Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The 'B' Word .... Not What It Seems!

So ... my little 4 year old, I repeat, FOUR year old, came home from daycare yesterday with some 'information'.

"Mom, this is your bagina" she says, pointing to her behind as we are preparing to head to her final dance class.
No, Cadence actually the word is vagina and that's not your vagina.
"Yes it is, it's a bagina ... AVA told me."
Well Cadence, Ava is wrong. It's a vagina and we'll talk about it after dance class. It's a private word. You only talk about that with your mom and dad.

Today, I asked the daycare 2 questions: 1) Who is Ava? and 2) Why is she talking about vaginas?
Apparently a few of the children were discussing moms and dads and babies and that babies come from their mother's bagina. Cadence was quick to correct her friends: "I didn't come from my mom's bagina, I came from China!"

Now to figure out where to go with all of this and how far .......
I'm not ready!!!!!


Wendy said...

OMGoodness! I fell out of my chair laughing but also mortified because I'm not ready for that conversation either. :oP

Jan said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! That's what I have to look forward to??!!

BTW, Miss Cadence GREAT answer!!! You are one SMART girl!!