Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mothers and Daughters

This year we had the pleasure of being able to have Baba come for an extended Mother's Day weekend!
Lunch on King

In the BIG city

My Mother's Day treat to everyone

It's almost 'show' time selfie

Annual Mother's Day photo on the front lounge

Having a shirley at Shirley's!

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Jan said...

Hey there!! We still do visit!! Miss Cadence has grown into a lovely young lady!! And we still love your updates!! Sorry we haven't updated in quite a while. We've been on Facebook a lot these days and have a lots of pictures there. Are you on Facebook?? We are listed under Jan Brady. Yes! A very common name!! If you are on Facebook, send please me an email: and it may be easier for me to find you. We would love to hear from you!! Sending you lots of love and ((hugs)) from me and my Jillian!!!