Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally ... An Update!

Here are some updates from the past couple of weeks ...

One Year Photo Shoot

I took Cadence to get some professional photos done. They turned out well ... how could they not with such an adorable subject!? She had some ‘separation anxiety’ during the sitting however, so there are no smiley shots this time around but we did manage to get some great hand, feet and facial shots that they don’t normally do after 6 months of age. When I get an opportunity I’ll scan them for the blog!

Walking and Words

Cadence is getting around on two feet much more ... some days walking more than crawling and quite proud of herself I may add! She even walked up a ladder ... but that’s a whole other story! As for language development ... she really hasn’t taken any risks there. She has learned that her grunts and groans usually get her what she wants. She has ‘yeah’ and 'cheers' mastered, ‘mom’ has been uttered a couple of times and she is almost there with ‘up’. Despite my impatience and concern, I know it will come and I will certainly give you all the details!

Christmas Photos

I had my cousin Diane take some pictures of us to use for a family Christmas card ... still haven’t decided which one yet ... any thoughts? To all who get one ... enjoy ... it will be the only family photo card we’ll be sending in the coming years ... it will be Cadence only from here on in!

The Tree Fiasco

So ... we finally got up the energy to set up the tree. All I can say is ... regret, regret, regret! At the time, a 12 foot tree sounded like a good idea ... in fact, when we opened the box at the bottom of the basement stairs, I felt all would be good ... 6 pieces, plus a stand ... easy! NOT!!!! The directions were useless, the height overwhelming and the task daunting. After a half hour I was ready to throw everything back in the box and put it up on Ebay! But thanks to Diane and some modifications, it got done ... minus 2 of the 6 sections! It is still HUGE ... god knows how we would have put all the pieces together. Now to decorate ... yikes ... that will be for another day (or year!). Pictures to come!

Winter Has Arrived!

As you can see from the photo, we have gotten a dumping of the white stuff ... 2 bus cancellation days in a row! It is a winter wonderland ... pretty, but I could do without the stuff! Getting Cadence bundled up and getting out of the house is becoming increasingly difficult ... instead of getting out once a day, I'm aiming for twice a week!

To Sleep or Not to Sleep ...

THAT has been the question of the weeks ... it is still up and down ... we are trying different things and even coming to terms with the fact that we may have to resort to those tactics we swore we would resist. The last 4 or 5 days have been pretty good ... I'll leave it at that, as anytime I mention this topic in a positive spin ... I jinx it!

Well, definitely hoping to update you a little more frequently ... sorry for the delay! I have some great videos I must share with you too, but you may have to wait until after the holidays ... I need a good chunk of time to download, organize and set up for the blog! Off to change a stinky one ... yay!


Wendy @ said...

Awe!! What a beautiful family! I love the pictures! And hey, can you send some snow my way? It's almost 80 degrees down here.

Kristen said...

Hey Deb!!!!

Great to see an update.. can't wait for the videos. I Love the family photo's, the middle close up one is great!!!

Diana said...

Love the middle photo of you and Cadence but hubby's head is cut off......second choice is the third one.
Great family shots and "forever" memories!