Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Ones I Missed ...

Although I did my best to keep up to date this summer, there were a few 'events' that got missed ...

Our 'Merida'

A little target practise against the patio door.

Notice the pursed lips above and the tongue in this one ...
these are family traits!

Eating Out of Her Hands

This was the only way we could get our little house guest to eat.
Trust me, she has everyone in this house eating out of her hands!

Cool in the Pool

This picture tells it all!

The 2089th handstand this summer.

Just because this shot just makes me smile...

Calm and Collecting

Spending quiet evening time on the porch.

Notice the little pink bucket!
That's where we had to put in our $ for each dance she did.

Gettin' 'Skinny'

Some semi skinny dipping in the pool.

More of the same in the tub.
What are you wearing uncle D?

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