Sunday, November 13, 2011


July 1, 1997 - November 10, 2011

I write this post with a sad and heavy heart today...
Thursday, we were in shock as we suddenly had to say goodbye to you, our dear Winston.
Although 14 and a half, you still had lots of energy, were able to jump up on the furniture and beds, climb the stairs and walk the block. Your next haircut was booked, we had food and treats stored away at Baba's for the next trip north and plans to include you in Cadence's photos next week.
But, on Sunday, I noticed you were breathing heavy and as I lay petting you, you turned your head and looked at me with those big brown eyes, and I knew in that moment, you weren't right ... you were hurting. We just didn't realize how quickly you would be ready to leave us buddy ... and for that we are so very, very sad. We wish we could have had just a little more time ... to snuggle, to be with you, to comfort you, to get one more little nose kiss. Oh how we will miss you!
How do I begin to write a fitting tribute to our beautiful, brave, loving bichon?
Winston, you truly were one of a kind! You were there from the beginning, creating a family for Sean and I. You were the 'baby' of our family for a long, long time. I remember and treasure those moments you would lay your head in my lap and comfort me as I cried for the other babies that never came. And oh, how after ten years you embraced Cadence into our little family. You NEVER left her side ... right up to those last nights, when you must have been in such pain, you mustered up the strength to jump up into her bed to keep her company. You made us so happy, Winston. We loved the way you had to be right up against us where ever we were sitting, how you were the nosiest neighbour on the block, the little skip you had in your step, the excited noises you would make when we got home, the way you looked after Cadence, always within her reach. Things just won't be the same around here without you, my friend!
Winston, we hope you had a good life with us ... we always said you didn't even know you were a dog ... you really weren't ... you were family!
We love you so much and are going to miss you like crazy ... you will be forever in our hearts!
Rest in peace buddy ......

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