Monday, December 17, 2012

Time is Flying ...

Wow ... the holidays are almost here!  It has been a busy few weeks and ... once again, I am behind in this blog thing ... although, I believe my one faithful reader won't really mind much as long as there are updates every so often ... right mother????

Anyway, here in their sideways glance are the photos that were rejected for the Christmas card.  I actually like them (and they are right side up on iPhoto by the way!).  The problem was they looked blurry when I formatted the card so ... y'all got something else, something not so Christmasy.  She's lookin' dang cute don't you think!  These were taken on the morning of her 6th birthday by the way.  She sure is growing up .....

And these are the action shots from Cadence's holiday recital.  We didn't have very good seats ... someone forgot the day the sale started ... We ended up in the nosebleed section.  Good thing I brought my big lens!

We did have snow for about 2 days and my little bear pitched in to help!  It is currently raining and I don't mind one bit!  Sure would like to make it north BEFORE the snow really flies.  Sadly, flurries and squalls are predicted for the 3 days we've targeted as possible travel dates .... good grief!

Congratulations to our French Award winner for November.  Bravo Cadence ... we are so proud of you!

Cadence participated in the Advent celebration as a reader;  she was one of the 'Believers'.  She also managed to get in on the choir action.  It was a lovely evening to enjoy some community school spirit.

I'll save the rest for another day ... soon ... real soon!  Before you know it, there will be Santa photos!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Not a Minute to Spare!

There was a lot planned for this weekend ... too much in fact, that someone actually had to send her regrets to a couple of birthday invitations.  

Things kicked off with one of our most special visitors, Didi, and dinner out ... YAY!!!
Saturday began with our usual routine, gymnastics, but was followed by a birthday party for a friend at BP.  Pizzas and sundaes and crafts ... oh my!

And then ... the organized chaos ensued!
Our cousins arrived and the traditional Christmas festivities began...

The girls got started with their gingerbread houses under the supervision of Auntie Marnie,

while Uncle Dave worked on the tree with mommy's trusty assistant!

Some busy elf, made sure dinner was cooked and drinks were continuosly shaken, stirred and poured!
The girls did a fabulous job of decorating their homes and EVERY elf pitched in to ensure the tree was beautifully 'trimmed'.

The elves were fed, the kitchen was cleaned and Christmas entertainment (The Grinch and Charlie Brown) were provided.  A few elves, who will remain nameless, managed to enjoy some time in the tub with a stogie.

On Sunday, our tired little elf was up early for her dress rehearsal, followed later in the afternoon with the recital.  Once again she rocked the show!

We are so proud of our tiny dancer!

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas ...
And we can't wait!

Thank you again ... all you little elves!  We could not have managed without you!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Before the Snow Flies!

I had planned to have Cadence put on her dance recital costume this summer and go in search of interesting 'venues' for some photos.  Summer came and went.  Fall came and went.  We got a couple of days last week where the weather was uncharacteristically warm so ... we threw on the tutu and took a few pics.

Not exactly what I had planned but good for a last minute effort don't you think?

By the time we got out of 'work' things had cooled down, but Cadence braved it and was mostly cooperative ...

You just might see one of these on the traditional Christmas photo card!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And Then She Was SIX!

Cadence's birthday weekend began with the Santa parade.  We enjoyed some prime real estate to see the big guy in red, followed by a roll down the hill, some night time park action and finally, festive fireworks!  Then the gang  joined us at the house for chili, dogs and cake.  There was a lot of noise and excitement leading up to the midnight birthday!

The next morning we let our tired little birthday girl sleep in before whisking her off for photos.  Forgot to take the pre photo pics this year :-(  She had some quiet time with her new BFF before the big party.

Cadence chose a gymnastics theme this year.  The children all got to try out the equipment and mom was allowed a whole 10 minutes on the floor for a few photos.  I am totally serious.  There was pizza, cake, presents and some 6 year old silliness to boot ... it was super!

Cadence we enjoy watching you grow each and every day.  You bring us more joy than you will EVER know.  We are sooooo very proud of the beautiful girl you are, inside and out.  We are the luckiest parents EVER!  Love you to the moon and back peanut ....
                                 Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Pick It Up ...

The big camera has been collecting dust lately.
It is time to pick it back up and resume 'action' ... soon, I hope!
Til then ... a few from the 'archives'.

Every single one of these, makes me smile .....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

The rain did NOT dampen the 'spirits'!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Much ...

to be thankful for ...

The BIG things:

The little things:
goodnight hugs
a short walk/drive to work
tunics that cover
chai latte
sleep ins with my girl
red wine
Hot'n Ready

This year we were thankful mom was able to visit.  It was a great weekend ...