Monday, June 30, 2008


For what could have been a long weekend, our downtown shut out traffic and opened up shops and patios ... they've been calling this weekend of events 'Promenade Days' for quite a few years now. Sean and us girls got ready to promenade ourselves:

In past years, I've spent the day downtown scanning through sales racks and enjoying a tall, cool beverage or two. This year ...
we checked out the animals:

Once home, Cadence was keen to check her messages ... she's quite a popular little lady (not to mention a fast climber)!

Taking 'Baby' for a Walk

Yep ... my girl's growing up ...

Taking time to smell the flowers ... okay, the weeds!

I think it took us twice the time to do half the distance we normally do on our evening walk! But, it was worth it ... she just cracks us up. Oh, the hat on baby ... Cadence's doing ... wish she'd heed her own advice!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Toddler Anatomy 101

Is it too early to start prepping for med school????

Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Chain Choo Baba!"

Thank you Baba for my new dress ...
I think I look FAB!

Mama's Shoes

Cadence attempts to fill mama's shoes!

Pretty in Pink

We girls got our 'nails' done!

Just for the record ... one of us has some stinkin' feet (and it's not me!). How is that possible?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yep ...

It was a good day!

Hot and humid and a nap that lasted almost 2 and a half hours, allowed for some poolside 'activities'!
Oh relax ... the margarita jug lasted a good 2 weeks in the fridge ... we thought it would make a fun photo!
Your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Battle

We fought. We fought hard. In the end ... I won! Sort of....

The first set of pigtails!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Absolute Cuteness!

This week Cadence just floored me with her absolute cuteness ...
I took her to the neighbourhood park ... when I took her out of the car and she saw where we were headed she said, clear as day, "Thank you mama!". It was a melt your heart moment ... and it didn't end there ... all week long she has been saying, 'thank you mama, thank you dadda' for just about ANYTHING! Including the things she helps herself to ... with out permission of course ... stinker! She obviously caught on to how adorable we think this is and is milking it all the way!
Not only that, on Sunday when I was just about finished tidying up after dinner, I noticed all Cadence's kitchen stuff suddenly strewn all about. Well, one kitchen to clean up is enough so I told her, "Cadence you need to pick up all your dishes and put them in your cupboards.' Can you believe it ... she actually complied ... every last dish was put away! Let's just see how compliant she is with that request in about 12 years or so! Hmmmph!
And finally ... all of a sudden I'm 'MOM' ... not mamma ... mom ... can you believe that ... oh, how 'mature' that sounds!

Here's Cadence playing with her favourite toys, 'Little People' ... NOT!!!! That's what she thinks, but they are actually little gold (yes, real gold) figurines of our asian zodiacs ... a wedding present from a couple in Taiwan. Guess they have to go 'away'!

And here she is enjoying her favourite meal, pasta! We have had to modify the dress code for this meal ... can someone stop me from buying white clothes for this child?!

Hangin' at the Family BBQ

Frog fountain photos:

Care for a chip?

I'm sooo stuffed!

Can't forget about Dora! Hope she doesn't have any nut allergies. (This one is just plain adorable!!!!!)

Thanks Uncle Jay and Chris for a great time!

Just a Few Photos

Daddy's 'prize' finally arrived! He was pretty excited ... now he gets to watch the Irish win again ... of course they're old games!

AND he has a new little fan to join him ...

Cadence chillin' with her bro:

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Number Nineteen

Not only is this Sean's "number" it is also the number of months old Cadence is today!!! By my calculations we have now had Cadence for 1/2 her life ... she was 9 and 1/2 months old when we met her in China on September 3rd. I am amazed at how much she has accomplished and grown in this time. She understands everything we say ... EVERYTHING ... although she doesn't particularly always 'obey' ... imagine that! She has well over 60 words and is putting short phrases together. She is FULL of personality ... except when I take her to unfamiliar places (and my school for some reason!) She is SMART! I began a post entitled Misbehaving and Manners to share a little of her latest antics ... I'll scrap it and share here! My little darling will at times wander off and then I'll hear it ... "chank chou!" She has been in my purse or my dresser and has something she clearly knows she shouldn't ... but she politely thanks me for it ... little monkey!!! It is soooo hard to disciple such a polite little soul! She can now reach all the doorknobs, although she does not yet have the strength and height to turn them ... it's only a matter of time! Fear not ... they are toddler proofed! We are also back to being able to put her to sleep on her own ... thank goodness! Cadence really is just pure joy ... I can only imagine what the next months will bring!

Bye, Bye Baba!

Well, as fast as it came ... it went even faster! My mom departed yesterday after a full week's stay here with us. Although the weather did not cooperate fully we did manage to fit in some 'activities'. Mostly she got a chance to spend some quality time with all the girls! Cadence really took to baba from the very first moment and even this morning is still asking for baba and auntie and baby Alli ... sorry Livy! We are hoping she will be able to head this way again in the fall ... Steven ... you hear that?
Anyway, here are a few pictures from Baba's last day in Barrie:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Pics from Daddy's Day

As if I have time to spare ... I've now tried to upload some more photos with NO SUCCESS!!!
Maybe later in the day ..... maybe if someone naps today ..... maybe .....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Weekend for Daddy!

