Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday Party #2!

Cadence awoke in a very cheerful mood on her official birthday and sported her Kate Spade official Chinise birthday hat to catch as many good wishes as possible. She had visitors and enjoyed some new toys! Thank you Grant, Gwen and Colleen.
Sean and I planned to take her to a great kid friendly and active spot for dinner ... and we did but ... things did not go as planned ... imagine that! After sitting there with a 1 year old for 15 minutes with not a glance our way, we got up and left ... couldn't even find anyone to take our menus and complain too! We then went to East Side where we had drinks and crayons within 5 minutes! I'll be on the phone today ... that's quite unlike me, but I feel compelled to let the establishment know of our disappointment! Cadence enjoyed her crustless grilled cheese and french fries immensely and enjoyed hamming it up with the staff and patrons ... she's a charmer for sure!
AND on this very momentus occasion, I took a moment to reflect on Cadence's birth day and the mother who gave her and us life ... THANK YOU!
Do enjoy some more photos ... 2 days in a row ... impressive huh????


penny said...

French fries and grilled cheese! Wow!! We're still trying to convince Lisa to eat the chuncks in that jarred stuff. LOL!!

Love the good wishes hat. We were at an art store in CQ and they had a painting of a little girl in one of those hats and I thought of Cadence.

Did you get the mini ice cream cones for dessert? Yum - O

Kristen said...

LOVE that hat... and her face in the last picture is priceless!!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Cadence's hat is tooo cute...
Love the pictures...
I would complain too..
You don't deserve to be treated like that..
Have a Great Turkey Day...