Friday, July 31, 2009

Back Tracking

Here are a few leftovers from Sudbury ...

Cadence and Sean playing a little 'soccer':

She's got game!:

Loser buys the 'round':

Falling out of her chair ... literally!:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Hundrend and Fifty Eight

That's the number of photos I had developed yesterday.
It's the number of pictures I now have to put in an album!
It is a drop in the bucket ...
My iPhoto library has 1,344 pictures dating back to early January.
I'm old school ... I still like to have a hard copy of most things ... especially photos...besides, Cadence really enjoys looking through the books and far be it from me to deny her!
I think of all the pics, this is my favourite:

I played around with the colour and style a bit and really love the overall effect. Wish I had more time and knowledge .......

Monday, July 27, 2009


Along with serving up something from her 'weswant', colouring, taking care of her baby and playing at the park, Cadence absolutely LOVES to do puzzles. A few weeks ago, I purchased a set of Dora puzzles that range in their level of difficulty (12 piece to 24). I imagined she would spend a few weeks mastering the first level and then move on ... perhaps we would get the summer out of them. Not to be! within a few days she had mastered them all ... luckily she enjoys pulling them out and doing them over and over again.

This past weekend we picked up a giant 48 piece floor puzzle that we INTENDED on giving her for Christmas or her birthday. We weren't very diligent in 'hiding' it and within 15 minutes she was asking us to get it for her. She began putting a few pieces together and then announced, "Mom, I'm a bit frustrated!" With some help, she got it done. Wonder how long she'll need the help with this one!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

All About Science

The Science Centre we took Cadence to was absolutely interactive and terrific, not to mention FREE with our proof of employment! We spent most of our time in the nature wing checking out the bugs and animals:

Science Continued

Cadence enjoyed walking through the 'cave' and trying out some of the energy stations. She even 'tried on' the astronaut suit!

It truly was a spectacular day! We can't get enough of Cadence's joy and enthusiasm on these 'field trips'. Next stop, African Lion Safari in a couple of weeks!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some of Events of the Week!

On Tuesday, Cadence spent a good HOUR just quietly colouring:

I'm pretty impressed with her fine motor skills ...

In the evening, dad went to the KISS concert, via limo (sorry daddy ... no photos!). Cadence's cousins came over for a swim and Uncle Dave cooked us a great dinner. Just before bed, we lit some sparklers:

Wednesday was all about the 'moms'. We headed to the city for lunch and to see Jersey Boys ... GREAT show! Then it was home to ship Cadence to her cousins' while mom and dad took Baba to a new restaurant.
Thursday's rain meant it was the opportune day for shopping ... and shop we did! I think I've filled my spring/summer size 3/4 box for 2010 thanks to CPs 50% off sale! And Baba is going home with some nice outfits herself!
Well ... today ... it's off to Sudbury ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Little More Santa's Village

"All aboard ...":

Feeding Santa's reindeer ... hoping to get on the 'Nice' list:

Cooling off in the water park:

We had an awesome day ... and after a nap on the ride home, we all went out for a family dinner at ESM ... yummm!

Christmas in July

It's ALWAYS Christmas at Santa's Village! We ALL headed north to see the jolly man:

Along the way, my girl and I were elfing around:

We thought we'd start the girls off slowly ... ease them into the action ... from the looks on their faces they are sooooo done with the merry-go-round!

I CAN'T believe they actually let these two 'babies' go it alone on the airplanes! Of course the kids running the rides are all of ten!

For the big stuff, we parents tagged along ... anything for the kids!

A few more pics to come later ..... more action to rest up for tomorrow!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This afternoon we headed to the Market for old time's sake. Just as we stop at a red light, I see the ice cream truck stopped at the light perpendicular to us. I say to my mother, "Oh, I hope she doesn't see that!". In the next moment we make the turn and Cadence immediately says, "Hey ... look what's behind us!~", to which my mom and I start hollowing. Cadence then says, "Don't you laugh at me!". OOOOO .... sensitive!

Embracing it!

Even though we are not getting the scorching weather anticipated, we have decided to embrace summer as it is! As it turns out, we have been thoroughly enjoying the pool ... the water has been quite a bit warmer than the air!

And when the cool air blows through we head for the hot tub (or the shopping mall!).

The girls have been enjoying lots of time playing together since Baba has been here ...

And the 'ladies and gents' have been enjoying food and drink while keeping an eye on them!
We 'moms' went out and pampered ourselves with a fancy pedicure:

We are busy and on the go ...

Lovin' Leap!

