Saturday, November 29, 2008

Of Things Past, Present and Future

Some 'quips' to catch you up on:

Not only did I end up with pink highlighter everywhere while daddy was away ... little miss Cadence also managed to lock herself in the bathroom! The following 'conversation' ensued:
Mommy: (while not quite frantically jiggling the doorknob) Cadence turn the little button honey.
Cadence: No, mommy, you do it!
What happened to the usual, "Me do it!"??????
After a few minutes of failed attempts, I decided to phone the firefighter brother in law, before the actual fire department.
As luck would have it, I figured out the secret to unlocking the door from the outside just as Dave picked up. Phew!!! One disaster averted!

I've discovered my daughter is a 'closet eater' of sorts:

Okay, well it's actually a cupboard ... same idea! Even though I said no to the cookies, the crackers were of reach!
And after 'snacking', my little monkey put on a video ... then she decided she needed to "pee pee toilet". Minutes later, I discovered her sitting on the toilet while watching Dora on the DVD player on the floor! Honestly!
By the time I came down with the camera, she was pretty much done:

For the record ... I was preparing dinner!

Cadence went to her first 'organized' birthday party today! We chose not to partake in the swimming aspect ... there is NO WAY this mommy is putting on a suit at this time of year! I was a little concerned as we set off ... Cadence, after having just celebrated her own birthday, didn't quite get that the wrapped present we were carrying wasn't for her. In the end though, she did great!!! She coloured and ate, did a craft and graciously gave the present to Gwen. Mommy and daddy were very proud ... but mommy and daddy, didn't bring the camera! That is sooooo not like me!

Also want to let you know Santa here has smartened up! ALL the gifts are now wrapped! See ... I'm gettin' it!
Not only that, I'm just about done shopping and most of the holiday decorations are up ... tomorrow, we tackle the tree! Even the Christmas cards are in hand ... just need a new gold marker and I can start sending them out tomorrow ... perhaps, if you're good, I'll post a preview here ....

Well, that really is about all folks ... It is beginning to get a little crazy and hectic but I will try my best to update as much as possible. Enjoy the balance of your weekend ........... They really do go by so fast!


Jill said...

Sure you were cooking dinner! LOL! I mean, this has NEVER happened to me..choke choke....

Lucy has locked me out of the house TWICE when I have left to take the trash out!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. I am laughing sooo hard..
Cadence is cracking me up..
She is tooo cute..
Have a Great Week..

Gina (Caleeo) said...

Very funny!!! Glad to see that you rescued her from the bathroom and all is well.

I promise to be good - looking forward to the picture preview!