Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Cadence has been showing a lot more interest in her culture lately.  We appreciated that her teacher supported it by incorporating the teaching of multicultural festivals within the Christmas unit AND with a special focus on Chinese New Year.  Thank you Mrs. G!!!

We realized it was time WE acknowledged and celebrated Cadence's culture as a family.  We rallied some friends for our first Chinese New Year's party ... in a not so traditional way.  Small steps ....

We cleaned and swept out the bad luck
and hung the lanterns.

Cadence prepared the table with plates, chopsticks, napkins
and red envelopes.

Nothing says 'Happy New Year' like a friendly game of 
street hockey.  Just where are the children?

 Kudos to everyone for giving chopsticks a chance!

2013:  The Year of the Snake

We went with 'jets' in place of fireworks.

And snow diving ... just 'cause they could!

The final thaw...

We see continued good fortune for all our
friends and family and an even bigger
bash in 2014!

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