Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Glimpse of the 'Tude

This is a MILD version of attitude displayed by our two year old.
Who's the boss? Is there ANY doubt?????

Monday, February 23, 2009

Is There a Doctor In the House?

Absolutely ...

911! 911!

Now just what seems to be the problem?

I know just what to prescribe!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Weekend

We headed north for the Valentine's/Family Day weekend. The drive up was awesome, although a half hour before arrival, when I was starting to feel the need to use the 'facilities', a moment of panic overtook me. This was a maiden voyage ... a 3 hour drive with Cadence and no diaper! Luckily for all involved she handled it successfully! We are very fortunate so far with her ability to travel ... she'll nap a bit and then just enjoy the view ... not even one movie was needed for this trip!
We enjoyed hanging with Didi, who as always, was an exceptional host and got out to enjoy some adult time.
Here's the gang, enjoying a few beverages on a Saturday afternoon while playing Porketta Bingo, a favourite local past time:

And of course, since it WAS Family Day weekend and all, we made sure Cadence got to enjoy some 'activities' as well. She had a great time at John and Kelly's hanging with Liam and Taryn. She particularly enjoyed the sit and spin ... I think my girl is ready for the BIG rides this year!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why the Sad Face?

Well .... little Miss Sunshine did not want me to take a picture of her latest drawing. Yep ... look closely ... that red ink on her face is no tattoo ... in fact, she tells me it's her make up!

Yogurt tube to the rescue!

My Funny Valentine ...

We decided we would attempt some FINE dining with Cadence ... we hoped for the best and as luck would have it ... our girl did not disappoint!
The photos posted in the wrong order and I'm just not in a place to 'fix' it too!

Mom and Daughter

One of the rare photos of me you will find on here ... for a variety of reasons!

Engaged in Some Serious Conversation

Cadence was absolutely and completely well behaved. She chatted us up, sang a few songs and asked a million questions. Our 'neighbours' were kind enough to share their compliments which we ate up!

Now ... What Shall I Have?

The order of the day was ceasar salad, coconut shrimp (her FAVOURITE!) and some of mommy's pasta. Of course, when the waitress dropped off the dishes and walked away, Cadence exclaimed, "Hey ... where's the cheese?". I'm surprized she actually 'let' the waitress do the cheese ... at home, "I do it!"

Another Back/Side Shot

Here's Cadence ... 'posing' for a photo in her Valentine's dress from Auntie Dodo. We can't have everything I guess ...

Winterfest (Feb.7/8)

We 'suited up' and took Cadence down to the city's annual Winterfest. Being early birds meant we didn't have to wait in any lines ... but unfortunately,the morning was a little too cold for the dogs so our big activity of the day went undone. Despite that we had a lovely time!

Winter Pony Ride

Meet the Dragon

Plinko with Rock 95

Peace and Quiet!


More to come ..... finally!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey Heidi!!!

First of all ... YES ... she can get cuter ... you REALLY have to meet her in person. Cadence is something else I tell ya ... of course, that all depends on your perspective! Such ATTITUDE ... oh my!
Secondly ... don't think I have your email ... we are available most weekends ... especially in the summer (ie. while on your way to Algonquin!). It would really be nice to see you and Geoff (and the 'kids' ... before they end up married themselves or something!).
Definitely, if you are coming this way ... we are a stone's throw from the 400 ...

Thanks for following along ... it means alot!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cousins

Here are the girls during the rare moments they allowed 'Baby Allie' to join in!

The Artwork

Before the Magic Eraser went to work!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clean up and Barack Obama

Cadence sings the clean up song and names the new president.
Good job sweetie!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Tired ...

of waiting to get 'stuff' with my computer sorted out! So, it is business as usual ... for now anyway!
Here's the little poser:

Today's sentence:
"Hooray, I'm so excited mommy, daddy!"
For the record, we were having a chicken dinner ... she isn't even a big fan of bird. Go figure!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Myth

I have discovered a myth this weekend. A myth I often proclaimed myself. I now know better: 'One' is not, necessarily 'easy'! In fact, I'd like to go on record to say that one can often take on even MORE energy than 2 (or more!). Yep, I'm saying it and I'm backing it up ... Cadence NEEDS constant attention. She loves to play ... doctor, baby, playdough, tea party ... among her favourites. BUT, she can rarely play alone and who can blame her?! How can you resist, "Come on mom, come here and play!" or "Daddy come downstairs and play with me". Neither of us can ... and ... it's exhausting! Wouldn't trade it for anything, but sure envy those who can say, "Go play with your sister!"

And MOMENTS that made us smile this weekend ...

Hands on Hips

After dinner, Cadence got down off her chair and went to her 'kitchen' where most of her dishes and food were scattered on the floor. With hands on her hips she exclaimed, "Someone made a mess! Daddy, you make the mess?". She's a stinker!


Cadence in pjs is flying around the mainfloor with her baby in the stroller ... "I take her for a walk outside". Sean and I are taking a 2 minute rest in the great room 'cause she has spent the day exhausting us. I hear 'noise' and ask Sean, "What is she doing?". He tells me she is throwing stuff. GREAT!! This time I go in, with 'hands on hips' and ask her about what is going on. She says, "It's windy!". Okay kid ... you win! Man she amazes me!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Woulda Rathera Been at Work ... and then ...

Cadence is sick today ... bad cold! She's been stuffed up for the past few days, coughing some and not sleeping well ... the rest of us too for that matter (the sleeping I mean). At 6:30 we were discussing whether I should stay home with her (Sean couldn't today and I can't tomorrow) ... I mean, what can you do for a cold? And then her nose started bleeding ... so that was it ... I decided it would be a home day! The nose bleed stopped around 10ish and for the most part Cadence was happy and energetic ... I pumped her with chicken soup, orange juice and wiped her nose 1000 times. We had a nice steamy shower and all indications were that there would be a nap today and mommy could get a few things done around here (I am in that anxiety mode where I feel like I have way too much to do). N O P E !!!! That was NOT to be! She downright refused to nap, wouldn't even lay down to watch a Dora video ... I tried, believe me I tried. And then, to top things off, Winston started hacking and HE puked up disgusting yellow, carpet staining bile .... 4 times!!!! AND while I was attempting to clean it up, Cadence was drawing with crayons ... on the wall and front door and windows!!!!
It was at this point I realized I could have been at work, where I am also feeling completely behind, and could have caught up in the afternoon, while all the kids I would see were gone skating! I had even planned to come home for lunch to vacuum and clean the toilets! So all in all I was feeling miserable and sorry for myself ... and then ... Oprah came on. She introduced a woman who
had her arms and legs amputated 4 weeks after giving birth to her daughter. I have NOTHING to complain about! 'Nuff said!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Telling Time

So I am 'prepping' Cadence about the bedtime routine ... you know, telling her what's coming up next: wash face, brush teeth, jammies, read books. We pretty much went through the motions and then Cadence discovered Sean's school bag and became obsessed and adorable ... doing her 'numbers' with the calculator and making her lists with the paper and pen. I just couldn't quite pull her away ..... I gave her a 5 minute warning for bedtime. When the time came and I picked her up, she quickly told me she had '3 minutes momma!'. If truth be told ... she was right! God she makes me laugh!