Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paying the Sitter

As shared previously, we also went out on Friday evening and tried out a new 'sitter' with GREAT success. She's a lovely young lady, a daughter of a good friend, not toooo far from our home, will likely be in business for 2-3 years, likes to play house, school, colour and will watch children's videos! We are grateful to have found another great kid to rely on!

On Saturday, Cadence enjoyed a sleepover at Auntie Marnie and Uncle Dave's with her cousins. She particularly enjoyed her bed beside Olivias ... she did NOT sleep on the floor! An air mattress does not mean one sleeps on the floor ya know ... just ask Miss Smartie Pants.

She had a great time, although she apparently put her shoes on in the morning, "cause her mom was coming to pick her up." Thanks again O family ... we were able to enjoy a nice leisurely meal with friends ... it had been a while.

Saturday's sitters got thanked by an invitation for a swim on yet, another hot day ... keep 'em coming!

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