Not only was it Father's Day this weekend, Sean's first, it was also his birthday (on Saturday). Stu stopped by with a great 'find' to make his day ... wish I'd found it first!
Anyway, Happy Birthday and Father's Day to a great husband and dad!
Stay tuned for a few more photos that are still on the camera AND perhaps a post from Sean himself ... I forgot until now that I was hoping he'd do a reflection on fatherhood on his big day ... well, better late than never ... maybe!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

My mother and sister and I took the girls to the zoo ... it was an awesome day!

Zoo Photos Continued

Yep ... that's Cadence's hand ... touching a snake!

Ours weren't the only babies there ...

Cadence 2 minutes after pulling out of the parking lot:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick Updates!

It was a BUSY weekend AND my mom (aka Baba) is here so this will be short ...

Our matching casual day wear:

Check out the weather and scenic view from 'Girl's Weekend' ... and that's all you get 'cause you know the rules!

Ready for grocery shopping:

Checking out the hamster with my auntie Dodo:

Updates Part 2

Just whose sandbox is this?

Okay then ... I'll share ... even though, it's MINE!!!

How to beat the heat:

Mmmm ... shoes!!! I think I love them more than my mom!

Tug 'o war with Baba:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Random Topics

25 Years!

Last night Cadence's Daddy was recognized by our union for 25 years of teaching ... I know, that gives HUGE perspective on our ages ... note: Sean married a younger woman ... a MUCH younger woman (girl really) LOL! We had a nice dinner with his colleagues and had the opportunity to see many familiar faces that we haven't seen in a long time ... AND I got to pull out the so-called 'Brag Book'! Guess who forgot the camera on this big occasion??? And I had even charged the battery and cleared the memory stick ... figures! Congratulations to Sean who continues to enjoy his job everyday (almost) and who does it so well ... Cadence and I are VERY proud of you!
And thank you to Auntie Marnie who was able to 'babysit' in a pinch ... see ... you could've managed a third!

Self Recognition

This morning, Cadence 'discovered' the brag book and began looking through it pointing out dadda and momma and then she pointed to herself and said, "ME"!!! Isn't she smart? Up until now, anytime she saw herself in a photo or in the mirror, she referred to herself as 'you' ... that's what we were telling her anyway. It was an exciting moment around here let me tell you! It's amazing how such seemingly simple things can become major 'events' in the life of toddler's parent!

Beginning Reading

Cadence has also been showing signs of beginning reading skills ... I kid you not! She turns the pages and points to pictures and 'reads' for meaning (such a teacher phrase!). On one page she says, 'baby night, night' ... and yes, there is a picture of a baby sleeping!  On another, she says, 'up,down' ... the actual phrase on that page is, 'upstairs and down' and finally, she 'reads' the last page of one book without error, 'Thank you, baby'.  Gifted I tell you ... LOL!!!  Seriously though, she really enjoys books; both reading them and being read to ... hope it continues!

Future Track Star

This morning Cadence and I went to bring daddy a coffee at the area track meet ... necessary, as it was quite chilly out there ... does the good lord not realize it is JUNE?!  Anyway, after the kids finished their long jump event, Cadence took several turns ... it was precious!  You should have seen her little butt wiggle as she sprinted down the rubber mat and then jumped into the sandpit ... absolutely hilarious!   Once again ... no camera!  Perhaps all the running and jumping she did could be credited to what is currently a record ... almost a 2 and a half hour nap!!!! Woohooo!!!

'Woman's Perogative'

So, is the perogative to change one's mind really in the female genes???  Once upon a time we introduced Cadence to 'puppy' as a comfort source while we transitioned her to go to sleep by herself.  She really took to it!  So much so, that I had Sean go and buy a second one to have on hand for the day that Cadence will be having naps at the sitters.  Unfortunately, she discovered puppy #2 and became attached to it as well.  Every night she needed both puppies and every morning when she awoke, she had to take both puppies with her.  About 3 weeks ago, she began rejecting 'puppy 1 and 2'!  Everytime I give one or both to her, she tosses them out of the crib!
What's up with that????  She's still attached to blanket (and I do have a second on hand for washing days and when she does finally need it at the sitters) ... we'll see how long that one lasts ...

Mommy's Next Getaway

This coming weekend, mommy is going north with the girls for a cottage getaway!  After last weekend I am totally pumped!  Although, I could go for 2 nights I'm not sure I will.  Firstly, Cadence has been pretty clingy since she's been sick and I really hate to stress her out too much.  Secondly, my BFF and Cadence's godmother is coming to town and I really would like to
spend some time with her ... she hasn't seen Cadence in quite a while either.  And finally, my mother arrives on Monday afternoon, early afternoon!  Now, I am able to manage (barely at times) keeping the house in relative good order BUT can you imagine what the state of the house will be like after 2 full days and nights under daddy's care????  Yeah, I can hear ya groaning from here.  So I've yet to make up my mind.  Along with those issues, Sean will be right in the middle of report cards ... an argument for a 1 night stay.  On the other hand, it is SUPPOSED to be HOT ... finally! ... an argument for 2 nights!  And there are groceries to do and patio furniture to set up ... Oh I just don't know, I think I'll prepare and plan for 2 and just see how I'm feeling ... guess I have to realize I can't do/have it all ... WHY NOT I ask you????!!!!

Well ... due to the fact that I haven't been carrying my camera around, there are few pictures to share ... I really must get a new case ... I'll put that on next week's list!  In any event here are a couple to keep you, the 'reader', coming back:

Trying to put shoes on (not the ones mommy picked out of course!):

A rejected and dejected puppy:

Miss Cadence attempting to nap!