Monday, December 17, 2012

Time is Flying ...

Wow ... the holidays are almost here!  It has been a busy few weeks and ... once again, I am behind in this blog thing ... although, I believe my one faithful reader won't really mind much as long as there are updates every so often ... right mother????

Anyway, here in their sideways glance are the photos that were rejected for the Christmas card.  I actually like them (and they are right side up on iPhoto by the way!).  The problem was they looked blurry when I formatted the card so ... y'all got something else, something not so Christmasy.  She's lookin' dang cute don't you think!  These were taken on the morning of her 6th birthday by the way.  She sure is growing up .....

And these are the action shots from Cadence's holiday recital.  We didn't have very good seats ... someone forgot the day the sale started ... We ended up in the nosebleed section.  Good thing I brought my big lens!

We did have snow for about 2 days and my little bear pitched in to help!  It is currently raining and I don't mind one bit!  Sure would like to make it north BEFORE the snow really flies.  Sadly, flurries and squalls are predicted for the 3 days we've targeted as possible travel dates .... good grief!

Congratulations to our French Award winner for November.  Bravo Cadence ... we are so proud of you!

Cadence participated in the Advent celebration as a reader;  she was one of the 'Believers'.  She also managed to get in on the choir action.  It was a lovely evening to enjoy some community school spirit.

I'll save the rest for another day ... soon ... real soon!  Before you know it, there will be Santa photos!!!!

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