Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Show

Last week, Cadence's class presented some poems and songs on the theme 'snow'.
They did a fantastic job!
Sean was able to be freed up to attend as well, thanks to some amazing colleagues!
Our little peanut was front and centre ... we ALL were just so excited!
Afterwards we went back to the classroom to check out some pretty awesome school work!
Well done my darling!

Lofty Goals

Today Cadence announced that instead of being an artist, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
I asked her what kind of doctor she'd like to be.
Her response: Which kind makes the most money????

I think she has a solid grasp of math!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

V Day Pics

Reading ... yes, READING her cards!!!! Check out that look of concentration. I actually have to delete some of my texts these days ... there are things she shouldn't be reading!

Daddy sure knows how to win this girl's heart ....

Mommy's trinkets got some smiles too!

Dressed and ready for the day!

Today's meals: heart pancakes, heart sandwich and yes, even heart shaped spaghetti!

Yummy ....

and good,

to the last string!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Fabulous Family Day Festival!

We hightailed it up north, I think we even beat the big yellow 'taxis' out of the school parking lot, for our fourth annual Family Day weekend with friends and, of course, family!
Everyone enjoyed a great dinner ... catching up and hanging out.

After eating wings, some of us became 'winged' creatures! There was chicken dancing alright!

What goes up ....

Must come down!

Pausing and/or resting for a photo op:

Blades of steel:

The adults even enjoyed some fun and games of their own!

A GREAT BIG thank you to our hostests with the mostest, Di and the Farrell Family. We had a ball and look forward to Family Day Festival #5!

Monday, February 13, 2012


How cliche to reflect on that big ole four letter word on this, Valentine's Day.
Call it cheesy ...

I love summers. I love shoes. I love sipping on red wine with my gals. I love a good book or a great movie. I love dressing up and going out to dinner. I love going home for Christmas. I love to travel. I love pasta and thai food. I love shopping. I love my husband. I love bling! I love candlelight. I love my dyson. I love heated seats. I love taking photos and developing them. I love a great deal! I love long weekends. I love my home. I love roller coasters. I love the colour red. I love cozy fleece pajamas. I love to entertain. I love Shirley's caesar salad. I love working right around the corner from my home. I love Bon Jovi. I love completely!

I love, love, love my beautiful, precious, most wonderful gift ... CADENCE. She is the light that shines within me.

I love her sense of humour. I love her deep husky voice. I love feeling her little arm around me in the middle of the night. I love her curiousity and her need to know EV.RY.THING! I love her fierce independence. I love how she can (and often does) rationalize and get her way ... most of the time! I love her dimples. I love that she wants to save her every cent and spend every one of mine. I love when she dances naked. I love her little toots! I love the way she reads with expression. I love carrying her to bed everynight, our arms 'round each other tight. I love the way she says good night daddy. I love when she growls ... kinda! I love her big brown eyes. I love how she wants to help. I love her fiesty spirit. I love EVERYTHING about my daughter. I love beyond anything I thought possible. She IS love.


Hard to believe we could see grass and the pool, just days before!
It made a certain someone pretty happy!

Hooray for snow!!!
Okay, that's enough ... bring on summer!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nice Try!

In an effort to prolong the bedtime routine recently, Cadence announced she "needed to pray the rosary".
Nice try kid!
She got one Hail Mary.

Sunday, February 5, 2012