Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Mini Getaway

This summer we were fortunate to have some unbelievable weather which we were able to enjoy from our own oasis.  We welcomed many visitors as well, and before you knew it, the end was near!
Our plans for a getaway quickly turned into a quick getaway close to home ... it was the perfect end to our summer.

Enjoying a picnic lunch before our destination.

We have arrived!

Checking out the frog pond.

Enjoying an ooey, gooey beaver tail.

A spectacular view.

A gorgeous girl.

Dinner on the patio listening to live music.

Two beautiful smiles.

Someone scored at the vintage candy store.

The VERY big chair.

What hotel beds are really for.

All set for the mountain coaster.

An ice-cream sandwich for breakfast ... from another mother!.
Gotta love holiday food!

Navigating the pond.

Three minutes into the ride home.

What a great couple of days in a lovely, vibrant village, less than an hour away ... how sweet is that!

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