Monday, December 3, 2012

Not a Minute to Spare!

There was a lot planned for this weekend ... too much in fact, that someone actually had to send her regrets to a couple of birthday invitations.  

Things kicked off with one of our most special visitors, Didi, and dinner out ... YAY!!!
Saturday began with our usual routine, gymnastics, but was followed by a birthday party for a friend at BP.  Pizzas and sundaes and crafts ... oh my!

And then ... the organized chaos ensued!
Our cousins arrived and the traditional Christmas festivities began...

The girls got started with their gingerbread houses under the supervision of Auntie Marnie,

while Uncle Dave worked on the tree with mommy's trusty assistant!

Some busy elf, made sure dinner was cooked and drinks were continuosly shaken, stirred and poured!
The girls did a fabulous job of decorating their homes and EVERY elf pitched in to ensure the tree was beautifully 'trimmed'.

The elves were fed, the kitchen was cleaned and Christmas entertainment (The Grinch and Charlie Brown) were provided.  A few elves, who will remain nameless, managed to enjoy some time in the tub with a stogie.

On Sunday, our tired little elf was up early for her dress rehearsal, followed later in the afternoon with the recital.  Once again she rocked the show!

We are so proud of our tiny dancer!

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas ...
And we can't wait!

Thank you again ... all you little elves!  We could not have managed without you!!!

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