Thursday, June 5, 2014

Girl's Weekend!!!!

This year's annual Girl's Weekend took us back to the zoo.  With our FREE admission, we decided to check into the nearest motel for some extra fun ... bed jumping, snacking, movie watching, staying up WAY too late and a dip in the pool!

Pool Time!

One of the pandas here was a mere few weeks old and at the Chongqing Panda Zoo when we visited it with Cadence ... kinda cool! 
Here he is ... all grown up!
Tip:  When you go to the panda exhibit stay to the right and go to the lower level!

Up close and personal with the polars!

Showing her new tat!

He was all over her, but she was not interested!

Made for a GREAT photo op ... then I ran!

Another close encounter!

It was a perfect weekend ... there was something for everyone to enjoy!

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