Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dad's Days

Last week held two special days for Sean: his birthday AND Father's Day.
On Tuesday morning, Cadence could hardly contain herself. The moment her eyes opened she set off to get daddy's present from her special hiding spot. I'm impressed that she was actually able to keep his 'prize' a secret for 3 days. We are hoping to make Sean a 'MacDaddy':

Sean had an early ball game so we scarfed down a meager dinner and had a quick song complete with a cupcake and candle. Sean opted for the keylime cheesecake, making his daughter quite happy and green! In honour of his day, his two girls cheered him on from the bleachers (no photos!).

On Saturday, we went to one of our favourite dining spots for our annual birthday/father's day dinner. Beforehand there were cocktails and some photo ops (notice mommy finally got her mother's day present ... I finally found something that I liked!):

On Sunday, we all got some enjoyment in the pool and daddy got to enjoy his favourite 4 o'clock beverage. He cooked us his favourite dinner and we bought his favourite dessert and added our own touch.

We love you VERY much daddy and appreciate all the things that you do for us! You definitely deserved a week in your honor!!!

K ... the week's over now ... LOL!!!

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