Sunday, May 9, 2010

It Was a Happy Mother's Day Weekend

On Friday Cadence brought home a 'craft' she made for me with her own little hands and a beautiful poem that will be a 'keeper'.

Her and Daddy had also gone and picked out a beautiful bouquet.
What a lovely way to start the weekend ... THANK YOU!!!!

Saturday was a busy day. Sean and I, along with the other parents, were allowed to sit in on the dance class and see how things were progressing. Cadence did GREAT ... of course! Unfortunately, dance class is pretty early in the morning and this brain was obviously still asleep ... I forgot the camera! After groceries, I headed out to a lovely little spot for lunch while father and daughter got down to business.

Great job you two!
We took in an afternoon show ... Oceans ... complete with popcorn. We felt a little guilty heading to our last stop ... Johnny's Seafood ... it just didn't seem right!

Today, my family gave me the day off ... oh yeah! I got coffee and breakfast in bed ... with my book. Cadence picked out her own card for me:

She even signed her name:

The only responsibility for the day was 'swimming' and even that was a piece of cake ... today was the day the kids went solo!
I spent most of the day just chilling ... actually, I shed a few tears today ... caught about 4 episodes of Extreme Home Makeover. I did do a few 'mom' things ... laundry, tidying ... they had to be done! But Dad took care of supper, ordering in an old favourite:

It REALLY was a great day ... I am such a lucky mom!
Thank you so much Sean and Cadence ... I'm sure I will miss you terribly next weekend when I'm gone to the spa!

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