Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 Minutes ....

to face off!
We've got our Canada gear on, snacks and a few beverages.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyone Going to Winners???????

We NEED ... yes NEED, these sandals in a size 8!!!! They are Maggie & Zoe. If you see them, buy 'em and let me know ASAP so we can discuss the terms of the 'transaction'. I love them so much I'm even keeping the 8s ... maybe next year .... maybe someone with a size 8 girl can buy them from me and then hand them down ..... Seriously ... I love these shoes! And so will Cadence:

Weekend Round up

This is an 'old' one, but seriously THANK YOU Mackenzie!

This is what Cadence INSISTED on putting on as soon as she got home from school ... which is a slight improvement from pajamas I think. The only problem now is convincing her the mermaid princess dress is NOT appropriate for school ... seriously, check out the cleavage!

We had tickets for a 'concert' on Saturday. Cadence decided she wanted to wear a jean skirt and this "funky shirt" (her language and her choice!):

Waiting for the show to start in her front row seat:

Bring on the band:

A concert follow-up: The group sang a song about not idling your car. On Monday morning, it had snowed, was cold and guess who left her car out? Daddy was kind enough to start it up before he left. When Cadence and I headed out to the car ... guess who got in trouble? Someone sure was paying attention! I can't get away with anything ....

Sunday we made some fun pancakes. Cadence's favourite was the butterfly:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got the Forms

I've had them for about 3 weeks now ... KINDERGARTEN registration forms! I've been waiting to take a picture of them to include with this post but ... I've just been too busy so ... here it is ... we are actually getting Cadence ready to start real school in the fall! I can hardly stand it. I feel like we just got off the plane ... she can't possibly be ready! But oh she is SO ready! People tell you how quickly 'they' grow up and how quickly time flies and to ENJOY every minute.
People ... you are so right!!! I see her growing up before my eyes and it is exciting and wonderful and beautiful ... and sad all at the same time. We can't stop it ...
And so, Sean and I begin another paperchasing trail ... because of course, this won't be any ordinary registration ... don't even get me started on that! We will play by the rules ... we aren't prepared to make noise ... not yet!
We aren't in any hurry ... don't know what days to choose yet so ... we'll wait it out for a bit, but they know we're coming ... heck we're already there in many ways!
Stay tuned ... believe it or not, there's just over 6 months until the first day of school!
I'll shut up now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family/Valentine's Weekend and Hard 'Stuff'

We had a great weekend ... headed north to visit Didi and friends which has now become our 'tradition' ... mark your calendars for next year y'all ... heh, heh, heh!

The weather cooperated for our drive and as would be expected, after putting in a full day at 'school' Cadence nodded off about 10 minutes into her movie. This allowed us all to head to our favourite 'joint' for an evening of pool, soccer, pizza, wings and beer ... both draft and root! It was great to have the Farrell family join us as well. We even got to enjoy watching some of the Olympic ceremonies on the big screen.

Saturday we lounged in our jammies for a bit and enjoyed a lovely home cooked breakfast, courtesy of Di. After primping we escorted Cadence to the Farrells to enjoy some play time with the kids and their sitter while the adults headed out for some play time of their own ... nothing like Porketta Bingo on a Saturday afternoon.
After a couple of wins (and pitchers) ... congrats Kelly and Sean! ... we headed back to Di's for chili and good company. The sitter reported good behaviour on behalf of all the children ... the only complaint being from Cadence who wouldn't go outside because she refused to wear the boy's (aka blue) snowpants.

Enjoying some hot chocolate with marshmallows:

Our studious proteges:

The 'boys':

Sunday was a quieter day ... more lounging, another spectacular burrito breakfast ... beautiful cards, yummy chocolates and Olympic gear ... thanks Daddy! We followed up with some bargain shopping and a greasy lunch ... mmmm! The Farrells had us over for a fabulous dinner and visit ... thanks so much guys! We then ended the evening witnessing Canada's first gold medal win on Canadian soil ... yahooo!!!!!

We had a great drive home ... clear roads and little opportunity to catch up on our sleep. After unpacking and tidying, daddy took us out for a Valentine's/Family Day dinner ... I love 4 day weekends!!!!


Today after school Cadence said, "Mom, I love the colour of your eyes Jesus gave you."
She then followed up with a question, "Are mine like yours?"
The hard stuff is coming .........

Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing ...

Princess Cadence - TA DA!!!

She glides, she slides, she turns and spins:

She even sings:

AND she has ATTITUDE!!!!

You may not be able to hear it, but now you can see it!

Winterfest 2010

We got a VERY late start to the events this year on account of a certain 'someone' not wanting to get out of her pajamas!
In the end, we managed to brave the crisp, cold but sunny weather and someone was happy to do so:

A unique opportunity to pose with an Olympic torch:

Finding her way through the maze ... not a task Cadence particularly enjoyed:

Warming up with a cup of joe:

"Cheers" to a great day:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Go ________ Go!

On Saturday, we took Cadence to her first live hockey game. She was pretty pumped up about it. She had even picked the team she would be cheering for: the red and white team. As luck would have it that is not our current 'home' team ... it was, however, my hometown team!

Here are my two favourite fans enjoying the game:

Don't be thinking you'll see these two 'puck bunnies' much!

Cadence did really enjoy the game ... or was it the big bag of popcorn? Whatever ... it was great that the one game Sean and I would have gone to, just so happened to be the school fund raiser event. Way to go Colts ... sorry Hounds! Sorry Cadence ... maybe next time ....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Attempt

Last night Cadence tried a new trick to avoid going to sleep:

"Mom," she yelled, "I forgot to say my prayers!".

I suggested she say them quietly to herself in bed ... meanwhile, I enjoyed them outside her room.

"God press baba, God press Didi, God press Akeela, God press the flowers because they are so beautiful ... " and on and on and on!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Happens At the Downtowner ...

doesn't always stay at the Downtowner!
Now we know what the boys were up to at their end of the table ...
Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleep Overs ...

This time it was the mommies' turns!!!
As with all outings it starts like this:

YES we ARE going to actually ski in minus 17 degrees:

Told ya:

And if you really didn't believe it:

It was an absolutely perfect evening for skiing ... the moon was big and bright ... wish the photos could have done it justice!
Thanks to our hostess for all the snacks, towels and beds!

A "Stage Show"

Cadence is constantly putting on 'stage shows'. She makes us sit in very specific spots and tells us exactly what to do. It is VERY difficult not to giggle our heads off, but we contain ourselves as best we can ... she is down right serious about her performances! This day she even had a curtain set up. I'm thinking singing won't be her forte, but she sure is entertaining:

Shoe Girl

Yes ... I have to admit, I've created a second generation. For superhero day, Cadence came up with her own brilliant idea, to wear her 'fancy high heel shoes' and thus "SHOE GIRL" was created!

Here's my tiny little peanut at the school assembly ... ain't she absolutely adorable?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Checking out the 'Tube' ...

The computer whiz:

The sleeping beauty:

Monday, February 1, 2010

You Tube Junkie

Cadence has become quite the fan of You Tube lately. Once you click onto one of her favourite clips she can navigate around to her hearts content. Sometimes this leads to utter exhaustion:

There's a video to follow soon ... if you listen REALLY close, you might hear her sweet little snore!

Liv's B-Day

Cousin Liv celebrated her 4th birthday a few weeks ago. We enjoyed a lovely family celebration complete with cake and presents.
These girls look ready!

These look worn out!

An Interview with Cadence

Not completely cooperative ...

Dress Up

Showing off her jewels and admiring herself:

The royal cape (aka: the Christmas tree skirt):