Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Beautiful Day ...

a beautiful girl!
Could it be? Does my daughter actually know how to coordinate a purse with her outfit? And at 7 in the morning! Very impressive!

Taking time to smell the flowers ...

TAKING the flowers!

Trying to get a fall photo. After at least 10 attempts, these are the best I could show. We have a photo session coming up ... hope the photographer has better luck than I did!

Bonding with 'Unky Steve'

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ready for 'Work'!

Here's Cadence all ready to head to 'work'!

Ooops ... can't forget the hat!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pics from the week ...

It's a miracle I can find a few spare moments to upload a few more photos ... I think, once again, I've bitten off more than I can chew! This course I'm leading goes until February ... how will I make it? As would be expected, I'm totally run down with something like a cold ... I've a cough ... a nasty cough and I sound like a horse! It's been a week now and I keep meaning to head to the doctor, but truly, I've not found the time ... maybe this week ... looks like the cough is here to stay. The cough is one thing, it's the lack of sleep I can't deal with. Luckily, Cadence hasn't been afflicted with it herself. She still has the runny nose and a little cough every now and again, but otherwise, she's good ... and SHE'S sleeping! Well, enough about me ... here's what you're after:

The girl who runs among the hundreds of pumpkins finds ...... a rock!

Yep ... those are MAMA's shoes!

Getting herself winter ready!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The P Patch

We revisited the pumpkin patch again this year and managed to get in on the 'wagon' ride. Although the sun was out and about, the wind was pretty cool so we didn't last quite as long as we would have otherwise.
Here is our girl ... bringing her own pumpkin ... she's a planner!

For nostalgic purposes ... last year's pumpkin shot:

This year's girl's got style

Snack time:

A limited edition ... a photo with me in it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


That's how many months old our girl is! We almost have a full blown toddler ... where on earth has the time gone? Two years ago, I was preparing myself for the worst ... today, my girl is building a condo for her night garden guys ... clever girl ... lucky mom!

Friday, October 17, 2008

S and M!

Oh come now ... get your dirty little minds out of the gutter ... this a child friendly blog ... for the most part anyway!
We are talking about streaking and money.
First ... the streaking! Cadence continues to strip off her pjs every night ... doesn't matter what kind: one piece zip, one piece snap, 2 piece top and bottom ... she can disrobe them all!
Here's the 'beauty' the morning after in all her glory:

Last night was a bit different. When I went in to check on her (and sneak a picture) and cover her up ("no blankies" at night even though it's cold and she's naked!) she had her shirt down around her waist and the bottoms still on.
Before the blankie:


By morning I realized not all had been as it seemed. The pajama bottoms were on alright ... inside out! The little monkey HAD in fact stripped and then attempted to redress her self!
And ... about $$$$$.
Cadence has taken to putting ANY spare change she finds into her piggy bank. Does 'finding' coins in daddy's school bag consitute 'finding'? I laughed when Sean told me she had taken loonies and toonies and told him, "Piggy bank Dadda!" and proceeded to her room to make the deposit. Daddy found himself $16 short for the kid's pizza money at school ... oops! It wasn't so funny when our little princess 'found' change in my change pouch in my purse either and declared, "Piggy bank."! At least Sean intercepted when she attempted to deposit the $20 bill! But the mystery of the day was this morning ...
I sat with Cadence, got her shoes and jacket on, grabbed my purse and lunch and the two of us headed outside to the car. Cadence held my hand down the stairs and then ran around the car to her door. I opened it and let her climb in while I started the car up to clear the frost. I went back around and clipped her in her seat and off we went. Upon arrival at 'work' I went around to take Cadence out of her seat ... she had $40 bucks in her hand! WTF??? Told you ... mostly child friendly!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Photos from the Weekend ...

Baba's back! Well, she came back for the lunches and Donna's glasses ... too bad, she didn't think about her keys or her coat. The girls sure were excited in any event:

Checking out mommy's first and only winning horse:

Walking off some of the turkey, stuffing, cabbage rolls and pie ... perhaps there was a reason we were a little lost!

Cadence and one of nature's finest and gentlest:

Smartest Girl ... Ever!!!

