Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007


Oh yeah ... summer holidays have officially begun! Time to put the pencils down and pick up a tumbler filled with an icy cold beverage instead! I did have the option to continue my adult education teaching position but ... why ruin a good thing like
summer with work??? I am looking forward to relaxing, catching up on some reading, cleaning out some closets and cupboards and of course, to top it off ... a long awaited referral! There was much better news on that front from RQ today ... cut off dates being mentioned somewhere between the 10th (us) and the 17th. I guess next week will be a bit more telling ... maybe, just maybe even a phone call! Stay tuned ....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Temper Tantrum ....

That is what you will see me have if the latest rumour of another 2 day batch comes to fruition!!! Once again ... I absolutely refuse to believe that the CCAA will only get through 2 days ... of course, I have been wrong before!!! I'm heading over to the cussing thread on the RQ forum .... feel free to join me!

Baby Gifts!!!

After my bitch session yesterday, my husband came home with a few teacher gifts ... wine ... always a welcome addition to the home AND a gift for 'the baby'! Isn't that sweet??? It makes this journey feel more real (although a number of kids gave him
baby gifts last year too ... but, we won't go there will we?!). I really need to hear some news soon!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rumour, Rumour ... Where For Art Thou?

It is almost the end of the month ... rumours should be running rampant ... but, alas, not a word! Okay, maybe there was a little peep, but nothing substantial. What IS being reported, is that July referrals will probably go out a little later than usual ... OF COURSE!!! ... it is most likely OUR month! You know, I just can't seem to get a break ... every time we almost get there ... there's another delay. I know I should be feeling excited and full of anticipation, but to be honest at this very moment I am feeling a bit grumpy. I'm tired. I'm tired of waiting. Tired of being patient. Tired of telling people when. Tired of being wrong. A lot. Tired of things not working out. I could go on ... but I won't.
Your welcome!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Not One, But TWO!

Well, since the first sighting and BITING of the ladybug about a month ago, there has been nothing ... until today and yesterday that is. I have had 2 sightings on 2 consecutive days! For the first time, I really feel these ones are meant for me ... could our referral actually be close at hand? Perhaps our file has been matched over these two days with the child that is meant to be for us ... a virtual conception if you will! Oh the anticipation of it all ... how will I make through these next couple of weeks????
Oh yeah ... the list!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on the weekend ....

Friday was our final 'wine club' meeting, of which I am VP of Operations. We (more than) sampled a wide variety of vintages, enjoyed stimulating, intellectual conversations and feasted on a delicate blend of meat and cheeses (aka, pizza and wings).
We ARE a refined group, aren't we?!
Saturday I enjoyed the day with my adorable niece ... hitting the park and the crib! She was an angel the entire day. Here is a
shot of the 'cousins' after nap time ...

Now I'm off to get some ice and nets ... having the ball hockey team over for a little banquet and a 'friendly' game of water polo!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome Summer!

At approximately 2:00pm summer officially arrived! Too bad my summer holidays haven't!!! As always, I am anxious for them to begin ... this year more than ever! Two weeks ... give or take a few days ... and we SHOULD have news ... finally! Funny, I recall, and could probably scroll back over the past two months, and read the very same predictions ... let's hope this time is different! Of course, as could be expected there will be some 'issues' with getting a referral in early July. As I feared, our social worker is on holidays from the 7th to the 14th ... yes ... I AM on top of things. AND as luck would have it ... so is his replacement!!!! Tell me how that works?! I am awaiting word from him as to who our go-to person might be should the referral arrive within the timeframe he is out of town ... truth be told ... I'm a little stressed about it! I do have a plan, should our family doctor be away during that time ... which I expect, given that he has young children. And so, the ball is in motion ...
I am almost prepared ... almost!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Feeling Like Myself Again ...

