Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Catching Up ... Again!

There's really no good reason for not keeping up.
It just is what it is!

And with that, here are some highlights of the last few weeks .....


Baking cookies, whipping up some salmon marinade and homemade pizza!
She does it all!
All except the clean up that is ...

Training for the BIG GAME

The Wizard of OZ

We got gussied up and headed to the big city for a fantastic show!
It had all the great elements:  a yellow brick road, great seats and REALLY big sparkly shoe!

Playing 'Mary'

Not sure what to say about this ... a scarf was the inspiration.


The 'girls' got together and spent a great day enjoying all of the activities offered.
The weather was great but by the end of the day, the 'other' girls needed a little warm up.  A stop at the 'pub' worked wonders to warm our toes!

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