Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Before I Forget

As life becomes busier, it gets harder to come here and share the goods, especially when it's just the little everyday kinds of things.
Luckily, I couldn't sleep this morning so I have a moment to record some of those moments I don't want to forget ....

  • last week Cadence informed me that "when she's 16 I'm going to have to drive with her" (can we just get to 5 next?)
  • twice this week, Cadence has gone up to her room alone; she indicates she is mad at herself (for making mistakes ... we're talking about colouring here!)
  • when asked, once again, 'cause her mind changes daily, the one thing she REALLY wants from Santa, her answer was "marbles" ... really?

That's all I've got .......

1 comment:

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

http://www.mastermindtoys.com/Quercetti-Transparent-Marble-Run.aspx Lisa got that for her birthday. The girls love it. And David has bought them both bags of marbles in the past. Guess he thinks more like a 4/7 year old than I do!!

Hope all is well with you guys and that you're enjoying your winter wonderland. Ha, ha, ha!! :)