Monday, January 10, 2011

Meet the Newest Ski Bunny!

We signed Cadence up for ski lessons well before Christmas this year ... waiting last year meant ... it didn't happen!
Last week she started practising 'suiting up':

And 'heel toe':

She showed off her second pair of new skiis and her pass;

All dressed and ready to go ....

(For the record, she really was happy and excited ... 'seriously, for real life' as she would say!)

And she's off ....

Up, up and away she goes:

Made it to the top!:

Getting a little lesson and/or pep talk:

Despite the cool temperatures today, Cadence REALLY enjoyed her first day on the 'slopes' and did AWESOME! She can already stop and turn a bit ... pretty amazing what they can do after just one day!
Tune in tomorrow for some video proof!

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