Monday, June 14, 2010

I Can't Imagine ...

what the the teen or tween years are going to be like! I have had MANY glimpses already and it is NOT pretty. At this point it is actually a little comical ... just a little mind you!
Yesterday, for example, Cadence got upset and threw a little fit (literally now that I think of it!). Her colouring was not perfect so she threw the crayon which led to the immediate end of colouring time ... there are consequences in this home!
She followed me up the stairs and told me, "I just want to be all alone, by myself!".
She proceeded to go into her room and close the door. She came out 2 minutes later to tell us, "I don't even want anyone to walk by my bedroom 'cause I just want privacy!". Knock yourself out!
A minute later she followed up with, "I don't even want Winston to walk by my bedroom because I want to be by myself ... okay?!". Okay, girl who NEVER wants to be alone! I know your game!
In the next minute she was back looking for another location for 'privacy'. She ended up the closet, beside the chair I was sitting in ... funny girl!

This morning she responded to something I said with 'Okay mother' with the appropriate or should I say, not so appropriate tone. Where did that come from?

Oh she keeps me on my toes this one ... this spunky, adorable, funny, cheeky, absolutely lovable girl of mine!

PS: Please tell me this is normal 3 year old behaviour ....

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my3 kids said...

Oh the fun is just beginning!!! We have 3 kids and by far our youngest who is 5 is a little monkey and sounds alot like your little Cadence. I keep thinking I am going to be grey before she reaches her Such attitude and the things that come out of her mouth...she has gone to her room and shut the door hard to be alone (she doesn't like being alone either). I know just what you are talking about! It's a good thing they are so cute;)