Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Conquering the Quad!

This weekend, I caught up with Cadence at her ski lessons to find she had 'graduated' to the bigger hill with the 'carrot' rope.

As expected, I was the proud mama at the bottom of the hill continuosly cheering her on.
I was so thrilled to see her master the rope AND make it to the bottom of the hill without 'wiping out'.

I THOUGHT that was the goal of the day. I was wrong. Cadence went up on the rope once again, but ... she never came down.
We waited and waited and wondered ... and then went to 'chill' in the chalet, expecting to see her little group make the trudge back to their wee village. Again, we waited and waited. Much to our surprize, it turns out, our little peanut, our precious wee darling, went up the quad lift to the top of the hill!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!
We are so excited and proud ....

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