Monday, May 31, 2010

The First of Three ...

nights out!
Sean and I are hardly out at the same time or together without Cadence... ever!
This week ... we 'pawned' our little beauty off THREE times.
Doesn't look like she minded one bit.
Here are two ball hockey bunnies for you:

Enough with the sports already!

The whole cheering section:

A little post game swim to cool off:

Snack time!

Many, many thanks Annie! Cadence totally enjoyed herself with you and Emma and Austin ... that may not bode well for you!
Thank goodness for good friends ... what would we do without them?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Girl Stuff

The 'girl stuff' is already starting ... at 3 and a half!
I picked Cadence up from daycare and on the way home she shared in the most dramatic voice possible: " Sara said she isn't my best friend anymore. So I'm not her best friend anymore." I'd hazard a guess that this was what the face looked like:

It didn't take too long to get over it though ... they ARE best friends again!

And what girlfriends don't dress to match?

It wasn't planned at all ... except for the plan to get the camera at lunch!

Cadence had a very busy week and weekend ... the weather has been great and we have been taking full advantage of it ... hence the limited blogging ... again. Isn't it great that I actually have better things to do than this???

Monday, May 24, 2010

Season Opener ...

Seriously ... the weather was stellar, we got a tonne of jobs done

and even got to play and relax some!

Despite the murky water in the pool Friday, it was crystal clear and 83 degrees by today. Cadence and I spent 75% of our day swimming.

And since I worked like a dog the first half of the weekend, daddy treated us to a nice dinner out tonight.
It totally felt like summer ...

What a disappointment ... there are still 5 weeks of work left :(

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cadence's recent 'loot bag' took me back a few years ....

Lik'n Stick! I don't have the same, if ANY fondness for the stuff, but Cadence sure dug in for a bit. Fortunately, it isn't really something she enjoyed all that much ... I'm happy about that!

The weather has really been quite nice ... sunny and warm! It has given Cadence the chance to really get riding. She's already made it all the way around the block ... twice! Not on the same day, but still ...

The riding certainly has an impact on the sleep factor ... she pretty much crashes at bed time. I LOVE those added bonuses!

Tomorrow ... another sign of spring ... pool opening day! As would be expected ... they are calling for rain!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Party Time!

Cadence was invited to a little friend's birthday party this weekend. She picked out her own party dress ... 'cause she just HAD to wear a dress ... and together we laid out the rest of her 'outfit'. I let Cadence have a shower with me in the morning and then the rest was up to her dad as mommy was heading out for a spa weekend!
I received one phone call while having lunch ...

"How does this headband thing go on?"

Daddy can do just about anything ... except hair!
All in all, she looked pretty darn cute and had a great time with 'the girls':

I did happen notice the absence of tights in the photo ... neither of us seem to win that fight :(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where It Belongs ...

Early last week the bucket was being used to collect 'stuff'. The cough was back ... again!
We've been using the spray AND the bucket in a new way:

We like it this way much better!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It Was a Happy Mother's Day Weekend

On Friday Cadence brought home a 'craft' she made for me with her own little hands and a beautiful poem that will be a 'keeper'.

Her and Daddy had also gone and picked out a beautiful bouquet.
What a lovely way to start the weekend ... THANK YOU!!!!

Saturday was a busy day. Sean and I, along with the other parents, were allowed to sit in on the dance class and see how things were progressing. Cadence did GREAT ... of course! Unfortunately, dance class is pretty early in the morning and this brain was obviously still asleep ... I forgot the camera! After groceries, I headed out to a lovely little spot for lunch while father and daughter got down to business.

Great job you two!
We took in an afternoon show ... Oceans ... complete with popcorn. We felt a little guilty heading to our last stop ... Johnny's Seafood ... it just didn't seem right!

Today, my family gave me the day off ... oh yeah! I got coffee and breakfast in bed ... with my book. Cadence picked out her own card for me:

She even signed her name:

The only responsibility for the day was 'swimming' and even that was a piece of cake ... today was the day the kids went solo!
I spent most of the day just chilling ... actually, I shed a few tears today ... caught about 4 episodes of Extreme Home Makeover. I did do a few 'mom' things ... laundry, tidying ... they had to be done! But Dad took care of supper, ordering in an old favourite:

It REALLY was a great day ... I am such a lucky mom!
Thank you so much Sean and Cadence ... I'm sure I will miss you terribly next weekend when I'm gone to the spa!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Portrait

Cadence drew this family picture at school last week:

It's a picture of when she's bigger. The two 'extras' are her baby brother and sister :(
These are hard ones to swallow.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Away ...

We, along with my sister and her family, went on a little getaway. The kids had an absolute ball! Of course there were a few 'moments' as there always are ...
I am WAY too ashamed to share our lunch plans ... let's just say NF has gone WAY more commercial than I realized!

Here's our sightseeing photos ... taken after paying $14 to park, a 10 minute walk (through some shops no less!) and after scarfing down a couple of sandwiches amid a tonne of seagulls ... we ARE still smiling!

Kind of ...

Here's Cadence about 20 minutes later all set to hit the water park. We wasted no time ... every second counted!

Well, every second/minute except for the 20 minutes where we were kind of starting to evacuate the water park area during a fire alarm!
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the girls actually on the slides or hitting the waves. With all the little monkeys dropping buckets full of water, taking the camera inside didn't seem like a very good idea.

Dinner time was fairly relaxing ....

More so 'cause Daddy had one of these ... size ... XL!

Storytime was to be the end of the fun for the night ... then off to sleep ... surely they would crash:

Unfortunately that was not quite the case ... the moms didn't get DH uninterupted as planned. Oh well, the weekend wasn't about us anyway ... was it?
Looking forward to a return trip ... with a waterproof camera and a few other 'tricks' up our sleeves. And now, back to work ... 8 weeks left ....