls enjoying the pool, despite the cooler temperatures this weekend:

Getting some reprieve in the hot tub:

Thanks for bringing the dinner guys...cheers:

We are so VERY glad that you included us in your plans ... it has been far too long! Your children are absolutely lovely. We enjoyed every minute of our short visit ... see you soon????

Tiny bubbles in the air:

Children snacking everywhere:

Oh yeah, this was all about Uncle Dave turning FORTY ... our condolences:

And congratulations to Grant who made his first communion. We followed the rules and didn't take any pictures at the church ... or any where else for that matter ... except at the beauty shop:

Aren't they sweet?
The pink nail polish spill on the bed spread ... not so much!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

She Hasn't Officially Even Started Yet ...

This morning's first conversation went like this:

Cadence: Mom, is there 9 days of school left?
Me: No ... there's 17.
Cadence: That's a lot! I like weekends.

Me too kid, me too!
This was not the time to tell her she's going to summer school ... only one day a week, but still ...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Man Band

I caught a little bit of Cadence and Sean's performance ... she doesn't like the 'mammarazzi' much!
I hope you can make out a little of her 'assertiveness'. Isn't that polite of me?

Paying the Sitter

As shared previously, we also went out on Friday evening and tried out a new 'sitter' with GREAT success. She's a lovely young lady, a daughter of a good friend, not toooo far from our home, will likely be in business for 2-3 years, likes to play house, school, colour and will watch children's videos! We are grateful to have found another great kid to rely on!

On Saturday, Cadence enjoyed a sleepover at Auntie Marnie and Uncle Dave's with her cousins. She particularly enjoyed her bed beside Olivias ... she did NOT sleep on the floor! An air mattress does not mean one sleeps on the floor ya know ... just ask Miss Smartie Pants.

She had a great time, although she apparently put her shoes on in the morning, "cause her mom was coming to pick her up." Thanks again O family ... we were able to enjoy a nice leisurely meal with friends ... it had been a while.

Saturday's sitters got thanked by an invitation for a swim on yet, another hot day ... keep 'em coming!