Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Chester Project

A few weeks ago, Cadence came home with a 'project' of sorts.
Meet Chester:

He came in a bag with three picture books, a scrap book and a pencil case. Cadence's task was to 'read' the three books, take good care of Chester and write about our 'adventures' and/or the stories in the span of a week.
Cadence enjoyed having a new 'stuffy' to drag around and cuddle with (mom was not too thrilled about that part ... he has been around the block after all!).
He helped us out with some chores:

And was treated to a fabulous puppet show starring the bee and the fly:

Chester came to a birthday party, but was sadly forgotten in the bag.
He did get to enjoy an evening out at a 'fancy' restaurant.
Cadence fed him pizza:

And a special dessert with marshmallows.

At the end of the week, Cadence wrote her own 'journal' and drew a picture of us reading the books in bed with Chester.
This teacher gives her an A++! Way to go .....

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