Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And Then She Was SIX!

Cadence's birthday weekend began with the Santa parade.  We enjoyed some prime real estate to see the big guy in red, followed by a roll down the hill, some night time park action and finally, festive fireworks!  Then the gang  joined us at the house for chili, dogs and cake.  There was a lot of noise and excitement leading up to the midnight birthday!

The next morning we let our tired little birthday girl sleep in before whisking her off for photos.  Forgot to take the pre photo pics this year :-(  She had some quiet time with her new BFF before the big party.

Cadence chose a gymnastics theme this year.  The children all got to try out the equipment and mom was allowed a whole 10 minutes on the floor for a few photos.  I am totally serious.  There was pizza, cake, presents and some 6 year old silliness to boot ... it was super!

Cadence we enjoy watching you grow each and every day.  You bring us more joy than you will EVER know.  We are sooooo very proud of the beautiful girl you are, inside and out.  We are the luckiest parents EVER!  Love you to the moon and back peanut ....
                                 Love, Mom and Dad

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