Last week was a particularly hectic week. I had an 'event' or 'committment' EACH day and in some cases more than one. I just felt like I was running here and there, leaving my home and life in utter chaos. Aside from that I could no longer stand to look at myself in the mirror ... the greys were overtaking the mop on top of my head and the bangs ... well, they were driving me NUTS!!!
Today, things are pretty much back to normal. The yard is almost done, the laundry caught up, had a massage last night (long overdue!), it is the last night for my course AND getting my hair done on the weekend has brought back some of my youth ... okay, that's stretching it, but I am feeling a little fresher looking!
I will now have a few nights free to do stuff for me ... get back to walking, start getting those things done on my 'list' and catching up on some reading. Need I remind you, I will actually have free DAYS and nights in less than two weeks??? No ... I didn't think so!

I expect we will start to hear some rumblings with respect to 'referral rumours' next week ... can you believe we are already more than half way through the month?! Things should start heating up soon and getting this blog back on track with respect to its intended topic. Pretty soon, I imagine that is all you will hear about! Of course, that is why you are here ... right?

Monday, June 18, 2007


to BIL (brother in law) Dave ...

who got the call today for ...

What patience we have all had to endure over the past couple of years ... but how great it is to get there ... finally!

We are very proud of you!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Almost Finished Project

We worked really hard today at trying to make the backyard look presentable ... we're getting there ...

To All the Dads and Dads To Be ... including Sean!

Okay, so I must confess ... I thought Father's Day was last weekend ... even gave Sean the card and gifts! I was halfway through a post when I realized I was off by a week. Oh well, at least Sean got to enjoy some of the fringe benefits ... after all he is a father to be ... soon!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Big One Off 'The List'

Well ... we're considering this one done ...

Of course, WE, really didn't do anything (except write the big, fat cheque!). And, there is some follow up to consider ... fixing up the grass and doing a teeny, tiny bit of landscaping with the teeny, tiny bit of land that is actually left, but we do have most of the summer for that!
Looking forward to the first cool plunge on a sizzlin' hot day ... ahhh ... can't wait!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ode to Sean!

Sean, Sean ... he's quite nifty,
Somedays though, a little thrifty.
Today, however ... the boy is _________!

Then and now pictures to be added later .... the boy took the computer this morning!
Join me in wishing him well ........

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Money Pit!

Not much to write about lately. There has been a fair bit of progress on the cement pond ... and lots of green stuff flying out
of my wallet! We had some guy with two teeth and two big tattoos (that weighed all of two pounds!) show up at our house to
replace the posts for the fence ... apparently he was also planning to put the fence together. Had we known that we wouldn't have had, the other guy come out to give us a quote on the rest of the jobs. Tattoo guy wanted a fair bit of money for four posts and a support between our house and our neighbours I'll tell ya. And apparently, he also took a heck of a cash grab from my neighbours ... I'm going to need to do some serious investigation! Then, today, for the first time since the construction began, I forgot to turn on my phone ... well at 2:30 when I realized it, there was a frantic message from the pool company looking to get at our fence panels so they could get it up for the 'inspection'. Yeah ... some advance communication would have been nice ... we could have had OUR, most likely cheaper guy, do it last night! If tattoo guy came back for that ... I'll be needing to remortgagek, no doubt!
So, it looks like tomorrow they may inspect, drop the liner and fill 'er up ... yahoo!!!! Of course, we still need the electrician to
hook up the panel .... hmmm, I've heard some rumblings about that guy too. Stay tuned for the saga ... as for me, right now ... chillin' with a glass of red! I need it, I want it, I can't wait for alllllll this to be done!
As for the Cadence story ... my mind is racing ... I need a quiet night to process and share with you all. Maybe on the weekend while I'm 'lounging'! Good night y'all ........

Monday, June 11, 2007

We have cement !

Who knew cement could spark such excitement?!

Chances of swimming by the end of the week??? I give it an R3 and a half!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Knew It!

This was my horoscope for the day ...

Okay, maybe 'imaginative' might be a stretch!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Updated Sidebar ...

