Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Major Fall

Snowfall that is! We got quite a dumping of snow over the weekend ... but that didn't get us down ... no way!
We suited up:

And headed out to get the chores done:

Cadence enjoyed shoveling, making snow angels, snowballs and sliding around. Here are the two pictures I captured before the batteries died:

Oh, and here's a tree that has suffered some major damage from the weight of the snow:

It's a funny tree! Since we have lived here, both our front trees have kept their leaves right through the winter ... any arborists out there who could shed some light on this? Anyway, not too worried about this particular tree ... we've had power here ... some, just 1 minute north of us and beyond, were without power for days!

The next day, Cadence made me giggle! She was standing at the window watching Sean outside, lamenting, "Oh no, daddy's blowing the snow away!". It was sweet!

Daddy's off to see his idols this weekend, the Fighting Irish ... wish us girls luck! I think it's MY first solo weekend ... yikes!