I cannot say enough about the Leap Frog line!!! I would likely attribute most of Cadence's knowledge of letters, numbers and reading to their line of amazing toys. Three days ago, while shopping for a child's birthday gift, I came across and purchased this:

Cadence took an immediate interest in it and played at length with it over the next two days (can't say I minded the peace and quiet!). Yesterday my mother gave her a little 'doodle' toy and after several minutes I took this 'action' shot.

Can you hear her saying, "Mom, this my H!"

Here it is in full view:

Cadence you are just so darn smart!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Party Time!

Cadence was off to her first 'official' birthday party today ... official in the sense that it is the first one for a 'friend' AND the first one that mom (or dad) wasn't invited to as well! When we explained that mommy and daddy weren't invited to go, she asked, "Who's gonna drive me then?" ... smart girl!
We shopped together for a gift and then mom took over ... what she does best! I think I've got the hang of this mom gig ... we got a barbie dressed in pink and purple, a gift bag to match adorned with a mini pink purse filled with Barbie stickers and tattoos ... even the ribbons and card fit the pink and purple 'theme':

Here's the party girl in her new dress from Auntie Dodo:

And since it's cool out (again) ... the dress accompanied by a sweater and matching sandals (really, did you expect anything less?):

My big girl, all ready to go ...

Have fun sweetheart!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Savouring Summer Moments

Although, mom was coming to town and I likely SHOULD have spent a part of the day dusting, vacuuming and sticking my head in the toilet bowl, I let the weather dictate our day.  The sun was shining so we headed to the backyard and there we stayed!   Given the inconsistency of the summer so far, we were hell bent on ensuring we took advantage of it.  It was glorious!  And ... when all the girls (mom, Marn, Lib and Ali) arrived it was pizza and wings and a late evening swim for all.  To top off a great day, Miss Cadence went to bed at a reasonable hour, came out ONCE and went right back in when told to do so ... AND was asleep within FIVE minutes ... yup ... a good day all around!

ABCs Cadence 'Style'

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Arrived!

Cadence's Halloween costume arrived yesterday!
Three hints:
*daddy ordered it
Any guesses?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Follow-up Pics

I did have a FEW pictures from the week/weekend ... not many ... I'm slipping!

Cadence learning some soccer skills:

'Someone' finishing off Cadence's granola bar on our front porch:

The girls:

Most of the GB family:

My mom arrives tomorrow ... perhaps there will be more 'action' here!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been Awhile ...

One would think that I should have all the time in the world to keep you updated ... I probably do, but I HAVE been busy and just haven't been able to find the time. So ... here's a quick run down ... bullet style.

*Cadence has been ridiculously cranky! She had a fever and wasn't quite herself the first two days and then ... wow, she wasn't even recognizable. Nothing could make her happy, she was whiny as heck, she had no interest in Daddy and would not let me out of her sight ... it was HARD!!! Finally ... today ... she is pretty much back to her old cheerful self ... THANK GOD!!!

*Di came to town and although we dealt with a cranky, whiny toddler, we managed to have a good time ... not entirely due to our daily cocktail hours either! We enjoyed dinner out with a good friend and hung out at a rooftop patio one night, got to enjoy some relaxation poolside a bit, enjoyed dinner with the GB family and ... quite a bit of shopping! The weather put a slight damper on things but we managed to do most of what we wanted to!

*Today was another cool, windy day, so after tidying up and doing a few things around the house we ended up heading to the zoo for round 2! This is a GREAT filler and activity for Cadence who LOVES animals ... Animal Planet has become one of her favourite new channels to watch as well!

*Can someone please tell the man who drives the ice cream truck that 5:00 is NOT a good time to drive through our neighbourhood! Not even going there!

*Cadence has an appointment at her new 'school' on Friday and will then start transitioning. She sounds excited, but with her recent clinginess ... I'm wondering if she is just putting on a brave face! Time will tell ....

*My mom comes to visit in the next few days ... we will likely have a full calendar of activities ... not alot of blogging time!

*Photos ... the camera battery is currently DEAD and I'm not sure I took many pictures ... there weren't many smiles over these last days!

*Come back tomorrow ... I'm going to try to give you something!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally ....

A 'nice day'!
We enjoyed plenty of sun, fun and refund!
Cadence decided to 'paint' the gazebo. There was a little 'meltdown' when her 'paint' dried and disappeared. Guess using water wasn't cutting it on this particular day!

What daddy does best ... I'm beginning to HATE football!

Daughter emulating father. Her words: "I'm gonna relax like daddy and read my magazine."

And to top off a good day I got an income tax refund! Well, I got back the money I paid (with $3 interest to boot) ... I really was hoping I'd made a mistake!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever ...

Not just a song ... a part of our day!
Here's our 'farmer' ready to head out to the fields:

Yep ... tastes just like a strawberry!

Just me and my 'pint'!