I took some time this morning ... an avenue to procrastinate the inevitable ... household chores ... and updated my sidebar.
All blogs should now be up to date! You can enjoy some of the new referrals and get an idea of what is to come for us! I was
also thrilled to discover, one of my favourite bloggers, Elsie, is back! She has a fresh new site but I am sure she will continue
to provide an honest, candid and introspective view on her international adoption experience. She tells it like it is and I respect that!
As for the cement pond out back ... there has been SOME action. The 'boys' have framed the cement patio area and I am EXPECTING the cement to be poured Monday! I have been assured that they will be finished by the middle of next week ... weather pending of course! Of course, we experienced some WILD weather on Friday, but all looks clear so far for next week.
I'm a realist ... not expecting completion by the middle of the week ... Friday would be ACCEPTABLE!!! Anyone care to wager a guess????

Friday, June 8, 2007

What Does My Birthday Mean?

This is, apparently what MY birthday says about me:

You are a cohesive force - able to bring many people together for a common cause.
You tend to excel in work situations, but you also facilitate a lot of social gatherings too.
Beyond being a good leader, you are good at inspiring others.
You also keep your powerful emotions in check - you know when to emote and when to repress.

Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years
Your weakness: Wearing yourself down with too many responsibilities
Your power color: Crimson red
Your power symbol: Snowflake
Your power month: September

Hmmm ... very interesting!!!! Care to comment????? Care to hear MY comments?
If you'd like to know what you're birthdate means go to

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Straight From the Horse's Mouth ...

or so to speak. The China Centre for Adoption Affairs has now updated their website:

Okay, now that we are over that we can move on to next month ... JULY! This should be our month ... only 3 days of LIDs to cover to include us. Is it probable that we will receive our referral in about 4-5 weeks? ... yes! Is it possible we won't? ... also, yes! I would say we have a very, very good chance, however let's keep in mind the 2 day disappointment, not to mention from time to time, the one or two families who find themselves skipped for unknown reasons...wouldn't that just be our luck! In the meantime ... THANK YOU to all our friends and family, those we know personally and those we don't, who have been following
our blog and sending encouraging and hopeful messages (and those who don't but who I know are sending them anyway! ... commenting is REALLY easy ya know! ... see sidebar for how to!). I also totally appreciate you letting the blog answer all your questions ... sometimes, I just don't want to talk about it out loud ... imagine that!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

News from RQ!

Finally, there is SOME news! Referrals have started to arrive and at this point we know they go to November 7th. I am not
holding my breath on the cut offs being better than that ... say, like to the TENTH!!!!! Although, I did receive a most wonderful
gift from a good friend today ... Every Year on Your Birthday ... do you think it could be a sign???
Me neither!!!!
But folks, hang on tight ... next month's rollercoaster ride will be even more exciting as we SHOULD be NEXT! Hell, I'm planning on it! Buckle up ..........

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pool Progress ...

Things are slowly progressing ...

We've had poolside drinks and have even been 'in' the pool. Now if we could just get the water in there ... summer could officially kick off!

Monday in China

Right now it is almost 9:00 am (Monday) in China ... this brings much anticipation for many folks in the international adoption community ... it is quite likely by tomorrow the faithful followers of RQ may know CCAA's latest cutoff date. For some ... eager anticipation of 'The Call' from their agencies, followed, a day or two later, by the UPS delivery of hundreds of babies! For the rest of us, however, begins the next count down ... how long before the next set of referrals AND best guesses for the next cut off date ... all scientifically calculated. Of course, we are no longer able to calculate with any measurable degree of accuracy any of these ... the only thing we CAN be sure of is uncertainty! Don't read anything into this ... sure I'm disappointed, but now I can begin to enjoy the feeling of being next ... right?! We ARE getting closer everyday and I am beginning to think about this little girl who really is out there somewhere in China, RIGHT NOW, waiting for her mom and dad. We can't wait to bring her home!