Conversation upon arriving at daycare for pick up:

Sandy to little one who is checking out her fresh pigtails in the mirrored doors : Nicole is a pretty girl.
Cadence, also looking at herself in the mirror (no pigtails!) : My pretty girl too!

Smart kid!

Cadence in the car: Mommy pretty girl too!

Smartest kid ... ever!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

No Time!

I had a busy week ... real busy and this coming one is NO different, so I'm apologizing to those who follow along and leave comments ... wish I had the time to do the same for you ... I have been checking in but haven't been able to 'visit' too long ... I will get back to you ... I promise!
Anyway, it was a GREAT weekend ... lots of sun, food, drink and family time ... couldn't ask for anything more.
Here's a quick glimpse ... more to come through the week!
The anticipation:

Tea time!:

Not just a turkey:

Looks like their horse is headed for the winner's circle:

And now it's 'mom time':

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Cadence's favourite form of play is 'tea party'. She absolutely loves to 'entertain' anyone and everyone: mom and dad, Winston, her babies, the Night Garden guys ... who or whatever she can round up! What can I say? She's a natural ... now where did THAT come from I wonder???

AND, every once in a while we get lucky ... she'll actually engage in some video ... and that means we can get dinner on the table without much interuption! Nothing wrong with that in my books!

Taking It Off!

Not sure what Cadence is up to these past couple of nights ...
She's taking a bit longer than usual to get to sleep ... she's restless for a bit, but more importantly, she has decided to remove her pyjamas! Last night I caught on before she fell asleep. I asked her if she wanted them back on ... her deep, gruff voice answered, "yeah", but tonight I missed it. And it's getting cold here folks! We've got the furnace on, but unfortunately her bedroom is the coldest room. So I ask you ... what's up with that?! It's not really a big deal ... at least not yet ... but I know what's next ... the diaper! And let's face it, that can be a whole other 'mess'!

Monday, October 6, 2008


We are busy ... not sure what we are doing exactly ... but trust me ... we are busy! Between work, entertaining a toddler, attempting to keep the house up, prepare for fall, company, try to keep this blog going ... I'm finding it all a bit STRESSFUL! So ... why would I take on a night time teaching job ... again???? I. Don't. Know!!!! I'm figuring the money will come in handy and it's only one night a week and it's local for a change ... so ... I decided I'd do it ... ONE. MORE. TIME! This will undoubtedly mean the blog is going to suffer a bit for a while ... what can I say ... something's gotta give!
In the true spirit of blogging enjoy a few photos from the weekend.

Cadence enjoying one of her favourite vegetables:

My little hula girl:

Creating her own wind:

Funny moment of the weekend:
Cadence needed to go 'pee pee'. I put her on the toilet and just before she did what she set out to, she made a little 'noise'.
The girl knows what it is: "Toot , mamma, toot, toot!". We both giggled our heads off. Where DOES she learn some of this stuff?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Total Princess

She doesn't need a dress to prove she's a princess ...

My Little Chef

Cadence ... earning her breakfast!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We don't make a habit of giving Cadence juice. In fact we try to avoid it as much as possible. This was fairly easy to do once upon a time, but now that she goes to daycare, she gets juice. Yeah, I could try to insist that Sandy not give it to her, but that won't go over very well with everyone else getting it. So ... she gets it during the week ... mom and dad, we give her water and milk ... oh, aren't we strict!
So, the point of this rather long anecdote ...
Yesterday morning Cadence got into Sean's lunch bag moments before we were to depart and what did she find??? His juice box ... "Juice mamma!!" I decided I would give in, she could have it ... when we got in the car ... we are BIG on bargaining these days.
I ran upstairs for literally less than a minute and what did I find when I reached the bottom of the stairs? Yep ... my independent and very determined, not yet 2 year old, had gotten the straw off the box, out of the wrapper and into the teeny, tiny little hole ... all by herself! I see kindergarten kids who have difficulty with this! Goes to show how much she really does love juice ... and how very much we are in such big trouble with this girl!

I had videos from the weekend to 'showcase', but the program is under maintenance ... maybe tomorrow! Check back y'all!