Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Okay ...

I haven't kept up as well as I've hoped. I need more time in my day, week ... so much to do so little time!
I'll get back on track ... someday!

Here's my little 'Nadia' (I'm dating myself!) on her last day of gymnastics ... which was WEEKS ago!

The balance beam:

Bridge position:

We have traded in the gymnastics for dance and swimming this spring. We have one lesson of each under our belts ... so far so good!

Just an all around cutie patootie looking like an ultimate school girl:

Wish she was this happy every morning I dress her. Can someone please shed light on how I explain that her 'beautiful princess dress' is not appropriate for school? She is not hearing me and it has been a rough couple of mornings! Is this a preview of things to come .....

Just a photo I love:

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Jan said...

So beautiful and agile too!!