Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dance Days

We spent the week preparing for the big show ... practising up doos and makeup and rehearsing routines.
We spent the weekend at the dance recital ... supervising, doing touch ups and costume changes, doling out snacks and drinks and finally watching the show! 
All I can say ... it brought me to tears!

Ballerinas ready for action.

Look at that form!

And the height!

The big finish.

Flowers from Baba.

The finale.

Flowers from mom and dad.

Cadence it was an absolute delight to watch you dance!  I hope your whole life will be a beautiful dance.  You never stop amazing us!
Love, Mom and Dad

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M3 said...

Oh aren't the dance recitals just The Best?!! Adorable. We had so much fun at our girls' this year.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)