Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here Comes ...


Pop a matic, pops the dice.
Pop a six and you go twice!
The power of advertisement ... I've not forgotten it!

She wins!
She has to or else .....
These are skills we work on ... a LOT!!!

A match made in heaven ... for me!
I love these two people more than words can express.
Even when, god forbid, she loses!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013


A few weeks ago, Cadence announced she has a 'crush' ... awwwwww!

She was invited to yet another boy's birthday.  When I asked her who was going, her response was "Ethan" "Ethan" "Ethan".

While lining up with her class she pointed out her crush to our friend Annie ... "Annie, this is Ethan!"

Cadence ordered a diary with a lock from the book order.  I told her she could write personal and secret things there ... like her crush.  Her response ... "Mom, that's not secret; everyone knows I like Ethan."  I'm not ready for this ......

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome 2013!

The flu finally caught up with mommy New Year's Eve.  We had to cancel our previous plans and settle for a quiet night in.  
It was ... quite simply ... lovely!

All I can hope for is that 2013 brings as much joy and happiness as 2012!

Part 2: Let the Games Continue

One of our final nights 'home' was our pre New Year's Eve.  The whole family ... 30 ... headed out for wings and possible winnings ...

It was another night of eating, drinking and hanging out ... without anyone having to cook and clean!  We are so very fortunate that we still have such close ties and get to enjoy these evenings to continue our traditions, both new and old ... I'm talking about the traditions, not the people!  It truly was a great holiday ......

Friday, January 11, 2013

Finally! Holiday Highlights ... Part 1

This Christmas holiday was filled with family, friends, fun and unfortunately ... flu!  It didn't stop us one bit!

They started with the 'children' getting together for a pre Christmas dinner.  Due to unforeseen circumstances,  most adults ate in shifts ... one even ate at Subway in the hospital cafeteria...

We had a good drive north and arrived in plenty of time to enjoy a lovely italian meal at our favourite Soo spot.  Shortly after, the beginning of the 'madness' began with an unfortunate 'incident' just as someone got in the car ... blech. 
That did NOT compare to using the empty McD Happy Meal box as a  'basin' in the mall food court on Christmas Eve.  That coupled with the coughing that continued to ensue meant someone got out of going to church this year!  
Cadence was ready for the festivities that followed, but donned her Christmas PJs in lieu of her Sunday best.  

Santa found us at Baba's the next morning bright and early ... wish we had gotten more sleep.  The stockings were filled ...

Hmmmm, Maplelea clothes????   But I don't have a Maplelea doll ......... yet!

Pop-a-matic pops the dice.  Pop a six and you go twice.

Check out the tongue ... it's a family thing ... seriously!  Here's the doll to put those clothes on ... yay!

Meet Leonie!

Santa even brought some pretty cool clothes.  We think Santa rules!

Mom and Dad found the best gift ... for Leonie.

Seems she had a little mishap on the way to Cadence ...

Sweet cousins ...

BFFs ...

It wouldn't be Christmas without polka time in Gigu's house!

Everyone wanted time with the 'baby'!

Day three ... it's game time!

Cheer's to the couch alliance!  And my surprize helper ... it was nice to have the extra hands!!